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by jhwygirl Just a few days ago, Supermontanareporter John S. Adams, of the Great Falls Tribune, gave us the story that an anti-abortion group, headed up with former Ronan Constitution party Rep. Rick Jore, was seeking to put a personhood amendment in the state constitution via three different ballot initiatives. One presumes Jore is all […]

by Rebecca Schmitz Hey, I know. Look at what I typed up there. That’s an incendiary title for a post. But I’m not going to pretend otherwise; I’m not calm, cool and rational about my access, or that of any other woman, to safe abortion and birth control. You and I know, reader, that both […]

by Jay Stevens  It looks like Rick Jore’s proposed constitutional amendment giving embryos “certain inalienable rights” at conception looks like it will fail in the legislature: …a preliminary House vote on Monday showed that only 46 of the 100 House members support House Bill 40. Changes to the constitution ultimately need support from 100 of […]

by Jay Stevens  So what’s Rick Jore up to in the legislature these days? It’s a good question, because we crazed bloggers have predicted gloom and doom for the state of Montana in Jore’s appointment as chair of the House Education Committee. So I check out the bills he’s sponsoring…and, man! Is this guy a fruitcake, […]

by Jay Stevens  John Adams has a sweet profile of nutcase Rick Jore in today’s Independent, centered around a visit by Constitution Party members to Hellgate High School in Missoula. In the story, Jore calls public funding of schools “welfare for education,” and promises to make life difficult for a legislature that will soon toil […]

by Jay Stevens Shane, V, and Jeff Mangan already mentioned Rick Jore’s appointment as chair of Montana’s Education committee, but I’d like to pile on. Here’s the catch. Jore doesn’t believe in using federal money for education. He’s against compulsory education and believes the public school system should be replaced by private schools and homeschooling. […]

by JC Via TPM: “Our plan is not to shout them down… but to infiltrate them and push them farther from the mainstream.” The scheme reads like a sequel to “Being John Malkovich”: Levin’s group of protesters plan to get in the heads of tea partiers at the Tax Day Tea Parties nationwide Thursday and […]

by Rebecca Schmitz It looks like there’s not enough wingnuts in Montana after all. According to NARAL Pro-Choice Montana, Rick Jore couldn’t find enough people with an overwhelming interest in controlling the genitalia of others; the “Montana Personhood Amendment”, aka CI-100, won’t appear on the ballot this November. I can’t say that I’m surprised, but […]

by jhwygirl Roy Brown, Republican candidate for Governor (along with is buddy Steve Daines) offered up this decisive position on Rick Jore’s constitutional initiative which seeks to give rights to human embryos: Brown says he is undecided about a proposed constitutional initiative that would define a person as “a human being at all stages of […]

by Pete Talbot Writer John Adams has a side bar in the Missoula Independent (May 24-May 31 issue) on Missoula’s Republican Representative Bill Nooney. It paints him as a consensus building, moderate sort of fellow. If you look at his voting record, he definitely is not. He voted lock step with the most radical elements […]

by Jay Stevens Oops! The House adjourned after passing its tax and budget bills without waiting around to see if the Senate will pass them. If the Senate rejects any of the bills, the Governor will have to call another special session… As ID’s Jason says, “I am beginning to think that Mr. Sales really […]

by Jay Stevens Oops. The House Republicans have sure made a mess. I touched on this a little in earlier post, commenting on the GOP’s plans to trim $3 billion in funding for the elderly, children, and the mentally ill. But things got worse since. They’ve trimmed the state Health and Human Services budget to […]


First of the state budget bills pass. Hardest hit, so far: firefighters. You’d think the GOP would have learned… (I admit it, I’m surprised Jore went for these bills. So much for the “principled” man we’ve heard so much of late.) Cece weighs on in constituency account reform, and endorses SB 91 over HB 462. […]

by Jay Stevens The Battle of the Budget has hit a new low. In today’s Gazette it was noted that House Majority Leader Michael Lange is threatening to cut $2 billion in federal aid for Montana in order to cajole radical Constitution Party member Rick Jore into voting for the six – no, eight House […]


