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by jhwygirl It isn’t like I didn’t know this was coming, but I was sickened by the front page headline on the Great Falls Tribune this morning: I won’t rehash the sordid mess, but I will say that with adequate media coverage of this matter, the effect it would have on the next legislature would […]

by jhwygirl That’s really what they’re saying when they they send a letter to the Land Board telling them to support leasing the Otter Creek tracts. As Wally McRae, a rancher who will be on the receiving end of such eminent domain condemnation proceedings has said: “If you vote in favor of leasing the Otter […]

by lizard After the ridiculous photo-op comprised of hypocrites and state-funded western terrorists (but absent high-level U.S. representation) it seems the solidarity quickly evaporated. Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, joined the crazed conspiracy theorists with a stunning outburst: It was less than 48 hours ago when Turkey’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, joined millions marching in […]

by lizard I think reclaiming Missoula’s water system through condemnation proceedings is one of the more critical issues facing our fair town. I am in full support of Engen’s efforts to rectify a botched deal with that devious financial entity—the Carlyle Group—an entity no one should have trusted in the first place. Shoulda/woulda/coulda won’t get […]

by lizard While Israel was doing this: The UN has been dragged unwillingly into the war between Israel and Hamas after six of its schools were hit in two weeks and weapons caches found in three, violating the organisation’s neutrality. The attacks on UN schools sheltering people fleeing bombardment have reverberated around the world, with […]

by lizard Flight MH 17 appears to have been shot out of the sky over Eastern Ukraine today, killing 295 people. The speculation is rampant. If you’re into early speculation on what happened, I suggest sifting through this comment thread at Moon of Alabama. Another post worth considering is this one from Zerohedge, asking why […]

by lizard Pigeon spikes are designed to keep bothersome pigeons from comfortably perching on ledges and other surfaces. Homeless spikes are designed to keep bothersome homeless human beings from sleeping on the ground. Here’s more from The Guardian: Metal studs have been installed outside a block of flats in central London to deter rough sleepers. […]

by lizard What does a Montana legislator’s alleged attack on his 4 year old daughter and estranged wife have in common with the alleged plans of Turkey to use a false flag attack to justify retaliation against Syria? Answer: the media’s power to omit. Before jumping on the bandwagon of condemnation against the Billings Gazette […]

by lizard Missoula’s city council voted 10-2 last night to give Mayor Engen the authority to enter into negotiations with the Carlyle Group for the opportunity to purchase what should never have been sold in the first place—our water. I am cautiously optimistic the Mayor can pull it off. Dick Haines and Adam Hertz were […]

by lizard It’s hard to pay attention to foreign policy with summer heat and a royal baby getting birthed, but there are two jail breaks that may be important to note. The first jail break happened earlier this week in Iraq, freeing hundreds of prisoners: The Justice Ministry reported Tuesday that 260 prisoners had escaped […]

by lizard The broad, persistent push for equal rights for the LGBT community has been immensely successful. Some of the most significant successes have come from the courageous actions of gay men and women who serve in the military, men like Dan Choi. In the last 24 hours another courageous gay man who served in […]

by jhwygirl Sen. Debby Barrett’s bill to repeal last session’s eminent domain debacle had it’s hearing in Senate Energy and Telecommunications yesterday. A roomful of people, with overflow out into the hall, testified overwhelmingly in support of SB180 Northwestern Energy’s attorney Mr. Fitzpatrick spent a significant amount of time – after great theatrical preparation for […]

by lizard People have written complicated pieces trying to prove it’s not over, but if ever I saw a dead movement, it is surely Occupy. —Alexander Cockburn What appears to have set Mr. Cranky Pants on the path toward declaring a movement less than a year old “dead” is evident by the title of his […]

by jhwygirl This is rich, all things considered. Here in Montana we’ve got two Canadian companies working on condemnation of private property (via the gift of Governor Schweitzer and this past legislative session’s HB198) for their Canadian-incorporated tar sands pipeline and the MATL transmission lines. And in New York City there’s Canadian company Brookfield Properties, […]

