Keeping Vassal States In Line

by lizard

Before the Charlie Hebdo attack, the French made two big mistakes. First, the French parliament voted to recognize Palestine as a state:

French lawmakers on Tuesday urged their government to recognize Palestine, a symbolic move that will not immediately affect France’s diplomatic stance but demonstrates growing European impatience with a stalled peace process.

While most developing countries recognize Palestine as a state, most Western European countries do not, supporting the Israeli and U.S. position that an independent Palestinian state should emerge from negotiations with Israel.

European countries have grown frustrated with Israel, which since the collapse of the latest U.S.-sponsored talks in April has pressed on with building settlements in territory the Palestinians want for their state.

The motion received the backing of 339 lawmakers with 151 against.

The second mistake was calling for an end to the sanctions against Russia, which are negatively impacting the French economy:

French President Francois Hollande says he wants Western sanctions on Russia to be lifted if progress is made in talks on the Ukraine conflict this month.

He did not specify which sanctions – imposed by the EU, US and Canada – could be lifted. The sanctions began after Russia annexed Crimea in March.

Mr Hollande said Russian President Vladimir Putin “doesn’t want to annex eastern Ukraine – he told me that”.

Germany’s vice-chancellor has warned against further sanctions on Russia.

Sigmar Gabriel – a centre-left politician like Mr Hollande – said the sanctions were aimed at making Russia negotiate to resolve the Ukraine conflict. But some “forces” in Europe and the US wanted sanctions to cripple Russia, which would “risk a conflagration”.

“We want to help get the Ukraine conflict resolved, but not to push Russia onto its knees,” he told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

Now France has had its Boston moment with the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Pepe Escobar asks, cui bono? From the link:

Cui bono, then, with killing Charlie? Only those whose agenda is to demonize Islam. Not even a bunch of brainwashed fanatics would pull off the Charlie carnage to show people who accuse them of being barbarians that they are, in fact, barbarians. French intel at least has concluded that this is no underwear bomber stunt. This is a pro job. That happens to take place just a few days after France recognizes Palestinian statehood. And just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian “threat”.

The Masters of the Universe who pull the real levers of the Empire of Chaos are freaking out with the systemic chaos in the racket they so far had the illusion of controlling. Make no mistake – the Empire of Chaos will do what it can to exploit the post-Charlie environment – be it blowback or false flag.

The Obama administration is already mobilizing the UN Security Council. The FBI is “helping” with the French investigation. And as an Italian analyst memorably put it, jihadis don’t attack a vulture hedge fund; they attack a satirical rag. This is not religion; this is hardcore geopolitics. Reminds me of David Bowie: “This is not rock’n roll. This is suicide.”

But let’s talk about what’s really important, NFL football. Let’s hope Steve Daines can effectively intervene in the dispute between DirectTV and CBS, so Montanans can watch the Broncos lose.

We can go back to hating and killing Muslims (while our government funds, arms and trains jihadists) on Monday.

  1. steve kelly

    France will always be France. Poor NATO.

    In May, 2014, “US lawmakers urged France to break its contract to sell two warships to Russia and instead sell or lease them to NATO, which said on Friday it was up to Paris to decide.”

  2. So now we’ve moved to the attack in Paris was probably a deliberate provocation by Israel and/or the United States? Or, more likely, the secret cabal that rules over both?

    I guess if you’ve decided that only your conspiracist views are valid, that makes sense. Certainly more sensible that waiting a few weeks to see what actual evidence emerges.

    And cue Tokarski coming in to talk about how much better read he is than anyone who questions that every incident, domestic or foreign, is part of the grand neoliberal agenda…

    • lizard19

      stick to local stuff, Don. the few times you’ve weighed in on foreign affairs, you’re perspective has been exposed as extremely limited, like with Libya.

      with this post I’m pointing out two recent actions by France that the U.S. and Israel obviously didn’t like, then citing Escobar’s piece examining who benefits and who doesn’t in the fallout of the Paris attack. readers can draw their own conclusions, like yours, which is entirely predictable.

      I do realize it’s not popular to offer this kind of speculation. while the herd is demanding all media reproduce the cartoon in solidarity, free speech and all that, the International Business Times was pressured into removing an article that had the audacity to speculate whether Mossad may have been involved. here’s the editor’s note on the decision to self-censor:

      A story reporting on conspiracy theorists who allege a link between Israeli intelligence and the Paris shootings should never have been published and we have therefore removed it from our site. The story was beneath our standards and we apologize for this basic lapse in judgement.

      but hey, if it makes you feel better to stop by and ridicule, go for it.

