The F Word


never no how say
Fascism flies the stripes
and stars the world over
deny, deny, deny
never ever compare
Nazis to The Hill
a holocaust in Mesopotamia?
a Bush the same as Bill?
no, cast the Adolf shadow
upon the old Great Bear
good Americans nod their heads
giving up their share
to feed their death machine
to world war the globe
never no how say
how close we fit the mold

—William Skink

  1. Germans destroyed many records in the face of advancing US, Red and British forces. Of those that survived, US and British destroyed many more. So from a documentary basis, what is left for historians to study is limited, and all reading of history of the era should be done with that in mind. The decision to emphasize the crimes of the defeated countries and minimize those of the victors was SOP. It was difficult at Nuremberg to find crimes for which Germans should hang that Allied forces did not also commit, but they managed.

    I assume the same is true in the Japanese theater. When Gar Alperovitz got hold of internal documents in the mid90’s around the atomic bomb decision, he found virtually no evidence to support public pronouncements of the time and after for the justification.

    Official truth and framing took place after the war, as the crimes committed by the Allies were massive along with those of Germany and Japan. The war allowed release of forces of evil. Monstrous men of all stripes, from Churchill to Stalin, Hitler, LeMay, were on their game in the resulting carnage. They had such fun!

    • JC

      This is as good of place as any to remind folks that the Soviets captured a significant amount of records and video from the Germans as they overran them when they turned the tide in WWII. The Soviets produced a video documentary called “The Unknown War” consisting of 20 episodes, each almost an hour long.

      They had Burt Lancaster host the documentary in the 70s, intending it for western audiences. It contains much video, photos, and records captured from the Germans. It is also good for American exceptionalists to watch, as it puts in perspective the ability of the Russian people to mobilize and fight a war against an aggressor, even if it costs them the lives of 25 million people.

      There is no defeating the Russian military on their homeland in a conventional war — they will fight to the death of the last standing soldier. If we resort to nukes, everybody loses and it is game over for humanity and the planet as we plunge into nuclear winter.

      There is a good description of the documentary at this link, and index of episodes. If you want to see and understand WWII and the defeat of fascism from the Soviet’s perspective in the Eastern Front, this is the best place to do it.

      • Hey JC.

        Did you marry one of those Russian mail order brides?

        • JC

          No, a German one. Really.

          Her dad spent 5 years in a Soviet prison camp after getting captured when the Soviets overran Germany on their march to victory. She can’t watch this stuff… it’s too close to home. But it helps me understand her and her family… not to mention history.

          Give it a watch. Much better than Gunsmoke reruns

          • I had a young man from Russia work for me one summer. We had several interesting long conversations.

            • JC

              An outfit I worked for from 95-’04 did tech transfer and trainings with Russians. We had several working in our office, and several of my co-workers went to Russia to train folks.

              The amusing part was when we discovered that the KGB embedded an agent with guys working in our office (yes, I got to run the forensics exam on the computer we let the KGB agent use to confirm the fact…). And he knew that we knew and didn’t give a sh*t. I guess that is what happens when you teach Russkies how to do ecological research on the effects of military rocket launches on the environment… ;-)

              The best part of the whole thing was that our folks smuggled back a whole lot of different heirloom seeds from dachas gardens. We had some great garden contests! If the west looses its seed stock diversity to the GMO mono crop barons, at least the Russkies have an incredible source of heirlooms to feed the world with.

              • I asked the young Russian, “was Stalin a hero or murderer”?

                We were a good mile away from any structure, he still looked around a said in a whispered voice, “Stalin was a murderer”.

              • Speaking of seeds we had a fire in some of the forest areas of our Big Timber ranch which brought out a crop of mushrooms. I know Morrels but he introduced me to King mushrooms. He said when he was young sometimes mushrooms were all they could find to eat.

                He would also dissect the shroom with the skill of a surgeon. Never throwing away the discarded parts but returning them to the spot were we found them and scattering them on the ground.

  2. Going along with your “were just as bad as they are” theme.

    • Swede, it might help to know that Google knows you better than you know Google. You are profiled, so that when you search for something, it delivers results to the Swede profile, a right wing man who seeks affirmation among other right wingers.

      It’s true of all of us, I too am profiled. That’s why books work better than the Google in the search for truth.

      • Used Yahoo that time. I originally saw it on some neo-con right wing wacko site.

        • I use Bing, but have no illusions that they too have a profile of me, just as the others. There’s no good guys out there when it comes to privacy.

          The point is that search engines are able to bring the whole world to our doorstep, but as constructed deliver instead a tiny fraction designed to please our prejudices.

          PS: You asked your Russian friend if Stalin was a hero or murderer. Perfect example of seeking to satisfy a prejudice. Hitler had high regard for Stalin in terms of his strategic abilities, thinking him in a Napoleonic strata along with himself.

