Vigilant Citizens Await Anarchy as Patriot Act Provisions Sunsets

by William Skink

Well, this may be my last post. When the clock strikes midnight tonight our defenses against the terrorists will sunset, and who knows what tomorrow may bring. If you are reading this during the daylight hours of June, 2015, then you haven’t already succumbed to the onslaught. Good. I imagine a movie scene similar to the zombie hordes breaching Israel’s defenses in World War Z. Upon seeing that zombie flick, David Denby, writing for the New Yorker, described his feeling walking through New York:

On Broadway, there were no zombies in immediate sight, only a happy and friendly crowd. Yet I felt a vague uneasiness at the sheer number of people milling about—a sense that they could all be transformed into something malevolent or frightened. Absurd? Mere paranoia?

Chilling. God only knows what seemingly happy and friendly crowds may harbor.

It’s clear from the hashtag #standwithRand the apocalypse is near. We can only hope the anarchy let loose will purify the hinterlands so the libertariat can uninhibit themselves wherever they choose.

By the time most of you read this it will be June. If your homes haven’t yet fallen to ISIS, that’s probably because you aren’t in the hostile zones, once referred to as “Texas” and “Utah”. Here’s words from a fringe site you can laugh at:

Apparently it was two homegrown ISIS fighters from Arizona that showed up in Dallas bent on a shooting spree at a cartoon contest lampooning Islam earlier this month in what seemed a staged event, the same state deemed “hostile” by the Jade Helm game plan. Then came the bizarre mass biker gang shootout killing 9 in Waco, Texas a week ago. Evidence is coming to light that hidden ISIS recruiters are presently embedded in US, UK and Canada college campuses around those Western nations attempting to entice non-Muslims to join their cause. Based on a recent UN report almost two months ago, more than 25,000 new recruits did join from most countries in the world just since June last year. Whether ISIS is really here in North America amongst us or not, Washington’s been hyping the eminent dangers posed by right wing domestic terrorists lurking to kill government authorities like police, almost as if to prep us for an upcoming false flag that could occur during Jade Helm.

A different take about the same military exercise from the same site wonders if watching the reactions from strategic leaks like this isn’t more to the point:

On a higher, meta level, the intention is to gather game theory-style data on the target audience, which in this case is not merely the alternative media and tea party niche, but also the mainstream media and its response to the tea party response, and back and forth. Like a game of Pong, the game theorist can sit back and watch mass trends, movements and reactions between these two sides with social media and search engine algorithmic tracking.

I’d like to report to the meta level that fear is working. But you already knew that. Still, you should have seen how annoyed my dad was when my mom talked about moving some of their money from stocks to something more tangible, like gold. He’s a smart guy, but he cannot face the degree of deceit we’re dealing with. He’s had nothing but post-WWII prosperity as the backdrop for his contextual understanding of the systems and processes he believes in. Questioning core assumptions is too disorienting for him. I can sympathize.

Anyway, good luck tomorrow, dear citizens. For the preservation of the stars and stripes, stay locked and loaded.


  1. Agree with Coulter. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS don’t fly to Syria.

    • Coulter would be checking groceries at Albertson’s if she didn’t talk like that and wasn’t a hot blond to boot. That is very low grade chumming kind of porpaganda, designed for the lowest elements, used to feed already existing hatred and prejudice.

      Oh, hi Swede, Another work week ahead. What next – Father Coughlin?

      • Maybe instead of insults you could tell us where Ann is wrong?

      • It is easy to see on the outside looking in that she is churning the waters, spouting hatred of this or that group, inciting divisions. She does that routinely with all issues great and small.

        If she is smart, she knows that ISIS is a western creation and is not discussing that aspect of it. If she is dumb, she thinks ISIS is real. Either way, she is spewing hatred, in this case of Syria, a victim of a massive western terrorist attack. She falls right in with western demagoguery from other sources.

        Why don’t you, instead of parroting people you like, tell us in your own words why you think she is worth YouTubing?

        • I’m a realist when it comes to who threatens us.

        • You are so far from the truth that whose who know nothing are closer than you.

        • “He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.”
          – Thomas Jefferson

          • Insults are all ya got.

          • It is my studied opinion after having dealt with you for years, Swede, that you are not knowledgeable about the things you talk about. But ignorance is a curable state, Swede. Stating the obvious is hardly an insult. I

            • You get insulting Mark and I’ll keep supporting my points.


            • Is that what you’re doing. I could swear it looks like grab bagging.

  2. A public as deeply indoctrinated as Americans needs little surveillance. The STASI approach works, and Edward Snowden does an admirable job of this as he exposes what has been known for decades. His role, to convince us that we are all being watched, is enough.

    Politicians, publishers, and news organization are, of course, heavily surveilled, but that is not new. Nixon learned too late that his every word was being recorded, the cover story being that he installed the taping system. That’s early 70’s technology. But J Edgar Hoover stayed in power for over 40 years by sheer weight of his surveillance activities.

    In other words, relax. There are too many of us. They cannot watch us, don’t need to anyway. The public is tame, docile, confused, distracted, a bewildered herd. Individual surveillance would be redundant.

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