Bad Parenting?

by William Skink

The story of a detained 11 year old first caught my attention because Lego click bait. Because I like Legos, like a lot. My 6 year old likes Legos as well, so when he’s shopping for Legos, I’m always attending his searches and purchases.

The story of a detained 11 year old is ridiculous. It comes via BoingBoing:

Doug Dunlop’s 11 year old, Lego-obsessed son is a frequent customer at the Lego store in Calgary’s Chinook Mall, where he spends his odd-job savings on new materials — until this week, when the Lego store management had the mall’s security take him into custody.

When Dunlop arrived to pick up his son, the manager revealed the store’s secret policy banning children under 12 from shopping on their own. Dunlop asked why this policy wasn’t posted and the manager said, “It should be obvious to any good parent that children under 12 shouldn’t be in a store unattended. We have the policy for child safety reasons.” When asked why the policy was in place, the manager said “If I have to explain THAT to you, then you shouldn’t be a parent.”


  1. Steve W

    The stupidity of humans is unfathomable.

    I remember once in mexico having my car jacked up the tire taken off the vehicle, taken off the wheel, repaired, balanced and remounted and inflated and transacted con moneda efectivo by a kid who couldn’t have been older than 12.

    I remember buying candy in the store across from my elementary school for years from the time i was 5 or 6. It was right on my route to and from school. Same with all the stores. How could you buy your mom a mothers day present if you couldn’t go to the store?

    No one ever said, “where’s your mom?” as if the very act of existing were somehow suspect.

    People just make up this crazy stuff and try to sell it when there’s zero basis in reality.

  2. People get what I call “authority boners”, that’s all. When it happens en masse, we have a war.

  3. Who’s Crazy Now? American Psychological Association Supported Torture “At Every Critical Juncture”: Like Nazi and Soviet Psychologists, American Psychologists Aided Abuse

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