      • JC

        Here’s what TomDispatch has to say about Pepe Escobar:

        “If you want to understand the planet we may actually be living on in the near future, it couldn’t be more important to take it in [read Escobar’s article].”

        Unfortunately, Pogie is up to his usual “toe-the-line” and closing-of-the-inquisitive-mind routine. Must mean you’re on to something!

        Personally, I think that Pepe Escobar’s writings are some of the most prescient alt-media analyses we can look to. But hey, if Don wants to dump on a TomDispatch regular, more power to him. Makes grading his english papers all that much easier if he can narrow the window of thought.

        • No, you’re right. I’m close-minded. I think more critically like people who know that an attack was masterminded by Israel and the United States within hours, despite not having anything approximating evidence.

          I can’t wait for your post on the moon landing. It will really open my mind.

      • Good thing we don’t have to worry about anything being “beneath our standards” or “basic lapse in judgement” at this site. That’s how we get the truth bombs dropped on us.

        Please do more to explain the Jewish conspiracy to attack and kill French satirists. I look forward to your keen analysis from Missoula on the subject.

        • Don, you are the one who has made up,his mind, based on your trusted sources (aka letting others think for you). Others here are withholding judgment, maintaining high skepticism, as vigilant citizens do, and as we know a little more than you do about how countries operate.

          If past is prologue, it will be months, perhaps years before evidence around this event makes its way to researchers. In the meantime you can bet that the U.S. wants to act, and act now, based on the immediate emotional impact.

          Ever heard of agents provocateur? Have you ever read any history? If so, the you know to be highly skeptical of high profile attacks that just happen to serve the interests of powerful states, like the US, better than those who supposedly did the deed.


    • Damn Don, I hate when your right. Mark, Liz and the gang here are all practicing the fine art of diversion casting seeds of doubt among the impressionable.

      • lizard19

        ultimately, Swede, it doesn’t matter how the strings are pulled behind the scenes. what matters is how the impacts of the aftermath gets used, gets managed. 9/11 was an opportunity to implement the Patriot Act and all that followed. each tragedy is another opportunity to push further. you are a dupe wasting time commenting here if you have no capacity to appreciate that.

      • What we are doing, Swede, is called “critical thinking,” something so rare that it is unrecognized in this country, and ridiculed.

    • Pogie, you’re that guy who is so afraid of me he will only deal with me in the third person? Passive aggressive much? I will debate you on any forum anytime about any of this. Anywhere, anytime, OK? What scares you, little fella? What?

      In the last long string of comments several people suggested that you who automatically believe government truth check out Operation Gladio. And you didn’t. And you won’t. I know this. And this is the problem with you. You are married to authority figures, and not evidence.

      • Open my mind some more. Explain the 9/11 conspiracy for me. I’ll admit, given my limited intellect and lack of the firsthand knowledge you have about architecture, security, and advanced mathematics, I need you to explain it to me.

        Thanks. I know I’m deferring to your august authority now, but I can’t change everything all at once.

        • If only you were actually serious about opening your mind. But you’re not. You are juvenile in your approach to blog comments, and rote and pedantic in your writing, rarely adding anything new or insightful. Here’s something I put up on the blog the other day describing a police officer’s Rorschach exam, a guy that would be world famous a few years later. It describes you to a tee as well:

          This man appears to be wholly devoid of any imaginative facilities. His percepts are predominantly the most common. His range of interest and achievements is quite limited, seen in his very narrow associational content. He takes little note of rare and unusual stimuli in his environment. His mental functioning is highly stereotyped. In conformity, he is within the limits of the average in that his thinking corresponds with that of the community at large.

          Don, people who don’t exercise critical thought and at the same time ridicule thise who do are 1) Not very smart, and 2) cowardly group thinkers.

        • Steve W

          It’s not difficult to understand, Don.

          Government makes pronouncements and people believe them.

          But not all of the people.

          And that’s it. That’s the conspiracy. I know you can grasp it. Even though you never really thought about it.

          Our very famous President Abraham Lincoln realized this and he verbalized upon his thoughts. Perhaps you would do well to just think about it.

