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by jhwygirl Sen. Debby Barrett’s bill to repeal last session’s eminent domain debacle had it’s hearing in Senate Energy and Telecommunications yesterday. A roomful of people, with overflow out into the hall, testified overwhelmingly in support of SB180 Northwestern Energy’s attorney Mr. Fitzpatrick spent a significant amount of time – after great theatrical preparation for […]

by jhwygirl What could get me wanting to try and throw out a few words? A bill seeking to repeal last session’s eminent domain debacle, HB198. I won’t go into the past gory details on the 2011 eminent domain bill – you can click that link above for that – what I will do is […]

by Pete Talbot So utility companies can claim eminent domain over private property but citizens (i.e.: our local government) can’t claim eminent domain over utilities. I’m talking about our water.  The stuff we drink, cook with, bath in and use to water our gardens. This is a screwy deal.  Missoula’s privately-owned Mountain Water Company can […]

by jhwygirl Got a press release from Northern Plains Resource Council yesterday announcing Forest Mars, Jr.’s buy-in to the Tongue River railroad, which is needed to transport the dirty filthy coal of Otter Creek from Montana to China. Later, I went and read my favorite supermontanareporter John S. Adams’ blog MT Lowdown and found a […]

by jhwygirl HB198, the eminent domain bill, is ugly folks. Governor Schweitzer knows it, having promised the day a majority in the Senate was fooled (having been heavily lobbied by not only NWE and Tonbridge, but by the Governor’s office) into voting for the thing. This is a bill that was pushed through the legislature […]

by jhwygirl HB198 was transmitted to Governor Schweitzer last Friday, April 29th. In his hands sits a bill that he knows is bad. Schweitzer is, in fact, quite the hypocrite when it comes to this eminent domain bill. He lobbied heavily for this bill, from the opening of the session when he called this eminent […]

by jhwygirl Started to write this post, but it appears there is a motion to reconsider on the House floor and now they’ve gone to recess. Time will tell whether they (and the citizens of Montana) got played…but it more than a few of them are wanting to correct the current deplorable situation. Update Well, […]

by jhwygirl The Senate Energy & Telecommunications tied 6-6 today in committee on HB198, and then subsequently voted to table the bill, effectively killing it. Senate Legislative Rules allow for the committee to reconsider its votes providing the committee has not yet reported to the Secretary of the Senate. Which is the likely explanation for […]

by jhwygirl Once again, Montana is at a crossroads of importance with regards to the amount of power our legislators will hand to a private company for private gain. Oddly, you’d think that the concept of handing over condemnation rights for the private property of Montana citizens to a private corporations wouldn’t fly in a […]

by jhwygirl Eminent domain has been something that our Governor Brian Schweitzer wants addressed. What he and a whole bunch of others in both the legislature and in Canada and elsewhere want is for the Montana-Alberta Tie Limited (MATL) to be able to build its line where they want to build it. Meaning that Canadian […]

by jhwygirl Travis over at Electric City Weblog wrote up a nice piece on the recent court case surrounding the MATL transmission line, the law, and his musings on the issue. Recommended.

by jhwygirl Dan Brooks has an opinion piece in the Missoula Independent asking “Why is the city giving up public parking spaces to a private biz?” Good question. And boy has this been a little pet-peeve of mine, given I live in dead-end, abandoned streets and alley neighborhood hell. Something, incidentally, many government agencies consider […]

by William Skink Well, this may be my last post. When the clock strikes midnight tonight our defenses against the terrorists will sunset, and who knows what tomorrow may bring. If you are reading this during the daylight hours of June, 2015, then you haven’t already succumbed to the onslaught. Good. I imagine a movie […]

by William Skink If this sounds like a set-up for a Mad Men episode, don’t blame the Missoulian. The paper exists solely for passing cash up to the bosses, and it’s not in the interest of the Lee overlords to report on how it’s toxic work environment has bred defectors jumping ship with alleged proprietary […]

by lizard The short-sighted pandering required of Montana Democrats to extractive industry is understandable. It’s the pragmatic thing to do if you want a chance at winning a trip to the big trough in DC where the piggies feed. I do marvel, though, how one who claims to not support the Keystone pipeline describes why […]

by lizard I Want to Believe, by Jarrod Shanahan, is a brilliant essay on the intersection between capitalism and the trappings of conspiracy culture. I’m not too familiar with The New Inquiry, but I give them credit for being willing to engage this topic. The essay is in two parts. You’ll have to click the […]

by jhwygirl Lots of people have been asking me – today alone I had 3 people ask me about their ballots. There are only a handful of votes I’m certain about, and for Montana’s next U.S. Representative, Bozeman’s Franke Wilmer is my choice, hand’s down, as the best person to represent Montana’s interests in Washington […]

by jhwygirl But shhhh…no one’s supposed to know. He has a plan. Out on the far right of the state (can’t get any further west Senate District 7) Greg Hinkle – a favorite around these parts for years – has decided that he’s not going to run for a second term. Even though Hinkle won […]

by jhwygirl This is rich, all things considered. Here in Montana we’ve got two Canadian companies working on condemnation of private property (via the gift of Governor Schweitzer and this past legislative session’s HB198) for their Canadian-incorporated tar sands pipeline and the MATL transmission lines. And in New York City there’s Canadian company Brookfield Properties, […]

by jhwygirl Don Brown in a landowner near Fort Peck who will be directly affected by the proposed KeystoneXL pipeline. He’s been a vocal opponent to the Keystone XL pipeline since early on. He’s criticized Max Baucus’s attempts at circumventing legal process for the pipeline, and more recently, he signed a letter to Secretary of […]

by jhwygirl Let me clarify that I mean Missoulians and Bozemanites are slacking, but not for lack of signature gatherers. People – you need to stop and sign these petitions (the eminent domain one too) when you see them! Just about every b’birder here took the legislature to task on SB423 this past session – […]

by jhwygirl It isn’t like I didn’t know this was coming, but I was sickened by the front page headline on the Great Falls Tribune this morning: I won’t rehash the sordid mess, but I will say that with adequate media coverage of this matter, the effect it would have on the next legislature would […]

by jhwygirl Word is that Sen. Jeff Essmann is preparing to add his name to the pile – and I do mean pile – of Montana Republicans seeking to the GOP gubernatorial nomination. His soon-to-be entry brings the number of candidates on the GOP side up to a 6-count: Rick Hill (who will quickly reduced […]

by jhwygirl HB198 was passed on third reading this morning in the Senate. I won’t rehash the ugly mess of this bill that will enable private major facility businesses to take private property for private gain – you can just put HB198 into the search there on the right for that background. That being said, […]

by jhwygirl Proponents of HB198, the 62nd Legislature’s eminent domain bill, repeatedly admitted during debate on the Senate floor this afternoon (after a successful morning “blast” of the bill to get it to 2nd reading) that this bill was written and moved through the legislature to solve one issue, and one issue only – the […]

by jhwygirl This is a press release from the Northern Plains Resource Council and the Northern Plains Pipeline Landowners Group regarding today’s Senate 2nd reading vote on HB198, the 62nd Legislature’s eminent domain bill. Northern Plains Resource Council, a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group since 1972, strongly condemned actions by the Montana State Senate […]

by Pete Talbot (The Montana lefty blogosphere has been cranking out some great stuff, IMHO, on state and national budgets, and on eminent domain; and offering up some honest critiques of Montana Legislators and U.S. Senators and Congressmen on both sides of the aisle, to name but a few of the worthy posts of late. […]

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