The Hill


on her way to the throne
she beheaded a snake
erupting with glee
when she heard on her phone
he was dead

they tried to stop her
opening back channels
but she moved with singular intent
to rip the heart
out of Tripoli

when she gets to the throne
O sisters and brothers
prepare yourselves

she ascends
on a ladder made of bones
to do the dark work
she auditioned for

—William Skink


  1. Craig Moore

    The Western Skink has
    a shiny appearance
    because the body is
    covered in smooth and shiny,
    rounded scales.


  2. Turner

    Mrs. Clinton’s casually tossed off lie about landing somewhere (Bosnia?) under enemy fire should be enough to kill her candidacy. Brian Williams’ similar lie, or rather his being caught in it, caused him to step down from his job at NBC. Mrs. Clinton should follow his example and step aside.

    • lizard19

      why would she step aside? the Clinton brand is associated with 90’s prosperity, and she has a vagina, so nostalgia and identity politics make her a very formidable candidate. who cares that she destroyed Libya and is most likely a sociopath? Democrats will deploy lesser-evilism, as usual, and she will be the next Democrat candidate and more than likely the next president of America. your party will make this happen, Turner, and the consequences will be severe.

      • Turner

        As you can see by my comment above, I’m not a defender of Mrs. Clinton. But what do you mean by “she destroyed Libya”?

        • lizard19

          the title of the poem is a link. read it.

          • Turner

            The Washington Times? Is this a story anywhere but in the right-wing echo chamber?

            If it has any validity (and I doubt it has much), it’ll be used against her in 2016. Let’s see how it shakes out.

            Meanwhile, I’d like to see her primaried.

            • The Washington Times is as capable of prtinting truth or lies as any other American news source. For instance, from November of 2002 through March of ’03 the New York Times paraded lies about Iraq at the behest of the Bushies on its pages each day, and all other American outlets, save perhaps McClatchy, did as well.

              Reliance on sources as a means of automatic trust or distrust is ex excuse for not thinking.

            • lizard19

              are you saying as head of the State Department that Hillary wasn’t instrumental in leading the charge for regime change in Libya?

            • Steve W

              Ask Dennis Kucinich, Turner. He was there. He says the same thing the WA Times says.

  3. JC

    Sociopath? Hell, watch this interview with her about Gaddafi’s death. Pretty psychopathic if you ask me.

  4. Eric

    Little Barack Obama
    went a walking toward the border,
    And happened at a corner
    on little Eric Holder.

    “Good-Morning Sir,” said Barack
    “Good-Morning Sir,” said he,
    And they strolled along together
    as cosy as could be.

    And when they reached the border,
    as sure as you’re alive,
    They saw a group of Mexicans,
    emerge from the other side.

    “Good-Morning friends said Barack
    “Good-Morning Sir said they,
    “Can we please have some Green Cards
    to help us on our way?”

    “I’ll give you more than Green Cards”
    said Barack just like that,
    I’ll give you lots of handouts
    if you just vote Democrat !

    (With apologies to Barbara Young)

    • lizard19

      apologies should extend far beyond Barbara Young.

      • Eric

        I’m kind of liking your new poetry direction – LOL

  5. Who cares about foreign affairs. It’s her domestic policy that has you begging for more.

    • Related.

      As we get closer to the election, remember that we cannot trust Hillary Clinton to create American jobs…

      The last time she had a job to do, she outsourced it to Monica Lewinsky.

      • steve kelly

        She slaves away for the same boss you do.

      • steve kelly


        Meet the boss(s).

        “First, the crisis of authority that paralyzes the US continues to mobilize the ruling class. After the call from the honorary chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for President Obama to surround himself with experienced personalities from both sides [1], the New York Times published an editorial [2] devoted to a report published in October by the Rand Corporation [3].”

      • Swede, I assume Hillary is a lesbian and is Ok with anything Bill does as long as he stays away from her. But I don’t know, just a fleeting impression. They do appear to be two power hungry climbers, and so found the relationship mutually satisfying.

        Ask yourself however: presidents have been having sex in the Oval Office since they put down the first carpet. Power works that way. Why this time was he entrapped by Linda Tripp? Nobody cares about that stuff in DC, as everyone is doing it except perhaps Bernie Sanders. Why did Monica become a big deal, nearly leading to impeachment?

        Americans never ask the right questions, believe TV stories too easily.

  6. Eric

    I never liked Bill until I found out what a stud he was.

    I’ll bet he tried every female in the Whitehouse.

    That’s why Hillary stayed with him – she could smugly look at all those women with her “You-all-want-him-but-I-got-him” look and feel superior.

    • It’s really just opportunity, Eric. All men will take what is given them, you included. Very few of us are actively seeking ‘strange,’ as it is not worth the cost and effort. A few men who have power and prestige avail themselves of everything that falls in their lap. You would too in that position. Don’t kid yourself. You are not morally superior to Bill Clinton in the area of extracurricular sex.

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