by jhwygirl Oh, the places I could go with that…. The Missoulian has an Associated Press story reporting that Governor Brian Schweitzer is heading to China to tout Montana wheat, beer, tourism and coal. That’s a good thing, and hopefully the Governor does well. Montana has its own special draw, and hopefully he’s taking a […]

by jhwygirl This is a press release from the Northern Plains Resource Council and the Northern Plains Pipeline Landowners Group regarding today’s Senate 2nd reading vote on HB198, the 62nd Legislature’s eminent domain bill. Northern Plains Resource Council, a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group since 1972, strongly condemned actions by the Montana State Senate […]

by jhwygirl The Senate Energy & Telecommunications tied 6-6 today in committee on HB198, and then subsequently voted to table the bill, effectively killing it. Senate Legislative Rules allow for the committee to reconsider its votes providing the committee has not yet reported to the Secretary of the Senate. Which is the likely explanation for […]

by jhwygirl Once again, Montana is at a crossroads of importance with regards to the amount of power our legislators will hand to a private company for private gain. Oddly, you’d think that the concept of handing over condemnation rights for the private property of Montana citizens to a private corporations wouldn’t fly in a […]

by jhwygirl Eminent domain has been something that our Governor Brian Schweitzer wants addressed. What he and a whole bunch of others in both the legislature and in Canada and elsewhere want is for the Montana-Alberta Tie Limited (MATL) to be able to build its line where they want to build it. Meaning that Canadian […]

by jhwygirl Odd, no? Great Falls Tribune reported yesterday on a ruling by District Judge Laurie McKinnon which found that private corporations do not have the power of eminent domain. You’d think freedom-loving pro-property right’s Montanans would be out banging pots and clanging lids but instead? Thud. You’d think the Chamber of Commerce and every […]

by jhwygirl That’s what many said to the State Land Board (and to 3 of its 5 members, Governor Schweitzer, Secretary of State Linda McDulloch and Auditor Monica Lindeen) before then went ahead anyway and approved the Otter Creek coal leases. Not before – let’s not forget – a poorly orchestrated show between Governor Schweitzer […]

by jhwygirl Inquiring minds are wondering. Tomorrow’s Land Board meeting may provide the answer, as the state’s executive branch (Gov. Schweitzer, Sec. of State Linda McCulloch, Attorney General Steve Bullock, State Auditor Monica Lindeen and Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau) consider whether to lower the minimum bid for the Otter Creek coal tracts. Most […]

by jhwygirl Left in the West’s Yellowstone Kelly has a post up predicting tomorrow’s state Land Board decision regarding the leasing of the Otter Creek coal leases in eastern Montana. I won’t be so bold as to make a prediction – and even if I were, it wouldn’t be the 4-1 supposition that Yellowstone Kelly […]

by jhwygirl This comes to me via a reader from Bozeman. I’ve edited it slightly for posting. The Billings Gazette reports on the Otter Creek coal tracts and the decision to be made Monday by the State Land Board. Letters sent via email are needed NOW to stop the giveaway of state resources to out-of-state […]

by Jay Stevens As you’ve probably no doubt seen, there’s video of the Mike Lange outburst! What struck me about watching it – and what wasn’t evident from the original reports on Lange’s rant – was that the profanity came in the midst of a speech on the “honor,” “integrity,” and “dignity” of the House […]

by Jay Stevens There was a recent spate of talk about a post by tech blogger Kathy Sierra, which revealed the death threats she’s received on her blog and her feelings dealing with them. Unfortunately, such virtual cruelty is common in the ‘sphere – h*ll, I’ve received a few myself. Sierra’s threats were meet with […]

by Jay Stevens The big issue swirling around campus is the University student government – ASUM – has banned the Pickle Barrel from using Griz cards to pay for meals over an incident where a Saudi exchange student was denied service at the store. The store manager, Ryan Dutton, claimed he had gotten into a […]

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