  3. Craig Moore

    If you are interested in talking about what is really important, rather than conspiratorial hysteria on parade in your post, take a cue from the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. “France is at “war” with terrorism, but not religion, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Friday as police cornered two suspected Islamist gunmen near Paris.

    “We are in a war against terrorism. We are not in a war against religion, against a civilization,” Valls said…

    “What are terrorists looking for? To create fear, to pit the French against each other — and we must be stronger than that.”

    Earlier, French President Francois Hollande described “unity” as his country’s “best weapon.”

    “Nothing can divide us, nothing should separate us. Freedom will always be stronger than barbarity,” Hollande said in a televised address to the nation on Thursday after the attack.

    • JC

      How do terrorists create fear?

      • Craig Moore

        By triggering a sense of deep anxiety in others that they, the terrorists, are in control to strike as they wish and cause horrific consequences to civilians without intervening prophylactic, preventative actions to keep society safe.

        • JC

          Are you talking about muslim or american terrorists?

          • Craig Moore

            I was responding to your question. I didn’t know you see it as a religious versus some nationality/political/ideological inspired context. Your binary choice misses the point. Where would you fit eco-terrorists like Earth First?

            • JC

              So you agree that the fear instilled by the U.S. military is just as deep as that instilled by the fear of attack by “the other?” I have been reacting to the comments of others here and elsewhere that make this whole incident into a place where we have people like Eric (below) stating: “we all need to come to our senses and start hating Muslims ASAP, for our own survival”.

              When people make this about a class of people based on religious grounds, I’m going to stick some christian terrorism back in their face. As to me, I’m irreligious.

              “Eco-terrorists?” What eco-terrorists? Are you talking about FBI agents planting bombs in a union worker’s car? Or are you just trying to deflect?

              • Craig Moore

                Actually, what I did was attempt to give you my answer to your question, “How do terrorists create fear?” Who you label as terrorists is your opinion. ” Who is a “terrorist?” wasn’t the question. BTW, I am not going to swing at a pitch in the dirt.

                As to eco-terrorists, you have to be a bit tongue-in-cheek to feign such ignorance.

              • JC

                Can’t have it both ways, Craig. If you really believe that “who you label as terrorists is your opinion” then don’t label my opinions as ignorant if they do not equate yours.

                In my book (opinion?), one person’s terrorist may be another’s freedom fighter. That goes for so-called “eco-terrorists”, too.

                Is the U.S. soldier who drops a bomb on innocent women and children in Iraq or Afghanistan a terrorist?

                Is it your opinion or your conscience that informs this sort of moral question as to what constitutes a “terrorist”?

              • Craig Moore

                JC, you can’t make up the facts to suit your charge. I did NOT label you or or opinions as ignorant. They are what they are without any spin from me.

              • Craig Moore

                As to eco-terrorists here’s some more for ya. From a list of eco-convicts to a link to the ELF arson manual.

              • JC

                How many of those people killed someone, Craig? ZERO. How many innocent Iraqi citizens (not military) — women, children and men — were killed by U.S. troops? 66,081!

                Now who’s the terrorist?

              • Having been around the block more than a few times, just offhand here, I am going to guess that ELF is a false flag group set up to discredit real environmental groups, just like Earth First! That is how they roll – false fronts, false flags, agents provocateur. These CIA/FBI folks are always on top of things.

  4. Eric

    ” We can go back to hating and killing Muslims (while our government funds, arms and trains jihadists) on Monday.”

    No need to wait – we all need to come to our senses and start hating Muslims ASAP, for our own survival. Their plan for us is simple, submit or die.

    First, the jihadists, because they have the stones to carry out the word of Mohammed, and then the other 99.9% of them for not policing their own.

  5. evdebs

    “False flag?”

    More likely, “Shit for brains.”

    See, “Occam’s Razor.”

    • That’s muddled! Occam’s Razor would say that it’s false flag. Why, after all, do people do things that benefit their enemies? To say they are merely stupid? Hardly works, as they risked their lives, performed remarkable military feats. Supberb training. What limiters organization wastes highly trained personnel in futile gestures?

      Your thoughts are more like Craig’s, who says sometimes a horse is just a horse. In other words, zzzzzzzzzz.

  6. Fuel for the flames: If this is a typical false flag, then the Kouachi brothers, who were on a “terrorist watch” list, were not the shooters, but we’re shepherded by their (Intelligence) handlers to be in position to take the blame. In the meantime, other operations are running as diversion to allow the real shooters to escape. The real shooters are mere mechanics or Special Forces soldiers, highly trained professional killers used by CIA, MI6, Mossad. (All observers have remarked on the professionalism of these murders.) The ultimate ideal would be for the Kouachi’s to be killed, creating an open and shut case with no public trial. No transparent examination of evidence can be allowed.