A DC-insider profile on Jon Tester’s…hair. In other Tester hair news, his flattop apparently gained control of our nation’s capitol. John Adams on Jim Elliot’s state senate resolution against fast-track trade authority. Helena mulls over a pair of Iraqi War resolutions. Peggy Miller’s dream of making Missoula energy independent sounds pretty cool. Is this model […]

by Jay Stevens Apparently the House GOP’s six-pack of budget bill has irked the Good Guv’s budget director, David Ewer. (Rightie “Montana Headlines” has an amusing blow-by-blow account of the dust-up.) There’s also been a lot fuss in the blogosphere – right, left, center – about who’s playing who, which party has a better strategy, […]


House passes a bill that exempts wait staff from the state’s minimum wage standard. A friend of Colby’s penned a nice letter to the Bozeman Chronicle about Koopman’s – now dead – “intellectual diversity” bill. Since I gave “Camp Baucus” a hit, it’s only fair I point out that Dennis Rehberg is also cavorting with […]


The Tribune’s profile of Jon Tester is a worthy read. Zoinks! He’s doing what he promised! (Matt chimes in, emphasizing how accessible he is to Montanans…) Montanans and other small-town Americans shoulder a disproportionate burden of the war. Kemmick to plunge into the bowels of state government. Hopefully he’ll sniff out some good stories before […]

by Jay Stevens  Normally I would simply plug Nicole R’s latest gem into a “Links…” post, but today’s Valentine’s Day benediction to the Montana legislature’s “Triple Crown of asshats” merits its own post, mainly because Nicole manages to sum up the apparent attitude of the radical wing of the state’s Republican party towards education quite […]

by Jay Stevens It looks like House Republicans are showing their colors. You’ve heard us rail about it in the blogs, we called the GOP House Speaker “Sideshow” Scott Sales, we mentioned his declaration of “war” on Democrats, we warned that he and his traveling dog and pony act would make the legislature bitter and […]


Enjoy ’em while they’re hot! I’m on vacation for a couple of weeks. Posting will be spotty. Enjoy the links…  Jon Tester posts his daily schedule online! Shame on you, those who doubted! Tester drills those that let oil companies get away without paying royalties for leases on public lands. The Good Guv wants a tax incentive […]

by Jay Stevens  Can you believe this? The man who’s ultimately responsible for all of our Election-Day problems – secretary of state Brad Johnson – has come out against same-day registration: The secretary of state’s office is supporting a measure to do away with same-day voter registration in Montana, arguing it could help prevent a […]


The Nation suggests Montana’s local newspapers provided the final edge for Tester’s victory, and mulls what this means for the future of print journalism. The Indy profiles Tester’s new Missoula Bozeman office boss, Tracy Stone-Manning. You’ll never guess what Conrad Burns’ new profession… House votes to boost minimum wage. Rehberg votes “nay.” Baucus, Rehberg work on […]

by Jay Stevens  Jennifer McKee has an amusing piece in today’s paper about the spirit of bipartisanship in the Montana legislature: The first recorded vote of the 2007 Montana Legislature in the closely divided House of Representatives on Wednesday fell along party lines. The 51-49 vote came just minutes after House Minority Leader John Parker, […]


The Missoula Independent publishes its year in photos issue. Sideshow Scott Sales hires Bob Keenan as an advisor. I suspect this is the beginning of the ousting of Jore from the education committee. The Good Guv steps up and asks for constituency fund reform. Good times! The Governor also says the state budget is “sustainable.” […]


Gwen Florio has a good article on the myriad and minor difficulties besetting the Good Guv heading into the 2007 legislative session. I’d say it was fair in airing criticism and allowing Schweitzer to respond to it. The Trib sets the stage for the upcoming legislative session. Lee newspapers poll Montanans on what they favor […]


Someone get jhwygirl a blog! She nails Dennis Rehberg to the wall for his opposition to protecting the Rocky Mountain Front. Granny has Jerry Reckin’s anti-Jore letter published in the Daily Interlake. More on the legislative docket for 2007: impact fees and water rights. In Kansas, Republicans flee from the unhinged members of their own […]

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