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by jhwygirl When I think of the amount of time this man and his ugliness were given in committee at the State Capitol in Helena this past session – the treatment he got as an expert on every matter he testified on – I shake my head at the majority of House members who deferred […]

by Rebecca Schmitz If you want to know why I will never vote for a Republican, or why I loathe the Religious Right, you don’t need to look any farther than this: The Rev. Harris Himes, pastor of Big Sky Christian Center in Hamilton, said this election was an important one for Christians. Since Republicans support the […]

Having Faith

by lizard After God created the mountains and rivers and stars above and fossil fuels below, He created little girls like Dasani, an 11 year old homeless girl living in New York. Asked about this girl, who was featured in a compelling New York Times series, Mike Bloomberg offered this profound comment: “That’s just the […]

by lizard For those who pay attention to the mechanisms of the global corporate elite, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not new news, considering whispers of the secret negotiations have been wafting out since 2010. What is relatively new is the wikileaks disclosure of one of the secret draft chapters: The 30,000 word intellectual property chapter […]

by lizard Evolve, adapt, or face extinction. That appears to be the reality Pope Francis is grappling with, as evidenced by an interview sending shockwaves across the billion plus faithful of the Catholic Church, and beyond. Here is an example of the sea-change underway: We have to find a new balance; otherwise even the moral […]

by jhwygirl Bringing it back. As always, consider this an open thread If you watched only one The Daily Show this week, hopefully it was this one. He starts off with “Democracy” – brings in Saudia Arabia’s lack of it with regards, especially, to women. Slaps the U.S. for embracing Saudia Arabia and then whips […]

by jhwygirl Wulfgar! at Left in the West gets the hat tip on this one. From Friday’s hearings, detailed in several posts below. Watch Superstar State Representative Ellie Hill (HD-94) take on the Montana’s Christian Taliban’s Reverend Harris Himes. Rep. Hill? THANK YOU. This is a civilized society. It seems that some of the GOP […]

by problembear heading into election season and things will most likely ramp up here so i thought i would offer this blog post i found when i logged in at wordpress this morning. not sure how i feel about it other than it provides some good thinking to think about. like most people, i like […]

by problembear one billings gazette commenter chimes in with this: “….This leaves an incredibly bitter taste in my mouth that will stick with me through the next election.” OUCH! uh oh, it looks like this denny rehberg smolder might just be a full blown 4 alarm fire by this november from the tone of these […]

by problembear private health insurers have had it pretty cushy in this country. they can pretty much do whatever they want to you; deny coverage, drop you from their insurance on a whim, deny payments for procedures, disapprove, obfuscate and delay treatment which your doctor ordered and you can’t sue them for punitive damages thanks […]


The Tribune’s profile of Jon Tester is a worthy read. Zoinks! He’s doing what he promised! (Matt chimes in, emphasizing how accessible he is to Montanans…) Montanans and other small-town Americans shoulder a disproportionate burden of the war. Kemmick to plunge into the bowels of state government. Hopefully he’ll sniff out some good stories before […]


Courtney Lowery crunches the numbers…and concludes rural Montana carried the day for Tester. John Adams crunches the numbers…and concludes Missoula carried the day for Tester. NPR interviews JT. Jon promises to do what’s best for Montana and stand up to the Democratic leadership, if need be. Nice interview. Kos and the WSJ take a look […]


Local bloggers post about the “terrible trio” of extremist initiatives. Matt Singer writes about Montanans in Action’s attempt to mislead voters; Shane Mason presents a “fact sheet” on the “Stop Overspending” bill, CI-97; and our local Liberal Whacko chimes in on all three initiatives. Why is Conrad Burns ashamed of our troop presence in Iraq? […]


Matt Singer on the frenzied rush of panic-stricken Republicans. A college instructor examines the nation’s economic situation and gets panicky. And the Fed apparently wants our real wages to continually drop. Ugh. Military shortfalls are letting neo-Nazis and skinheads enlist, despite a Pentagon ban on racist hate groups. Again, conservatives can’t govern. We’ve seen it […]

Yesterday I framed the SWIFT story around a single question: who should have the power to decide what’s printed in a newspaper, the publisher or the government? Of course, what I didn’t mention are the various laws that hedge newspapers. A paper can’t print libel, for example. There are also laws governing national security, too. […]


Christy Hardin Smith agrees with me about Congress’ standoff against the President. It seems like they’re finally getting it. Digby chimes in. Congress acts against unwarranted eavesdropping! Specter and Feinstein submit a bill that bars using any federal funds for NSA activity that doesn’t comply with FISA! Congress avoids a showdown with the administration…but if […]

Friday, Montana’s Board of Education decided to require anti-bullying policies in all of the state’s school districts. As the Missoulian notes, the policy is needed largely as protection from liability if a student is injured or inflicts injuries as a result of bullying. Make a state policy to forbid bullying a no-brainer, right? Who would […]

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