    That’s how it is done.

    • petetalbot

      Mark, you should be writing screen plays, not wasting your time commenting here. Your dialogue needs some work, that’s the toughest to write, but your plot lines are fantastic.

      • P: “I read the New York Time, fella. can’t fool me.”
        M: “NPR? Nightly News, Brian Williams?”
        P: “Yep.”
        M: “Op eds, you know, the thoughtful ones?
        P: “It’s how I stay on top.”
        M: “You trust them, then. That’s what it is. Trust?”
        P: “Yep. That’s where it starts. You gotta learn how to trust.”
        M: “And your own brain. Do you trust that?”
        P: ” I just told you. I use my brain. I read the New York…”
        M: “You said you trust. That’s not the same as thinking for yourself.”
        P: “Don’t interrupt, dammit. I can’t know everything. You gotta trust!”
        M: “No you don’t.”
        P: “What, and be like you? Walk around thinking everything is a lie?”
        M: “If one little lie seeps through to you, you’d trust less. Others would follow. You’d start to understand and things better.”
        P: “That’s NUTS! NUTS! Conspicy theorist! A lot of people would have to be lying, and they would have a falling out, and the truth would come out.”
        M: “People don’t lie, keep secrets? Murder, steal, deceive, burn down Reichstags and blame some poor schmuck commie?”
        P: “Different era, different people. If people talked then, they’d get killed.”
        M: “Can’t happen here?”
        P: “Nope. New York Times would expose them.”
        M: “NPR? Nightly News, Brian Williams?”
        P: “Yep.”
        M: “Have a nice day, Pete.”

        • petetalbot

          A little rough but not bad. As I said, dialogue’s the toughest. Keep at it though.

        • You think dialogue’s tough? Man, you oughtta try thinking! It’s even harder!

          • petetalbot

            No seriously, Mark, I see Bruce Willis or Matt Damon as leading man. Maybe you could use your 9/11 theories as a springboard. You know, as the rest of the world watches, in real time, a 767 crash into the second tower, you reveal how it’s all a hoax: Hollywood special effects and a vast media conspiracy. I smell an Oscar.

            • Can’t fool old Pete. No sirree. Can ‘t fool Pete. He saw it in TV. He knows it’s real.

              I think I am going to call my Hollywood script “Wag the Dog.” think DeNiro would bite?

              • petetalbot

                Yeah, I saw ‘Wag the Dog.’ It was an OK movie. I’ve always enjoyed Hoffman and DeNiro. You realize it was fiction, not a documentary, right Mark?

              • Of course, Pete. Anne Heche totally blew it for me, she’s such a lousy actress.

                All movies are fiction, even the ones based on “true” stories, like Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, complete fabrications.

                But some contain embedded truth. You do understand Pete that the movie was saying that if the American people see something on TV, and it is called “news”, they unquestioningly believe it. You did get that message, use of TV for state propaganda. Right Pete?

                Pete? Pete?

              • petetalbot

                Yeah, I got that.

              • petetalbot

                That’s because you’re easily fooled.

              • Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s presentation of Pete Wags his Dog has been brought to you in part by a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy, keeping Ukraine free since 2014. Additional Funding comes from Spielberg Foundation for Honesty in Movie Making, Abraham Lincoln, executive director emeritus. And, your friends at NPR, repackaging FOX news in better wrappers since 1990.

  7. steve kelly

    What seems to be a common, recurring dynamic in this and other “disturbing” topics is some sort of sycho-social impasse. What causes it? I have no knowledge, but am curious. Is it temperament? Genetic? Or do some people stop wanting to learn for other reasons? One more mystery to investigate.

  8. I saw the movie Man of Steel, speaking of Hollywood scripts. In it Lois Lane is an intrepid reporter who challenges powerful people, gets in their face, gets to the bottom of things, does not kowtow or back down.

    And then there’s The Man of Steel, from another planet, indestructible flesh, a guy who can fly faster than a bullet. Good looking too.

    Anyway, the movie really stretched credulity. Not the part about the guy from another planet flying around. That I bought. The part about an American journalist challenging power? Good grief. Only in comic books!

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