The Next Inevitable Disaster

by William Skink

A recent move by the Obama administration is tantamount to letting a convicted pedophile run a daycare. There is such a high degree of complicit recklessness in what will inevitably happen, it’s difficult to comprehend.

Three years ago the pedophile equivalent, Shell, ran an oil rig aground off the coast of Alaska. An Interior Department report showed that Shell ‘screwed up‘ its exploratory drilling efforts. From the link:

Shell failed to oversee contractors that were central to its bungled efforts to explore for oil in the Arctic waters off Alaska last year, the Interior Department has concluded.

“Shell screwed up in 2012,” said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Salazar, whose agency released a review of Shell’s efforts Thursday, said the company won’t be allowed to drill again off the Arctic coast until it presents a plan showing that it can better handle conditions there.

The Interior Department’s report said Shell’s problems have raised serious questions about its ability to operate safely and responsibly in the challenging conditions off Alaska. The report said Shell entered the drilling season “not fully prepared in terms of fabricating and testing certain critical systems and establishing the scope of its operational plans.”

“One of the recurring themes that we identified throughout the review was the failure on the part of Shell to oversee contractors that they relied on for critical components of their operations,” Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Director Tommy Beaudreau, who led the probe for the Interior Department, said in a conference call with reporters.

Despite this alarming incompetence, the Obama administration wants the pedophiles to run the day care. It’s beyond disgusting. It’s unfathomable. But the plan is moving forward anyway:

The US government has given Shell approval to restart drilling in the Arctic despite repeated warnings from environmentalists that it could lead to an ecological disaster.

The Obama administration on Monday approved Shell’s plan to resume drilling for oil and gas in the treacherous and fragile waters off the coast of Alaska, three years after the Anglo-Dutch oil giant was forced to suspend operations following a series of potentially dangerous blunders.

Scientists and environmental groups on Monday attacked the decision and warned that Shell’s “risky and ill-conceived exploration” plan could “lead to a disaster in the Arctic”.

I don’t think it “could” lead to a disaster, I think it absolutely “will” lead to a disaster. It’s just a matter of time before something happens.

Resistance to this insanity is now mobilizing in Seattle. The link is a recent piece from Democracy Now:

The Port of Seattle has voted to seek the blockade of rigs used by the oil giant Shell for its planned drilling in the Arctic this summer. Shell has signed a lease to station its rigs in the Puget Sound while it drills for oil in pristine and highly remote waters in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. The Port of Seattle’s board called for a legal review of Shell’s plans and a temporary postponement of its docking. The move came after a wave of activism in Seattle challenging Shell’s effort. On Tuesday, activists set up a tripod to block work at the site of a fuel transfer station. Meanwhile, thousands of kayakers will try to block the arrival of a Shell rig on Saturday, the start of a three-day Festival of Resistance.

It’s not just the Arctic drilling that’s posing new threats to the maritime environment. Despite the fact there are still 30 million gallons of oil polluting the Gulf of Mexico, new drilling is being ok’d there as well.

It’s hard not to let blind rage take over at this point. These are game over moves being undertaken by a truly despicable political regime.

Fuck this administration and the spineless Democrats who go along with destroying the planet. They are the enemies of my children’s children and must be stopped at all costs.

  1. If everything is true to form, Shell, using FBI (our political police), will infiltrate the Seattle groups putting up the resistance, plant agents provocateur and engage (or merely plan to engage) in a pointless act of violence. It will be highly publicized by our state-controlled media, and opposition will be discredited.

    That’s just how the system works.

  2. troutsky

    Thanks for the passion, Skink, outrage is so out of fashion right now. If you went to the Asia-Montana Energy Summit you know what I’m talking about. As a member of Northern Rockies Rising Tide I invite everyone to get angry and start thinking about direct action.

    As for infiltration, Mark, yes there will be agents and yes there will be self-styled “anarchists” wanting to smash the state, but the focus will be on the thousand kayakers blocking the harbor and I believe it will have an impact.

    • I support the effort, of course, but the strategy of infiltration and agents provocateur, going all the way back to Guy Fawkes and before, works way too easily. That, and a controlled media sometimes makes me think that there is not enough creativity in these efforts to get around known obstacles.

  3. evdebs

    Rant on again about Democrats, Skink. That should help.

    I confronted Sara “Drill, baby, drill” Palin five years ago in front of five thousand adoring fans at an arena. The Deepwater Horizon had just exploded. She was surrounded by a phalanx of tools, including Pat Boone and then-Congressman Todd Tiahrt who herded around her like a musk ox her protecting its young .

    Finally, she said, “I want to answer that.”

    “We need to drill, but to do it safely,” she responded.

    What an intellect! What a platform! Why didn’t I think of that?

    • lizard19

      your attempt to redirect this toward Republicans (and yourself) is pathetic. Palin has no influence on Arctic drilling. Obama’s administration does.

  4. This ought to be fun. Will this protest be as successful as Seattle’s protest of their Caterpillar dealership? The company that sold the crawler which squashed Rachel Corrie?

    Stay tuned.

  5. Turner

    I like the pedophile comparison. It’s apt.

  6. Eric

    The Coast is a long way from Montana – FIRE UP THE RIG !

  7. I was wondering what those plastic kayaks and paddles were made of.

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