A Brief History Lesson About Fascism

by lizard

It’s not surprising that Americans have a difficult time understanding geopolitics today. One of the big contributing factors to our perpetual misunderstanding of global dynamics is this: the lies of the past continue to inform the present.

So as the ruble collapses and the U.S. relationship with Cuba thaws, it might be helpful to go back a half century in order to reassess the good war and the bad guy America vanquished.

In an article titled Fascism and War: Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent two underlying tensions beneath WWI and WWII are examined. From the link:

Both WWI and WWII had two dimensions: the vertical dimension, namely the rivalry between empires, and the horizontal one, class warfare, Pauwels explains.

These wars were actually the best way for the western elite to cope with the ever growing revolutionary and democratic movements fueled by dire economic conditions and which threatened the established order.

In Nietzsche’s view for example, Pauwels says “war was the solution against revolution, since in a war, there are no discussions, like there is in a democracy. In a war, the minority, the elite, decides and the majority, the proletarians, obey.”

For members of the elite like Malthus, “the system could not be the cause of poverty since they were profiting from it. The cause of poverty was the poor: there were too many of them. Therefore the solution to poverty and threatening revolutionary movements was simply to eliminate poor people and what better solution than war to kill poor people?”

After WWI though, “revolution was no longer a simple idea but rather something concrete: the Soviet Union.” That’s when fascism came to the rescue. “Fascism was the instrument used by the elite to further the objectives of 1914, namely put an end to revolutions and communism.”

The problem with American thinking is we identify with our empire, not our class status. That is not true for the class that runs our empire. Because of this misidentification, Americans simply can’t process certain scenarios, like the possibility of American elites colluding in the terrorist attack of 9/11, or the possibility of the US-backed Ukrainian regime being responsible for the MH17 shoot-down (which would explain the unprecedented secrecy surrounding the investigation).

Here’s more from the first link:

According to popular belief Western leaders were defending democracy, engaged in a war against Germany to save humanity from fascism and the US involvement in the war led to the downfall of Hitler’s war machine. Nothing is further from the truth. “Hitler was supported by other European countries and the US because they wanted him to destroy the USSR, the cradle of the revolution.” The exact opposite occurred: it was the USSR that defeated Nazi Germany, losing over 20 million souls in the battle.

The Good War is the psychological lynch pin holding the American psyche together. It prevents the kind of corrosion that would exist if exposed to our ruling class’s penchant for using fascism to keep the peasants in line. Americans are therefore effectively insulated from the reality that what we were told we were fighting half a century ago is what we have actually become today: a hyper-nationalist imperial force of consumers providing our ruling elite with a foundation from which to attack the 21st century version of the USSR.

The concept of the big lie comes from that infamous historical character who, when mentioned, creates immediate mental hysteria, collapsing dialogue and freezing critical thinking. From wikipedia:

A big lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

Thus concludes today’s brief history lesson.

  1. About the links author.

    “Julie Lévesque is a journalist and researcher with the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal. She was among the first independent journalists to visit Haiti in the wake of the January 2010 earthquake. In 2011, she was on board “The Spirit of Rachel Corrie”, the only humanitarian vessel which penetrated Gaza territorial waters before being shot at by the Israeli Navy.”

    Which could be the reason “facism” takes center stage without any mention of genocide.

  2. Turner

    Count me among the many who can’t process the thought that elites were behind 9/11.

  3. steve kelly

    Not sure about “The Good War is the psychological lynch pin holding the American psyche together.”

    What I currently think prevents the “corrosion” feared most by the elites that control the master/slave duality is a combination of 1) the narrative that keeps slaves happy in the false knowledge that they are free men who have the power to vote, and 2) another elite sector (IMF/BIS bankers) who’s role is to keep the master/slave relationship in balance to keep energy (and basic goods) production flowing without major stagnation and collapse. While elites always control the levers of power, they are not monolithic.

  4. Regarding the Julie Levesque piece and Nazis and Barbarossa, I think she reduces it far too much to mere class warfare. National Socialism was indeed socialism that had brought Germany out of its depression and put people to work. It was not fascism as we are now taught to think of that word, but a work and jobs program built around war toys and infrastructure that indeed worked. It just needed continual warfare to keep going, as do all industrial states.

    It is true that Hitler and the Nazis thought that Jews were behind the Bolsheviks, and that Jewish bankers had lured countries into World War I. His hatred of Jews was rooted in those ideas. No doubt there was hatred of Bolsheviks in the US and Britian too, and for the same reasons.

    It is also true that British factions, notably that led by Neville Chamberlain, wanted to see a powerful Germany attack Russia. There was also plenty of American industrial help in the rise of Germany at that time.

    But we have the advantage of hindsight. I imagine that had these people known how out of hand it would get, that they would have behaved differently. As it was, the Nazis were a European continental force not threatening British or American interests, and were seen as benign. Hitler did not want to see the British Empire falling apart, as he feared it would fall to the Americans and Japanese, and he was right. He did not want war with Britain. They did not escape at Dunkirk. He let them go.

    Further, Americans poured billions in aid to Stalin to fight off the Germans, real, timely and useful aid. The Americans did not turn on the Russians until after the war.

    Like all of histroy, it is complicated with no set of theories explaining all variables. I think Levesque does a great disservice by reducing it to class warfare.

  5. Steve W

    Here an interesting piece I happened across today by accident while looking for something else. It seems to apply to much of the discussion here and to the OP.

    I listened to Mae Brussells on the radio for years. Here’s her piece on the fascist connection to the JFK assassination. It’s long and in typical Mae Brussell fashion, very detailed. Very good info.


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