Montana AG Tim Fox and US Rep. Ryan Zinke Do Not Support Background Checks for Gun Purchases

by jhwygirl

Shocking and disappointing news today that Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and freshman US Rep. and US Speaker of the House candidate Ryan Zinke oppose background checks on all guns sales.

The City of Missoula has proposed that all guns sales in Missoula city limits be required to pass the necessary background check.  No gun show loopholes.  No private sale loopholes.

The hearing is next Monday night.

AG Tim Fox has apparently weighed in with a one-sentence statement:

“Contrary to the opinion of the city attorney, whom I respect, I believe that Missoula’s proposed gun control ordinance is prohibited by state law and likely violates our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”


Missoula resident and regional gun nut expert Gary Marbut has opposed the ordinance, of course – we’ll see if he shows up on Monday night. If he does, expect quite a show. If he doesn’t, shame on him. Really.

Maybe instead of interviewing Marbut to see what he thinks about it, maybe media types might go ask a family that was victim to gun violence? They do exist in Montana – not too hard to find, either. Or stand outside an elementary or high school here in town and ask a few parents what they think. I really get tired of seeing only Gary Marbut interviewed on each and gun matter or gun shooting in this state. There are other guns experts and enthusiasts that have opinions, too.

The proposal was introduced last month by council members Bryan von Lossberg, Marilyn Marler and Emily Bentley. It won the public hearing vote by 10 – 2.

I’ve been watching Emily Bentley – she’s in her second year on council for Ward 3 and has been out in front on affordable housing, economic development and now this issue of background checks for gun sales. I have to say, she’s shown her smarts at looking for solutions to some tough issues. She doesn’t shy away from making public statements or proposing regulation, or taking on the heavy lifting.

Maybe she should be our next Mayor.


  1. JediPeaceFrog

    I was wondering when 4and20blackbirds was going to comment on the fact Muslims throw gay men off of rooftops? Or the fact that there is NOT ONE female head of state in any Islamic nation? Or the fact that women have basically zero rights in any Islamic country? How about that, Jay(I’m a leftist shitbagging hypocrite)Stephens?

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