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by jhwygirl That’s what many said to the State Land Board (and to 3 of its 5 members, Governor Schweitzer, Secretary of State Linda McDulloch and Auditor Monica Lindeen) before then went ahead anyway and approved the Otter Creek coal leases. Not before – let’s not forget – a poorly orchestrated show between Governor Schweitzer […]

by jhwygirl A timely post, given that the corporate welfare 15 cent bid (or bids) for the Otter Creek coal tracts were announced late Monday. Below are Attorney General Steve Bullock’s comments at the February hearing where the Land Board (in a 3-2 vote, with Bullock and Superintendent of the Office of Public Instruction Denise […]

by jhwygirl In a 3 – 2 vote (Schweitzer, McCulloch and Lindeen voting yes), the Land Board voted to lower the minimum bid price on the Otter Creek tracts from .25/ton to .15/ton. I’ve yet to stomach a viewing of the entire hearing – but thanks to my DVR (and since the Land Board doesn’t […]

by jhwygirl Inquiring minds are wondering. Tomorrow’s Land Board meeting may provide the answer, as the state’s executive branch (Gov. Schweitzer, Sec. of State Linda McCulloch, Attorney General Steve Bullock, State Auditor Monica Lindeen and Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau) consider whether to lower the minimum bid for the Otter Creek coal tracts. Most […]

“We, as students from Big Sky High School, do not want our school funding to come from coal,” said Allison Lawrence, one of the protesters at the rally. “We would rather live with old books than get blood money for shiny new computers.” by JC This came across my email via the Missoula Community News […]

by jhwygirl Poor Otter Creek and the 4 state land board members who wholeheartedly supported the plan to add a bonus bid on top of the minimal bid for the Otter Creek Coal tracts. Responsibility to the trust and all that good stuff. Now they’re left without a bid, but their vehement support of the […]

by jhwygirl The Otter Creek leases were approved today on a 4-1 vote, with Denise Juneau, State Superintendent of Public Instruction the lone dissent vote. Denise Juneau is a visionary for the land and trust stewardship in Montana. Many people have nothing but thanks for her today after her dissent. Big Sky High School students, […]

by jhwygirl That’s really what they’re saying when they they send a letter to the Land Board telling them to support leasing the Otter Creek tracts. As Wally McRae, a rancher who will be on the receiving end of such eminent domain condemnation proceedings has said: “If you vote in favor of leasing the Otter […]

by jhwygirl Left in the West’s Yellowstone Kelly has a post up predicting tomorrow’s state Land Board decision regarding the leasing of the Otter Creek coal leases in eastern Montana. I won’t be so bold as to make a prediction – and even if I were, it wouldn’t be the 4-1 supposition that Yellowstone Kelly […]

(jhwygirl) Public comment for the proposed leasing of the state’s Otter Creek coal closes soon. A public hearing, continued from last month, is next Monday. I question our state’s commitment to green energy. You don’t pull a billion tons of coal out of the ground to look at it. Coal is filthy. Someone’s burning it […]

by jhwygirl The state Land Board is currently mulling an additional 30 days over the coal leases in the Powder River drainage (the Otter Creek coal leases), giving members time to consider the applicability of a year-old market analysis on the value of the coal (which was compiled pre-EPA ruling and pre-cap-and-trade legislation). They’re probably […]

by jhwygirl This is in follow-up to a previous post. Somewhat surprisingly if only for who made the motion, the State Land Board voted to delay decision on the Arch Coal Inc. leases of the state’s Otter Creek coal holdings for 30 days to allow for additional time for public comment regarding the leases. Secretary […]

by jhwygirl This comes to me via a reader from Bozeman. I’ve edited it slightly for posting. The Billings Gazette reports on the Otter Creek coal tracts and the decision to be made Monday by the State Land Board. Letters sent via email are needed NOW to stop the giveaway of state resources to out-of-state […]

by William Skink A gaff is defined as a spear or spearhead for taking fish or turtles; a handled hook for holding or lifting heavy fish; a metal spur for a gamecock. A gaffe is a mistake made in a social situation. Maybe someone could clue in the editorial staff at the Missoulian about the […]

by lizard Tomorrow is election day. I plan on voting despite how diminished the impact of my vote has become in this brave new world of dark money. So what does get results? I like this story from Electronic Intifada: Bay Area activists declare victory after Israeli carrier cancels all ships. From the link: On […]

by lizard Mental illness is an incredibly difficult issue to even approach, but avoiding the issue increases the likelihood of awful things happening. In Missoula an elderly woman was beat to death with a chair by her 25 year old grandson. In Orange County, California, a jury somehow came to the conclusion that police weren’t […]

by lizard Hippiecrite is a word I just made up. Here’s the definition of a hippiecrite: environmentalists who complain about stuff they benefit from. Like, if you complain about the Keystone XL pipeline, but you drive a car and take warm showers, then you might be a hippiecrite. That’s the gist of this Missoulian article, […]

by lizard Got it. Those two little words carry an immense weight right now because they acknowledge that Chris Christie’s presidential aspirations could be DOA. Now stories are coming out about delayed emergency response times because of this petty political retaliation. Christie is done, probably. Regardless of the outcome here, it might be worth spending […]

By JC In the never-ending, and escalating drumbeat for war that has possessed our nation for generations, I thought this might be a good time for an anti-war lament. Charlotte E. Keyes is the poet who popularized the phrase “Suppose they gave a war and no one came?” in a 1966 McCall’s article. While there is […]

by lizard Last weekend, I watched the movie Cloud Atlas. I think it’s a beautiful film that explores how its characters confront and transcend boundaries, like race. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend spending the nearly 3 hours of viewing time to check it out. Race is obviously still a contentious issue […]

by lizard I’ve been struggling with how to broach the topic of the Sandy Hook massacre directly. Instead, I found this post, which I think is the most honest thing I’ve read so far, and it echoes what I’ve been thinking the conversation should be focused on: mental health, not gun control, although work on […]

by lizard I’m still a mostly ignorant newbie when it comes to understanding Montana politics, especially Montana Democrats. I have no clue what really goes on in Helena, and what little I know (outside of what traditional media reports) comes from a handful of blogs, so there’s that. Take, for example, a recent post from […]

by lizard Add the term Derecho—also known as a “Land Hurricane”—into our expanding vocabulary for discussing the effects of global climate change. For some reason, after hearing about the massive storm that traveled 700 miles in 12 hours, the acronym FUBAR comes to mind. Which brings us to Rio. Rio+20 came and went a week […]

by jhwygirl Quite a dust storm kicking up over the gay marriage position articulated by Montana’s Democratic candidate for governor and current Attorney General Steve Bullock in a recent interview with Charles S. Johnson, Billings Gazette’s State Bureau Chief. Bullock joined all seven GOP candidates in an anti-gay marriage stance, taking what he surely felt […]

by jhwygirl Because my idea of democracy is a system where the unwashed masses actually have a voice. Democrats hate primaries. Ask a democrat active in the party who they support and the more active they are the more likely they are to waffle and squirm their way out of saying who they’re going to […]

by jhwygirl I’m going to admit something here that is going to date me quite a bit, so here goes: I remember the recession of the mid-70’s. I remember gas rationing, I remember the calls to eliminate the very new EPA. I remember the Cuyahoga River out in Ohio catching on fire. I remember strong […]

by lizard As the EU totters on the precipice, and Germany gets smacked into submission, I would like to make some poetry-for-purchase suggestions because, you know, tis the season, and to keep this economic system from collapsing, we must all do our part. Here is mine. Oh, and if you plan on buying online, I […]

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