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by jhwygirl Conrad Burns?

by jhwygirl I expect negative stuff from this crew during an election, but John Hendrickson has sunk to new lows with a radio spot done in such a way that most listeners would be left to believe Mayor John Engen has endorsed the guy. The Missoula Independent’s Skylar Browning was first on the story, in […]

by jhwygirl We have a fancy-schmancy statistics page that tells us (it isn’t too scientific or anything) who is reading what, where they’re linking in here from, and what they are searching on search engines to get to 4&20’s stuff. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or anything, but “satan” has been running pretty […]

by jhwygirl Boy…where to go with this story, from Missoulian reporter Keila Szpaller. Ward 2 incumbent and candidate John Hendrickson apparently couldn’t make it to the city council meeting Monday night, but in his absence, he sent a letter, read by Lyn Hellegaard (who has a hard time attending committee meetings). Quite a complimentary pair, […]

by jhwygirl I must say I’ve been remiss in my normal scrutiny of city council’s doin’s – for some time now – but I did happen to catch the ‘comments from council’ portion of last Monday’s public hearing, and I was left wondering a couple of things… There were some comments criticizing the anonymous zoning […]

by Pete Talbot Over at Missoula Red Tape, Keila Szpaller hints that Missoula Councilman John Hendickson might make a run for mayor. Please, please let it be true. We’ve posted on Ward Two’s Councilor a few times here, here and here, for starters. I can’t think of a more divisive, thoughtless, regressive and downright mean-spirited […]

by Pete Talbot Jhwygirl is all over the city’s budget, particularly John Hendrickson’s (and the other “conservatives’”) proposed budget cuts. Since I’m getting close to “senior” status myself and know quite a few seniors, this one item caused some concern: … Eliminate the Missoula Urban Transportation District’s (MUTD) Senior bus line … I actually received […]

by jhwygirl Live blogging city council here. Can’t resist, as they just started budge cuts. Hendrickson just made a motion – to place a hiring freeze on all vacancies. He didn’t even ask what the vacancies were. Brett Ramharter: Obviously, this isn’t something that could be resolved this evening. This would have to go back […]

by jhwygirl Thought it might be fair to let everyone know exactly what were the sensible budget cuts that John Hendrickson and the “City Council conservatives” proposed – the ones that Missoulapolis spoke about today. Here it is, folks. As for the highlights, the “City Council conservatives” wanted to: >>Gut Parks & Rec by 13 […]

by jhwygirl No surprises here – Jerry Ballas is once again attempting to throw a wrench into the already-approved-back-in-2005 Hill/Beckwith/Higgins traffic circle – so discussion will once again move two steps backwards regarding final authorization for construction of the traffic circle. Ballas voted against it the first time around (back in 2005), and even attempted, […]

by jhwygirl Ward 2 Councilman John Hendrickson bit back at tonight city council meeting, attacking critics of his amendment (at July 2nd’s city council meeting) which removed the West Broadway corridor from the Northside/Westside Neighborhood Plan Update. The neighborhood plan, which underwent years of comment and input from community and public leaders, has cost Missoula […]

by Pete Talbot Congratulations to Roy Houseman, who defeated incumbent John Hendrickson by 162 votes in the Ward 2 race. Condolences to Mike O’Herron, who almost took out incumbent Dick Haines in Ward 5: 1,398 – 1,328. And with all the other Missoula Democratic Party-endorsed incumbents winning their seats, it looks like President Barack Obama […]

by jhwygirl I had this article cued up to write about and lost it in a computer fart…then a friend sends it to me. “You must read,” she says. Funny how that works. Consider this the Jerry Seinfeld/Bizarro World version of yesterday’s post. My favorite part of this one? Everybody talks about fascism nowadays, not […]

by jhwygirl And so it appears that is exactly what the lawsuiters are thinking with this past Monday’s op-ed in the Missoulian, what with the first paragraph: A June 18 guest column contains inadequacies we would like to address. None of the signors of the June 16 guest column ever said to scrap Title 20. […]

