Is Judaism at the Heart of Israeli Settler Violence?

by lizard

Will Jews around the world condemn the violence of Israeli settlers, or is Judaism an inherently violent religion that justifies violence to expand it’s grasp on the Holy Land?

Jew settlers marked the new year with a display of their unbridled rage. Emboldened by a media that some think are controlled by this violent tribe, no target is too high-profile to attack, not even a U.S. consulate convey:

On Friday, American security personnel accompanying staff from the United States Consulate in Jerusalem drew their weapons on violent Israeli settlers who attacked a two vehicle U.S. convoy outside the Palestinian town of Turmusaya in the West Bank. Consulate staff were investigating an incident which took place on private Palestinian land on the first night of 2015 when six thousand recently planted olive saplings were uprooted, and dozens of old olive trees were destroyed by violent Jewish settlers from an illegal outpost, Adei Ad, near Turmusaya.

Officials from Turmusaya notified the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem and requested an investigation because some of the owners of the land are Palestinian-Americans. When the U.S. delegation arrived in the area to investigate settlers started hurling stones at the convoy.

Many of the olive saplings recently uprooted were ceremoniously planted beginning on December 10th, Human Rights day, under a barrage of tear gas after Palestinian Authority minister Ziad Abu Ein died following a violent assault by Israeli forces.

In a more recent example of violence, an Israeli settler opened fire on a Palestinian market in Jerusalem:

An armed fanatic Israeli settler provocatively entered a Palestinian market, in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, started insulting local residents before attacking a young man, and opened fire.

Local sources said that the Israeli assailant lives in one of the illegal colonial outposts in the Old City, and that he started walking provocatively in the market, while carrying his government-issued automatic rifle.

He then started shouting and cursing at the Palestinian merchants and residents before assaulting a young man, identified as Anwar Mona, 24 years of age.

The settler also opened fire at the Palestinians in the area, causing no injuries, while Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene, provided protection to the Israeli assailant, and kidnapped Anwar.

To prove Judaism is not an inherently violent religion, Jews around the world must speak up and condemn this violence. Failure to do so will confirm what many secularists have long feared: violence is encoded in the Judaic DNA of Israel.

  1. larry kurtz

    Exactly, liz.

  2. steve kelly

    Why can’t criminals be criminals anymore? Everyone and everything is “terror.” I suppose that’s the sweet spot for authoritarians moving everyone to the right without them having a clue.

    Here’s my question: Are those French “values” under assault today, with huge crowds marching to demonstrate against attacks on their “civilized” socio-cultural order, the same values that turned a blind eye to France’s bombers turning Libya into rubble and warlords? Always the moral dilemma. Or are Pablovian zombies doing what media directs them to think and do?

    And Pete, if you’re out there, please check for spelling and typo errors.

  3. lizard19

    pundits with security state folks on Sunday shows blaming lack of funding for French police state, so more money there, more money for Homeland Security (Face the Nation was adamant on asking if there have been cuts to HS) blah blah blah.

    and then there is this disgusting appeal by Netanyahu:

    Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, told French and European Jews they will be welcomed with “open arms” if they choose to emigrate to Israel.

    His statement was issued on Sunday before he left for Paris for a march in solidarity with victims of last week’s killings – including four French Jews murdered in a kosher supermarket.

    Similar calls were also made by defence minister Moshe Ya’alon, former finance minister Yair Lapid and foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman also attended the Paris rally.

  4. This 150 car pile up in Michigan. Jews caused it.

    • And too bad this black Muslim didn’t see your cartoon before saving a bunch of Jews at the Market.

      Could’ve sent them to their slaughter.

      “Lassana, employed by the Hyper Casher where a hostage situation occurred Friday, had had the reflex to hide his customers from the armed terrorist. Hiding them had permitted the escape from Amedy Coulibaly.
      He introduces himself as being a “Mali Muslim,” as was Amedy Coulibaly. Confronted by the heavily-armed terrorist in the kosher supermarket where he worked, Lassana acted only on reflex: Helping the hostages to find a safe place. The customers were stuffed down, via a trap door, in the basement. “When they got down on the fly,” explained the employee of Hyper Casher to [a french TV station], “I opened the door to the freezer. There were man people who had come back [into the freezer] with me. I turned out the light, I turned off the freezer.”

      Among the frightened customers, a man found himself there with “a two-year old baby,” said Lassana. He was actually a baby of three and a half years, who accompanied his father. “When I had turned off the freezer, I had put them inside, I closed the door, I said: “Remain calm, here, I will get you out.” “When they were out, they congratulated me, they thanked me,” recounted humbly this young man.”

  5. troutsky

    The political project of Zionism often requires violence to maintain power relations, as does every form of colonialism.

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