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by William Skink Before our eager MT legislators champion a bipartisan push to deregulate taxi service in Montana for Uber, they might want to read about the Uber battle in Madison, WI. Here is a good description of the exploitive business model Uber and Lyft have taken advantage of. The municipalities fighting back are facing […]

by jhwygirl Americans for Prosperity got some national attention on their “Drill Baby Drill” tour, but not exactly the kind that they probably wanted. MSNBC has Billings NBC station KULR’s report– with video – of Koch Industries-funded “Running on Empty” tour as it made its stop in Billings Montana championing maintaining tax subsidies and eliminating […]

by jhwygirl Does the oil industry know how much she wants to cut their record-making profits? $2 gasoline? How does she plan on doing this? Bowing publicly with press in tow to kiss the feet of every oil sheik in the Middle East? Praying to God? Or did he already tell her he’d give her […]

by jhwygirl Well, since yesterday’s post on Koch Industries-funded Americans for Prosperity’s “Running on Empty” Tour coming to Missoula without a location, they’ve since announced they’ll be at Bonner Park. I’m sure we can thank AFP’s Montana state director Scott Sales for finally getting that critical piece of information up for this very popular Tea […]

by jhwygirl Koch Industries-funded Americans For Prosperity’s Running on Empty Tour is coming to town, and they’re clearly afraid of Missoula. They’re so afraid of the liberals here in this little ol’ university town of Missoula Montana that they’ve removed Karl Tyler Chevrolet from its event’s calendar for the tour, replacing it with “TBD”. Missoula […]

by lizard A few posts back Steve Kelley offered a link to this Global Research article about the Bank of International Settlements. A few posts before that I had mentioned the BIS when Turner asked this: This may strike some as a naïve request for information, but I’m making it anyway. I’d like those who […]

By JC I realize I was a little snarky with my comments yesterday about the U.S. – Chinese deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Maybe it is my inherent distrust of “gentlemanly handshake” agreements between two of the worlds’ three leaders-in-contest for world hegemony. Maybe it was because our own ex-Senator Max Baucus has been eerily […]

by lizard Was John Walsh the victim of a mean and unfair media attack, the kind of attack that is never directed in the same proportion against Republicans? Don Pogreba’s Few Last Thoughts on Walsh’s political implosion has a comment thread with an interesting smattering of wailing against the media. For the best diatribe, here’s Pete […]

by lizard There is a water crisis, accompanied by an appeal to the UN, that one would normally expect to see in a developing country in Latin America or Africa. But this is Detroit: When the United Nations reaches out to resolve a water or sanitation crisis, it is largely across urban slums and remote […]

by lizard Local poet Mark Gibbons turned me on to a little jagged piece of the Missoula literary scene that flashed from 1974-1977, called Montana Gothic. This short-lived publication of poetry, literature and graphics (edited by Peter Rutledge Koch) is now available in a complete edition. For more information, you can check out Not […]

by lizard I’ve been on vacation for the last 6 days, and tomorrow will be flying back to the “game changing” Lolo fire complex. I didn’t have any internet connectivity with my phone for some reason, which annoyed me at first, but it was actually a blessing to not have twitter and comment notification at […]

by JC This will be a very long post. I would break it up into manageable chunks, but I fear that having to defend my writings from entrenched stalwarts of the status quo in the democratic party would sidetrack this post. There is an intersection of events and ideas that together lead to a much […]

by lizard Last month, Joe Klein reported on McChrystal’s New Mission: General Stan McChrystal made an important statement in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. He announced an ambitious new plan for serious national service. The plan—the Franklin Project—was hatched under aegis of the Aspen Institute and it’s about the best I’ve seen in many years […]

by lizard At the annual Mansfield-Metcalf dinner, Montana Democrats got to bask in the post-victory glow of Obama’s campaign guru, Jim Messina. And what did Montana Democrats learn from the boy-faced architect of Obama’s electoral success? Technology was one of the things that made a difference: Another major takeaway from the campaign, Messina said, was […]

