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by jhwygirl Now that summer is on the downhill side (sorry), thoughts turn to elections for many. This years election in the House and Senate gives many choices, but what is important to remember is that many serious and important issues face citizens in Montana. Legislative sessions are tumultuous, the last two all the more […]

by jhwygirl Haven’t met Willis Curdy yet? Curdy came late to the HD100 race in 2008….and this time around, given his hard work last time, along with his very impressive resume, he’s clearly the winning candidate. We liked Curdy before, we like him even more now. Curdy is a 4th generation Montana, small business owner, […]

by jhwygirl Gary Brown, Democratic primary winner of HD-100’s race has made the tough decision to withdraw his candidacy due to health concerns. He and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. As Pete noted in his most recent post, the Missoula County Democrats Central Committee will be meeting next Tuesday, August 12th (7:00 […]

by jhwygirl I guess this would be an official endorsement, folks. I think E. Willis Curdy is the best candidate to oust Bill Nooney (who doesn’t even live in HD-100) from his seat as representative for HD-100. Curdy is also the best person to bring some logic back to the state house, with his 30 […]

by lizard (original art by Michael McCurdy) Of the dozen books I brought home from my trip to Kansas City, the one I’ve been picking up the most is Edward Abbey’s Earth Apples (edited by David Petersen). The reason, of course, is because the continuing noise/flash-point of the little EF protest (rife with littering, strong […]

by Pete Talbot I was hoping the pundits and polls were wrong, but they weren’t. What is even more depressing is that Montana followed the national trend of moving to the right. In some cases, moving to the far right. Let’s start with the PSC races. The Republicans now have a majority on the commission […]

by jhwygirl …but are they all from the GOP? I wrote a post the other day about HD63 GOP challenger Tom Burnett making robo calls in the Bozeman area. Thing is, not only are the calls automated and recorded, they’re recorded by Tom Burnett. Pogo Possum had a comment in that post that suggested Bryce […]

by Pete Talbot Filing deadline isn’t until March 15 at 5 p.m. but there are already some interesting developments in Missoula area races. First, a little flip-flop. Democratic Rep. Teresa Henry has filed for termed-out Democratic Sen. Carolyn Squires’ seat (SD 48). And Ms. Squires has filed for Ms. Henry’s house seat (HD 96). Teresa […]

by Pete Talbot Dear President-elect Obama, I’m sorry we couldn’t deliver our three electoral votes to you. You worked hard for them. You visited the state and talked western policy. You set up offices and hired staff and had the best ground game I’ve ever seen. John McCain never set foot in Montana. You came […]

by jhwygirl Provisional ballots in HD-100’s race – Bill Nooney v Democrat Willis Curdy could bring the final count in that race (currently 2195 Nooney – 2162 Curdy) into Curdy’s favor. 868 provisional ballots, to be counted on Monday, may hold those votes. In Laurel, HD-59 “Doc” Woerner is down by 22 votes to Krayton […]

by jhwygirl 3:23 p.m. Wednesday: That’s it, numbers in. That two last holdouts in the races below – Secretary of State McCulloch and State Representative JP Pomnichowski – pulled through, both with decent room to spare It looks like Gallatin County appears to be the hold-outs tonight – Flathead and Yellowstone are both done […]

by Pete Talbot (This will be the final ‘Political doings’ installment before the big, big election tomorrow Tuesday. Hooray and Vote!) Amy’s song This YouTube video is a song by local musician Amy Martin with most of the images coming from Missoula and a few from San Francisco. Watch, listen and enjoy: Nice job, Amy. […]

by jhwygirl Obama supporters will be gathering at around 3:15 on Wednesday to head on over to the Missoula County Courthouse (at 3:45 p.m.) to cast their votes for the upcoming presidential election, returning back to Obama campaign headquarters for an hour or so of calls, before heading on over to the Press Box at […]

by Pete Talbot Contributors at 4&20, and a few other Montana political blogs, try to maintain some semblance of objectivity — either in the posts themselves or in the comments section. I believe allowing the opposition the opportunity to weigh in goes a long way toward site legitimacy and civil discourse. Otherwise, blogs are just […]

by Pete Talbot Gov. Schweitzer: crazy like a fox? At first I was shocked to see the Good Gov telling the NRA-loving gun crowd to vote for Libertarian Bob Barr in the presidential election. Has Schweitzer lost his marbles? But strategically, I guess it makes sense. If one assumes that the folks who make gun […]

by Pete Talbot Jhwygirl broke the story first but here’s some more information on Gary Brown’s resignation from the HD 100 race. From the Missoula County Democrats: “Due to a very unfortunate circumstance, we will be selecting a new candidate to run for the legislature in House District 100. Candidate Gary Brown has been diagnosed […]

by jhwygirl An email from a reliable friend tells me that Gary Brown, opponent to Bill Nooney in House District 100, has withdrawn due to medical issues. I certainly wish the best to Gary and his family. Health should be foremost. This means E. Willis Curdy will likely pick up the challenge. Curdy was Brown’s […]

by Pete Talbot Here’s a new election strategy: don’t campaign. It worked for John Driscoll, who raised no money and did no campaigning and beat odds-on favorite Jim Hunt in the Democratic primary for the U.S. House. Then there’s the Bob Kelleher win in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Granted, Kelleher did some campaigning […]

Here are the latest numbers from Missoula County, with about 90% reporting: Obama 16,035 Clinton 7,949 Schweitzer/Bohlinger 21,683 Pogreba/Neifer 926 545 Fisher/White 545 926 Jim Hunt 7,028 Robert Candee 1,021 John Driscoll 7,365 Mike Wheat 8,124 Steve Bullock 8,574 John Parker 2,69 Denise Juneau 7,835 Holly Raser 7,786 Claudette Morton 1,515 Sam Kitzenberg 2,298 Dennis […]

by Pete Talbot The polls close in South Dakota at 7 p.m. (that’s 6 p.m. Montana time). Our polls stay open until 8 p.m. Montana has the final word in this country’s presidential primary election season. Montana is rivaled only by Iowa and New Hampshire in the number of visits by presidential candidates and their […]

by Bill Vaughn Bill Vaughn is a contributing editor to Outside Magazine, and has written articles for a number of national publications including Men’s Journal, Ski, and Salon. He has graciously allowed me to repost some of his political thoughts, including those on Rep. Bill Nooney. Nooney, a Republican, represents the Grass Valley/Mullan Road area […]

by Pete Talbot (CLARIFICATION: The Miles City event on July 25 is the platform convention.  The delegate selection convention is on Sunday, June 8 in Helena.) This summer, Montana Democrats will be holding their convention in Miles City. The Republican’s convention is here in Missoula. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Now, I appreciate […]

by Pete Talbot It takes a professional writer with some personal experience with Bill Nooney to really do justice to the representative from H.D. 100. Bill Vaughn over at Dark Acres gives an excellent synopsis of Nooney’s infamous first term in the Montana House of Representatives. My only complaint with the piece is this line: […]

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