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by jhwygirl Since when did Renee Mitchell ever give a ^#&* whether a developer was going to be able to “stay afloat”? Good lord, the false trolling that woman will go through trying to scare up a big green ugly monster on something like a $5,000,000 grant to a developer who is going to rehab […]

by jhwygirl I expect negative stuff from this crew during an election, but John Hendrickson has sunk to new lows with a radio spot done in such a way that most listeners would be left to believe Mayor John Engen has endorsed the guy. The Missoula Independent’s Skylar Browning was first on the story, in […]

by jhwygirl No surprises here – Jerry Ballas is once again attempting to throw a wrench into the already-approved-back-in-2005 Hill/Beckwith/Higgins traffic circle – so discussion will once again move two steps backwards regarding final authorization for construction of the traffic circle. Ballas voted against it the first time around (back in 2005), and even attempted, […]

by lizard Thanks to Netflix, I’ve had a crash course in the dystopian narratives that have dominated the American cultural landscape for the last 5 years. It started with Breaking Bad. From there, I moved on to The Walking Dead, House of Cards, and now Sons of Anarchy. The popularity of these serial narratives suggests […]

by lizard The last Missoula City Council meeting of 2013 was a 5 hour marathon that, were I carrying a gun, I may have been tempted to shoot myself in the head to end the misery. What happened? Well, some very important things, like the passage of an urgency ordinance regarding sandwich board signs. Businesses, […]

by lizard Missoula’s city council voted 10-2 last night to give Mayor Engen the authority to enter into negotiations with the Carlyle Group for the opportunity to purchase what should never have been sold in the first place—our water. I am cautiously optimistic the Mayor can pull it off. Dick Haines and Adam Hertz were […]

by jhwygirl In what is either another misguided attempt or act of malfeasance in search of affordable housing, Missoula City Council approved Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) for all residential zones. I’ve written once about this ADU proposal. My main objection is the negative impact it is going to have on affordable housing. Other issues are […]

by jhwygirl There is a bill geared at denying equality to certain people in Montana that will be heard in legislative committee today. It applies retroactively in an effort to quash Missoula and Bozeman’s equality ordinances which extended protections to gays, lesbians and transgendered persons (Bozeman’s not being as far reaching). There was also some […]

Missoula Moth

By Duganz Last night on Twitter I asked if anyone would want to recreate The Moth here in Missoula. I figured I’d get two or three replies, mostly just people asking what I was talking about. But actually the response has been overwhelmingly good. So far City Council badass Stacey Rye has signed on, as […]

by Pete Talbot (Consider this an open thread.) Lots of folks bandying around that nasty “s” word these days. For example, according to Ward 5 Councilman Dick Haines, an updated historic preservation ordinance ” … has the unmistakable stench of socialism to me.” Jay writes over at LiTW that the current RNC motto, written by […]

by Pete Talbot Congratulations to Roy Houseman, who defeated incumbent John Hendrickson by 162 votes in the Ward 2 race. Condolences to Mike O’Herron, who almost took out incumbent Dick Haines in Ward 5: 1,398 – 1,328. And with all the other Missoula Democratic Party-endorsed incumbents winning their seats, it looks like President Barack Obama […]

by jhwygirl Ward 5 candidate Mike O’Herron scored a major endorsement with former Republican county commissioner Barbara Evans and community activist and past president of the Upper Linda Vista Homeowners Association Charlie Brown telling voters to vote O’Herron: As Miller Creek residents, we need a representative from Ward 5 who has common sense, works with […]

by jhwygirl Good Fantastic news this afternoon for pro zoning reform in the City of Missoula. Judge Sherlock has released his 9 page opinion which denies Lawsuiters Dick Haines & Renee Mitchell (Councilpersons for Ward 5) and Ward 4’s Lyn Hellegaard their Writ of Mandate, seeking the city to comply with public noticing requirements. At […]