President Zoloft?

by lizard Way to go, President Obama. Last night, your supporters across the country got to see the passion that those in Wisconsin saw when it came to their fight against the Koch-funded assault against organized labor: nada. The MSNBC lineup went apoplectic after the debate. Why didn’t Obama use the firepower of the 47% […]

by lizard I’m still a mostly ignorant newbie when it comes to understanding Montana politics, especially Montana Democrats. I have no clue what really goes on in Helena, and what little I know (outside of what traditional media reports) comes from a handful of blogs, so there’s that. Take, for example, a recent post from […]

by Pete Talbot “I shouldn’t say this …” Conrad Burns said. It was the only accurate statement he made all day. He then went on to insult Indians, Wall Street occupiers and the President. He was talking to a small tea party crowd in Billings, an event organized by Americans for Prosperity and underwritten by […]

By JC I’m not one wont to beat up on Denny Rehberg (I usually leave that up to others, but I hadn’t seen a report on this yet), except when he does really stupid  things like go on drunk rampages in boats across lakes, call Pell Grants welfare, and now, he wants to steal kids’ […]

  “When the history is finally written, though, it’s likely all of this tumult – beginning with the Arab Spring – will be remembered as the opening salvo in a wave of negotiations over the dissolution of the American Empire. — Dave Graeber in The Guardian By JC One has to look overseas to get […]

  “Corporations are not human beings and do not have the same rights as human beings” — Cynthia Wolken, Missoula City Councilwoman By JC Hot on the heals of the “Running on Empty” corporate push to consolidate power in the states, Missoula’s newest Councilwoman, Cynthia Wolken, has introduced a Resolution in Missoula City Council to […]

by problembear they’re running on empty alright. (with truth that is). the koch brothers sponsored tour is slithering its way to montana.  they call it the running on empty tour and it is being brought to you by the same bunch of crackpots that created the tea party. the koch brothers started americans for prosperity […]

by jhwygirl Progressives delivered another take-down movement in Wisconsin yesterday with the first elections geared towards gaining a Democratic control of the Wisconsin legislature. The Democratic primary held yesterday saw 6 “fake” Democrats defeated in 6 senate primary recall elections. An important factoid there is that Wisconsin has open primaries. Koch Industries funded Wisconsin Republicans […]

by jhwygirl Seems everyone is getting on the bandwagon of revenue increases these days – you’ll recall the Senate recently voted to kill ethanol subsidies (we’ll see where the tough-talking House goes with that one…), then GOP leaders in the Senate started talking publicly of revenue increases. Is that pure BS talk? Certainly some say […]

Their Plan

by lizard Robert Reich has articulated a compelling breakdown of the Republican plan to use their tea-party trojan horse victory last November to make a three-pronged attack on Americans. The whole piece is below the fold, and it’s a must read. But I think the concluding question Reich leaves the reader with is key, and […]

by Pete Talbot Since the Heritage Foundation isn’t conservative enough, Libertarians have established dozens of their own “think tanks.” I discovered this after Googling the Independence Institute, Rob Natelson’s new home. The UM professor is leaving the law school, where he taught constitutional law, for this Libertarian think tank in Colorado. Natelson ran for Montana […]

by JC Via the Billings Gazette, details about Obama’s Montana trip are clearing up: President Barack Obama will be holding a “town hall” meeting in Bozeman Friday to discuss his proposed health-insurance reforms, and the general public can attend by getting tickets, likely through some type of lottery system, White House officials confirmed this morning. […]

by Jay Stevens  One of the main issues behind the sweeping Democratic victories this past election was voter antipathy for Congressional excess when it came to milling with, and raising money from, lobbyists. Jack Abramoff, anyone? There were a lot of promises made about ethics and lobbyists and reform. Only it looks like those promises […]

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