Cosby Goes to Cuba

by lizard

The frequency of posting I’ve maintained will continue into 2015, but it does come at a cost. I haven’t written a poem in forever, and the cycle of songs I was working on dried up.

But today, two days before Christmas, I am happy to share a poem that came to me this morning, triggered by reading this article at Counterpunch about Cuba.

So here it is!


he looked into the pudding pop
saw royalties, saw clout
to soften up her homeland
the foreplay of his snout
can breathe, and did, and will
as we inhaled him in
when Dr. Huxtable broke out
from the blackness of his skin

in Cuba now the Spanish Fly
is pouring down her throat
the embassy is coming
and capital will gloat
now Bill can be dismantled
and piece by piece removed
his usefulness is over
an embargo past its due

a new day here is dawning
old flames eventually burn out
to soften up her homeland
drip drops of drugging doubt
so cars will come to Cuba
and the revolution is dead
and Bill Cosby’s America
lies unconscious on the bed

—William Skink


  1. Cuba-US normalization: US tourists flock to see Cuba before it gets ‘Americanized’ and Cubans flock to see the US before it looks like Cuba.

  2. cosmicgarden

    I love it!

    • lizard19

      thank you, cosmicgarden.

  3. I wonder if Las Vagas is running odds on lifting the embargo. Oligarchs and mobsters still want their island back.

    • Farmers wanting their fields and murdered sons back?

      • I often face this problem with the old victims of the Red Scare of the fifties and sixties: false arguments based on the slimmest reed of knowledge or evidence, uttered with arrogant certainty. The McCarthy is strong in you, my son.

        • Big Swede

          Che never hurt anybody.

          • JC

            Neither did Jefferson. Nor did he attempt to dilute the color of his slaves’ skin.

            • Half and half wins Presidencies.

          • lizard19

            and America doesn’t torture people to death, blow children up with drones, and shove food up rectums. happy holidays Swede.

        • There are objectively written histories of the Cuban experience available … this is really funny, but I was about to suggest that you do some reading.

          • I read Fausta’s blog a couple times a week.


            You still rereading Castro’s “My Life”?

          • I have no doubt you skip to quite a number of places in your ongoing confirmation bias pursuits.

            I’m not having any luck here. Someone else want to try to explain to Swede that there are a wide host of sources and information available that can be construed in many ways, and that only wide exposure somewhat alleviates the problem of bias.

            Castro is an interesting man. He is highly intelligent – the fact that he lived when the CIA wanted him dead is testimony to that.

  4. Turner

    Fair play for Cuba!

  5. steve kelly

    Haiti is a good indicator of how we treat former revolutionaries. There are masters and there are slaves. Cuba will have new masters soon, same as the old masters.

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone.

  7. Steve W

    Cosby exposed himself over and over.

    Yet many covered up for him. Their corruption is legend.

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