by jhwygirl Directly from the Missoula County Democrats website: Candidates for Missoula City Council will participate in a forum sponsored by Missoula County Democrats at the regularly scheduled July Central Committee meeting, taking place at 7pm in City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine St. All candidates for City Council have been invited to participate in […]

by jhwygirl Roy Houseman, Jr., 28, filed for Ward 2’s City Council seat today. He is challenging sitting councilman John Hendrickson. Ward 2 is a 3-way race, with Cynthia Wolken also having filed The name should be familiar to most – Houseman is President of United Steelworkers Local 885, the union shop for Smurfit-Stone. He’s […]

by jhwygirl Aww, what the hay, right? I’ll go live here when they start public comment. I expect this will be a long meeting, and probably with little council discussion with this meeting with regards to the zoning rewrite (unless they’re all willing to go home after midnight – if they’re luck!). That means most […]

by Pete Talbot As reported by the Missoulian’s Keila Szpaller, city council conservatives are all aflutter over a recent post on the list serve called MissoulaGov. The first thing to note is this is not an organ of Missoula’s city government but a private list serve created by Ward 3’s Bob Jaffe to keep citizens […]

by Rebecca Schmitz The Missoula City Council passed the urban chicken ordinance by a vote of eight to four last night. The usual suspects, Councilmen Reidy, Hendrickson, Wilkins and Nicholson, voted against it. Coincidentally, chicken supporter Mike Jakupcak penned an ode to our feathered friends based on…wait for it…‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. “The chickens […]

by Rebecca Schmitz Forget reindeer, eight tiny chickens will be leading Santa’s sleigh just in time for the holidays thanks to Missoula’s City Council: Missoula City Council’s Public Safety and Health committee Wednesday morning approved the urban chicken ordinance, including an amendment to require annual $15 permits, sending the contentious proposal to the Council floor for […]

by jhwygirl Good news out of the Administration & Finance Committee today – recommended for approval was a new transportation impact fee (at 50% of the consultant’s recommendation) and a parks impact fee that remains wholly intact. Meetings on the impact fees have been ongoing for nearly 6 months. At the heart of the matter […]

by jhwygirl Buried in the financial folly of the Performing Arts Center and the Hillview SID vote this past Monday – of which only ONE city councilperson was consistent in their fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers – Ward 3’s Stacy Rye – was a vote on the final authorization for construction and funding of the […]

by jhwygirl ….should prove for an interesting few hours and some healthy conversation on, among other things, taxes. Hillview SID will be before the full council, and you may recall that it didn’t fair so well in its last committee meeting with the SID being recommended for denial by a vote of 7 – 1, […]

by jhwygirl Big HUGE congratulations go out to Ward 1’s winner Jason Weiner. Jason takes a decisive win over Justin Armintrout, with over 64% of the vote! Jason will be a big supporter of the issues that are important to voters in Ward 1 – transportation and affordable housing. Welcome aboard Jason! In Ward 2 […]

by Rebecca Schmitz Sometimes we get so caught up in our own personal narrative of local politics, we forget to look past the obvious. For instance, in any discussion, liberal or conservative, certain members of City Council who vote together are seen as a solid entity. This is true whether it’s the “liberal-progressive” wing of […]

by jhwygirl It’s not like we didn’t notice him there in the GOP annual picnic photos Missoulapolis linked to in this post, back on September 12th. Seems like they’ve taken that photo out, though. Wonder how long it will be before his name is removed from her post – which, for posterity, currently says: We […]

by Pete Talbot Ward Three’s Bob Jaffe and his MissoulaGov website make my job a whole lot easier. Here’s his report from Missoula’s Public Safety Committee hearing this week: “Mr. Wilkins made a motion to kill the (chicken) ordinance right out of the gate. Committee Chair Don Nicholson refused to accept the motion since there […]

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