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by jhwygirl But shhhh…no one’s supposed to know. He has a plan. Out on the far right of the state (can’t get any further west Senate District 7) Greg Hinkle – a favorite around these parts for years – has decided that he’s not going to run for a second term. Even though Hinkle won […]

by jhwygirl Pogie is the Master. Read it here. I’m also flat-out saying this right now – I’ll be using that (R-Marbut) too. Poached. Brilliant.

by problembear mr hinkle wants to tell you how to die and he doesn’t want you to be able to ask your physician for assistance to do it. funny thing. turns out i am much more conservative than mr hinkle when it comes to personal privacy and personal liberties. i suggest mr hinkle butt out […]

by jhwygirl Sen. Greg Hinkle, who resides in Thompson Falls and represents state senate district 7, writes a column pretty regularly for The Clark Fork Chronicle. He’s one of those tea party types who hates government, but is more than happy to run for office and collect his senator’s pay and per diem that they […]

by jhwygirl Nothing. So, when is negative campaigning not negative campaigning? When it’s the truth. Republican candidate Greg Hinkle, during a candidate forum held in May, said: I signed a taxpayer pledge not to vote for any increase in taxes, period, unless they’re revenue-neutral. So having said that, I will not vote for any increase […]

by jhwygirl John Cochran, of St. Regis had some pretty harsh words for Sen. Jim Shockley. Both Cochran and Shockley served as Marines…and both are acquainted with each other through the American Legion. Cochran went and did something that he’s never done before – and it was to honor another fellow Marine, Bob Baxter, the […]

by problembear here are a couple of bills being introduced in the current session of the montana legislature. i urge you to follow them closely. they involve attempts to legislate against personal freedom. SENATE BILL NO. 116 INTRODUCED BY G. HINKLE HOUSE BILL NO. 167 INTRODUCED BY REGIER sometimes i just want to know whatever […]

by Pete Talbot Despite temperatures in the teens and a nasty Hellgate wind, Missoula was Montana’s hot spot this weekend. Lots of folks out-and-about, and here’s what I gleaned, politically, from overheard conversations (sources, unbeknownst to them, include Sen. Jon Tester, state senators John Brueggeman and Ron Erickson, state house members Sue Malek and Bryce […]

by jhwygirl I wrote the other day about Dr. Tom Preston, who will be speaking in Missoula on Tuesday regarding dying and death with dignity issues. In that post, I spoke briefly about the issue of physician-assisted death with dignity, and how our legislators on both sides of the aisle need to come together with […]

by jhwygirl This one covers just Wednesday and Thursday, folks. A total of 109 committee hearings for just those two days. Things are flying – it’s fear and loathing. So much bad stuff floating around out there, speeding by….don’t sit by and let this legislative session go down and the worse environmental session on record. […]

by jhwygirl This one has been flying a bit under radar. I have to admit I’ve been watching it, as I’ve received a few emails from friends. Friends who normally don’t pay attention to legislative stuff, and friends who are both opponents and proponents to the legislation. I will also admit that at first, rather […]

by jhwygirl Of all the crazy things to make it out of committee and onto the floor – and that’s not to diminish the lament of things that should of made it out of committee and onto the floor – Rep. Krayton Kern’s crazy HB228 has survived a House Judiciary vote (10 to 8!) and […]

by jhwygirl The House meets at 1 p.m. Scheduled for 2nd reading is HB190, the bridge access bill. This is where things can really turn political, folk. HB190 must pass 2 more readings to move to the senate. I and many others will be watching this vote carefully. Now is the time to contact your […]

by jhwygirl Several items, while having had their hearings, have been awaiting executive action – i.e., the committee vote. Some of these are pretty important (I’d guess) to 4&20 readers. The Senate Judiciary Committee has given indication, on Friday, that it would bring to committee vote SB223, the hate crimes legislation proposed by Sen. Carol […]

by Pete Talbot Dear President-elect Obama, I’m sorry we couldn’t deliver our three electoral votes to you. You worked hard for them. You visited the state and talked western policy. You set up offices and hired staff and had the best ground game I’ve ever seen. John McCain never set foot in Montana. You came […]

by jhwygirl 3:23 p.m. Wednesday: That’s it, numbers in. That two last holdouts in the races below – Secretary of State McCulloch and State Representative JP Pomnichowski – pulled through, both with decent room to spare It looks like Gallatin County appears to be the hold-outs tonight – Flathead and Yellowstone are both done […]

by Pete Talbot (This will be the final ‘Political doings’ installment before the big, big election tomorrow Tuesday. Hooray and Vote!) Amy’s song This YouTube video is a song by local musician Amy Martin with most of the images coming from Missoula and a few from San Francisco. Watch, listen and enjoy: Nice job, Amy. […]

by Pete Talbot Stang out Judy Stang (S.D. 7) is ending her write-in bid and throwing her support behind the Democratic candidate, Paul Clark. This is good news. Ms. Stang lost a tight primary race to Mr. Clark and then filed as a write in. She has since withdrawn her write-in campaign, which had the […]

by jhwygirl Judy Stang, a write-in candidate for SD-7 (Senator Jim Elliott’s termed-out seat) has withdrawn from the race, endorsing her Democratic opponent Paul Clark along the way. SD-7 encompasses parts of Sanders, Missoula and most of Mineral County. HD-13 is located within Sanders County. (Senator Jim Elliott is now a candidate for HD-13, and […]

by Pete Talbot (In computer parlance, they’re called emoticons, but I’ve hated smiley faces since they first appeared in the 1970’s. That being said, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to embed a ‘thumbs-up’ or ‘thumbs-down’ emoticon in a post, so you’ll have to put up with smiley faces in this […]

by Pete Talbot Here’s a new election strategy: don’t campaign. It worked for John Driscoll, who raised no money and did no campaigning and beat odds-on favorite Jim Hunt in the Democratic primary for the U.S. House. Then there’s the Bob Kelleher win in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Granted, Kelleher did some campaigning […]

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