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by jhwygirl For more information, check out this post. The following information from the Montana County Attorney’s Association. If the previous post didn’t scare you, what follows will. HB 228 makes sweeping changes to the Montana criminal code, its concealed weapon statutes, and the permit process. Here are answers to the Frequently Asked Questions that […]

by jhwygirl Today’s House floor vote included a 2nd reading for HB157, also known as the Healthy Kids Initiative. This bill passed House Appropriations by a 17 – 3 vote. The fiscal note on this has $0 impact to the state’s general fund. It is funded by a federal matching grant of 77.63% to the […]

by Jay Stevens  I know I’m a big proponent of transparency. I recently touted Montana’s Democratic legislators’ blog as an exercise of democracy, and a benefit to the voters of the state. But there are some folks better off without a website. Like Krayton Kerns. You may remember Kerns. He made a splash in the […]

by jhwygirl Legislative Day 70 House Judiciary, chaired by Krazy Krayton Kerns, saw the tabling on a party line 12 to 8 vote of SB107 which would have removed from state law an unconstitutional and archaic law which criminalizes gay in Montana. In the past, we’ve piled on the Montana GOP for its continued stance […]

by Pete Talbot Pogie, over at Intelligent Discontent, has a post up on Sen. Max Baucus’ re-election bid.  To date, it has generated over 150 comments, so it must be an issue that many people are following, closely. (The only post of Pogie’s that has received a higher volume of comments was on gun violence, […]

by jhwygirl Caught this one last week, the day after I pondered whether the free-market Tea Party-controlled Ravalli County Board of County Commissioners would subsidize Denny Washington’s MRL rail line into the Bitterroot. Which they did. And it’s not that I thought it was the wrong thing to do – the point of that musing […]

by jhwygirl I’m going to give it to the House again today. In a 57-43 vote on third reading, HB309 passed the House. HB309 will effectively cut off public access to more than 6,000 public rivers and streams carrying public water across the state. As this commenter put it in the Ravalli Republic – I’ll […]

by jhwygirl They’re coming – and we’re all dying. You can’t avoid dying. You might want to hold on clinging to life from a drip tube, rotting in your own flesh as cancer rots you inside….but the future is coming and includes you dying. One way or the other. Eventually folks – and I’m speaking […]

by jhwygirl Montana’s GOP is shoring up for a showdown for Speaker of the House. Every Tea Partier’s favorite Krayton Kerns – truly on the extreme edges of tea partyism – is expressing a desire to hold the seat. Mike Milburn of Cascade was the favorite. Here’s his voting record. Kerns, by comparison, is billing […]

by jhwygirl Feel threated? Shoot. The law allows it. If you feel threatened, that crazy Krayton Kerns gun bill from this past legislative session gives you carte blanche to go right ahead and pull that trigger. Any threat – even a fist fight – could result in someone pulling a gun. So now duck-and-cover might […]

by jhwygirl Alternate title: How Dangerous is the Montana GOP? Answer: Very I don’t know how much people have heard or read about Wednesday’s vote on HR3 (I ever-so-briefly mentioned it here), but as a result of the party-line 50-50 vote, Democrats are receiving nasty emails and death threats for their “no” vote. The bill […]

by Pete Talbot Ergot, a mold that attacks rye, is the building block for LSD. It has been discovered in huge quantities in the Laurel airshed. How else can one explain the lunacy coming from legislators Dan McGee and Krayton Kerns (both Republicans and both out of Laurel) in this 2009 session? Taken in small […]

by jhwygirl What is the weapon of choice? Guns. Who is just one of the groups in opposition to HB228, Rep. Krayton Kerns’ gun bill that would eliminate the need for a concealed weapons permit? Advocates for victims of domestic and sexual violence. In further lunacy, the current version of the bill makes it a […]

by jhwygirl This post covers Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There’s a lot – I don’t know how many. It’s real important, folks, to get your public comment in. Bills have – in most cases – moved from one house to the other. Either getting them out of committee and onto the floor or killing them […]

by jhwygirl This is the second time, for crying out loud, so I gotta say something. After the 2nd reading vote on HB228, the Missoulian has a story headlined Self defense bill clears the house. That false. Wrong. Inaccurate. There is a third reading, after which – if a majority approve – HB228 will clear […]

by jhwygirl Of all the crazy things to make it out of committee and onto the floor – and that’s not to diminish the lament of things that should of made it out of committee and onto the floor – Rep. Krayton Kern’s crazy HB228 has survived a House Judiciary vote (10 to 8!) and […]

by jhwygirl UPDATE: HB188 survived its 3rd reading, garnering a vote of 71-28. It actually gained 3 “nay” votes, while losing one – Rep. Bill Nooney, of Missoula. Good deal, Bill – you did the right thing. ~~~~~~~ Great Falls Rep. Deborah Kottel, looking out for all those military personnel in her district has proposed […]

by jhwygirl Thought I’d look back on some of the bills I’ve posted on. This post goes through week 2. Rep. Robin Hamilton’s HB62, which requires mandatory trappers education and safety courses has passed the three readings in the House (with a 51-48 final vote). It moves to the Senate. Rep. JP Pomnichowski’s HB63, which […]

by jhwygirl Provisional ballots in HD-100’s race – Bill Nooney v Democrat Willis Curdy could bring the final count in that race (currently 2195 Nooney – 2162 Curdy) into Curdy’s favor. 868 provisional ballots, to be counted on Monday, may hold those votes. In Laurel, HD-59 “Doc” Woerner is down by 22 votes to Krayton […]

by Rebecca Schmitz Yesterday the Board of Pharmacy ruled the Legislature should decide whether or not Montana’s pharmacists will follow a single ethical and professional standard. The Montana Board of Pharmacy took no action Wednesday after hearing comment on the issue of pharmacists who refuse to dispense contraceptives because of religious beliefs. Board member Mark […]

by Jay Stevens There’s a lot of resistance in some circles to the idea that global warming is real, despite the overwhelming evidence. The question is, why? Believe it or not, I think an answer can be found in Krayton Kerns’ paranoid theory that a cabal of “environmental disaster wizards” whose goal is…well…it’s not exactly […]

by Jay Stevens  If you haven’t read about the dramatic turnaround in the Montana state legislature, it’s a hoot. Just a couple of days ago, the Democrats were looking at a 25-25 split in the Senate, and 49-50-1 minority status in the House. Oh, how things have changed. First, state Senator Sam Kitzenberg switched parties, […]

by Jay Stevens  You may remember there were some squeakers in the legislative battles. Here are some reliable rumors on the counting of provisional ballots, etc: –HD 58: Krayton Kerns (R) and Emelie Kay Eaton (D) are tied, which means the good Guv gets to pick who fills the chair… –HD78: Scott Mendenhall (R) looks […]

by Matt Singer We’ve got some close races on our hand: GOP Leading: HD1: Ralph Heinert (R) leads Eileen Carney (D) 1,594 to 1,576 (18 votes) HD8: Craig Witte (R) leads Randy Kenyon (D) 1,546 to 1,501 (45 votes) HD58: Krayton Kerns (R) leads Emelie Kay Eaton (D) 1,971 to 1,967 (4 votes) HD78: Scott […]

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