by jhwygirl We have a fancy-schmancy statistics page that tells us (it isn’t too scientific or anything) who is reading what, where they’re linking in here from, and what they are searching on search engines to get to 4&20’s stuff. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or anything, but “satan” has been running pretty […]

by jhwygirl I had this article cued up to write about and lost it in a computer fart…then a friend sends it to me. “You must read,” she says. Funny how that works. Consider this the Jerry Seinfeld/Bizarro World version of yesterday’s post. My favorite part of this one? Everybody talks about fascism nowadays, not […]

by jhwygirl Yesterdays very good Missoulian story from reporter Keila Spzaller contained lots of interesting quotes from political observers and lawyers and stuff like that. Good read, if you haven’t hit it already. What I found funny was this quote from one of Ward 5’s Lawsuiters, Dick Haines (Ward 5’s other Lawsuiter is Renee Mitchell). […]

by jhwygirl And so it appears that is exactly what the lawsuiters are thinking with this past Monday’s op-ed in the Missoulian, what with the first paragraph: A June 18 guest column contains inadequacies we would like to address. None of the signors of the June 16 guest column ever said to scrap Title 20. […]

by jhwygirl Directly from the Missoula County Democrats website: Candidates for Missoula City Council will participate in a forum sponsored by Missoula County Democrats at the regularly scheduled July Central Committee meeting, taking place at 7pm in City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine St. All candidates for City Council have been invited to participate in […]

by jhwygirl Roy Houseman, Jr., 28, filed for Ward 2’s City Council seat today. He is challenging sitting councilman John Hendrickson. Ward 2 is a 3-way race, with Cynthia Wolken also having filed The name should be familiar to most – Houseman is President of United Steelworkers Local 885, the union shop for Smurfit-Stone. He’s […]

by jhwygirl Aww, what the hay, right? I’ll go live here when they start public comment. I expect this will be a long meeting, and probably with little council discussion with this meeting with regards to the zoning rewrite (unless they’re all willing to go home after midnight – if they’re luck!). That means most […]

by jhwygirl I must say I’ve been remiss in my normal scrutiny of city council’s doin’s – for some time now – but I did happen to catch the ‘comments from council’ portion of last Monday’s public hearing, and I was left wondering a couple of things… There were some comments criticizing the anonymous zoning […]

by jhwygirl Following a downright brutal Monday night city council meeting, and in what Keila Szpaller of the Missoulian called “a surprise move”, city council, approved a peer review of the Russell/3rd Street EIS during Wednesday’s Public Works committee. The EIS is currently out for review. The Russell/3rd Street EIS was produced by HKM Engineering. […]

by jhwygirl Live blogging city council here. Can’t resist, as they just started budge cuts. Hendrickson just made a motion – to place a hiring freeze on all vacancies. He didn’t even ask what the vacancies were. Brett Ramharter: Obviously, this isn’t something that could be resolved this evening. This would have to go back […]

by jhwygirl Three or four times since last Monday’s council meeting, I’ve given some thought to Councilman Ed Childer’s .02 cent gas tax proposal. The goal of Childers’ proposal was to put the .02 cent tax before the voters in a referendum vote. Surprising, even Dick Haines supported it. Pragmatism, I suppose – how else […]

by jhwygirl The Mayor’s Community Discussion of Housing meeting was held this past Thursday. City Council chambers were packed with a wide variety of members of the community with varying views – from Councilman Dick Haines and University curmudgeon Lee Clemensen to Andrea Davis of the Missoula Housing Authority and local developer Perry Ashby. It […]

by Jay Stevens The quote of the day: “Your brain quits absorbing knowledge when your rear end starts to hurt,” said Councilman Dick Haines. Slow news day, eh?

by jhwygirl Monday night’s pragmatic city council meeting brought us not only the vote which canned any discussion towards putting a $9 million tax levy on the next ballot – which, after I heard the discussion, I found myself in agreement – but also the unveiling of a mini-documentary on affordable housing by Mayor John […]

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