          And oh yeah, a murderer too, just like Churchill. On search engines your prejudice will allow you to seek out evidence about one, and avoid knowing anything about the other.

          Thanks JC for the tip.

      • JC

        You can always google through an anonymizer so that Google, or any other website for that matter, can’t track you:

        It routes web traffic through random intermediary proxies, so the end point (i.e. google) never really knows who is doing the searching or receiving the data. Just replace the part of the url with any other website you want to lurk about without being recognized, your IP being recorded, or a cookie being implanted.

        Then again, Swede probably likes his pre-packaged search returns loaded with morsels to his liking.

  3. steve kelly

    “As we have seen, the evidence is incontrovertible regarding political cash contributions to Hitler at the crucial point of the takeover of power in Germany — and Hitler’s earlier speech to the industrialists clearly revealed that a coercive takeover was the premeditated intent.

    We know exactly who contributed, how much, and through what channels. It is notable that the largest contributors — I.G. Farben, German General Electric (and its affiliated company Osram), and Thyssen — were affiliated with Wall Street financiers. These Wall Street financiers were at the heart of the financial elite and they were prominent in contemporary American politics. Gerard Swope of General Electric was author of Roosevelt’s New Deal, Teagle was one of NRA’s top administrators, Paul Warburg and his associates at American I.G. Farben were Roosevelt advisors. It is perhaps not an extraordinary coincidence that Roosevelt’s New Deal — called a “fascist measure” by Herbert Hoover — should have so closely resembled Hitler’s program for Germany, and that both Hitler and Roosevelt took power in the same month of the same year — March 1933.”

  4. steve kelly

    We have been conditioned to cheer, wave flags, and defend our own invention; the “lessor-of-evil” death machine.

    • Things are seldom as they appear, especially in Western media. You might want to withhold judgment until more than BBC chimes in.

      • Putin’s approval ratings are at 85%, he’s immensely popular. Murder for political reasons is universal, as common in the US as anywhere. We even shoot our presidents here.

        So among the possible culprits behind this murder I am listing CIA/MI6/Mossad, as it seems that those who want to stir up dissent inside Russia would benefit from this murder far more than Putin.

        That does not rule out Putin, but it seems highly unlikely he went to bed smart and woke up stupid.

        • JC

          Stephen Lendman is looking at cui bono and pointing out the evidence for a false flag:

        • steve kelly

          “Honestly, I never thought the day would come where I would have anything good to say about the Russian “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition but apparently this day has come today. To my surprise, all the leaders of this opposition have so far made very moderate and reasonable statement and all those which I have heard have apparently dismissed the notion that the Kremlin was behind the murder.”
          – Saker Please note new address.

          • JC

            Yep, but that doesn’t stop the U.S. MSM from turning it into a piece of propaganda to exploit. HuffPo headline earlier today:

            “Opposition: Putin Responsible For Nemtsov Murder”

            Low information types will only remember that “Putin killed Nemtsov”, or something like that.

            • Man they can bring it, all the varied voices of US media speaking with one voice,

              Speaking of low-information types, I was not aware that the U.S. had tried to pull another coup d’état in Venezuela.

            • Netmtsov had the goods.

              KIEV (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Saturday Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was murdered because he planned to disclose evidence of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine’s separatist conflict.

              Poroshenko paid tribute to Nemtsov, who was shot dead late on Friday, and said the fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin had told him a couple of weeks ago that he had proof of Russia’s role in the Ukraine crisis and would reveal it.

              • JC

                What a doof the chocolate king is. Everybody already knows that the Russians are involved in the separatist revolt (“voentorg”). Just like everyone knows that the U.S. is involved with the fascist junta.

                Reuters calls this “news”?

                And if MH-17 was a prelude, then this is the coda?

              • Swede, stop and give the matter more thought. Anyone who follows intelligence operations knows that while gruesome public executions are one way to dispatch someone (JFK, for example), that method is only used when a political statement is being made at the same time. What would Putin’s statement here be?

                “I am stupid and got really angry, and at the worst time possible, murdered an unimportant critic.”

                Makes no sense. If Putin, or any powerful leader, wants to dispatch an enemy, there are a host of means available, including cancer, heart attack, small plane crash, car or boating accident, suicide … just for example. As one CIA agent was quoted as saying in a book I read, of all means of dispatch, getting someone to commit suicide is by far the hardest.

                So Putin ordering public execution of a critic would be stupid, ill-timed. Therefore, you would be wise to consider the possibility of other culprits, which would include a host of Putin enemies including CIA (who put Porochenko in power), Mossad, MI6 – these outfits all work as one and have tentacles all over the world, so that their fingerprints are likely present in some form.

                Of all the possible culprits, Putin appears least likely. I would not want him as an enemy as he is smart and powerful, but he is not stupid.

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