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by jhwygirl Released a half hour ago by citizens for responsible ethics in washington the entire court file on the Barkus/Rehberg drunken boating accident in August 2009 has been placed online for everyone to see. HERE are the papers, and HERE is the report from CREW’s Anne Weismann. I’m off to reading…….

by jhwygirl The GOP can chatter all they want about jobs and the economy, but the fact is that the GOP-controlled U.S. House of Representatives is voting tomorrow for the 31st time to repeal the health care reform Affordable Care Act. It’s not about jobs..and it’s not about the economy for the GOP – it’s […]

by jhwygirl I’m about 200% certain that Rehberg’s calendar is going to open up, but for now, he’s claiming scheduling conflict. I tend to think that if your campaign commits you, you’re obligated to attend. For now, though, Sunday’s senatorial debate, sponsored by the Montana Broadcasters Association will go on without Rehberg in attendance . […]

by jhwygirl Make no mistake, Rep. Denny Rehberg will be voting yes as soon as Boehner rounds up his caucus and get’s ’em all back to Washington. He is not going to risk letting a tax cut issue reside with Jon Tester. Who did, incidentally, have no problem voting for it. On Tuesday Rehberg, of […]

by jhwygirl We all know congress is a mess. These guys are beyond any sense when they can’t keep the nation’s flood insurance program running on anything but rims. Congress has surpassed incompetence at this point – it’s malfeasance when you look at the purposeful will with which they make these decisions. Montanans across the […]

By JC I’m not one wont to beat up on Denny Rehberg (I usually leave that up to others, but I hadn’t seen a report on this yet), except when he does really stupid  things like go on drunk rampages in boats across lakes, call Pell Grants welfare, and now, he wants to steal kids’ […]

by jhwygirl A picture is worth only so much. An endorsement from Citzen United’s Political Victory Fund will be worth a whole lot more. Apparently Denny Rehberg got that endorsement today after a lovely lunch with lots of corporate lobbyists looking on: That’s David Bossie, president of Citizen’s United, there with Rehberg. Let it not […]

By JC If you’ve been paying attention to all the hoopla, you’ve heard by now that the House passed a draconian bill to address the looming crisis over the debt ceiling. I’m not going to go into details. Pogie put up a nice summation of what is going on over at ID, and I’ve got […]

by jhwygirl I won’t even give these scums a link – but you can google it and find the new campaign Erik Iverson & Co. have out there attacking Sen. Jon Tester on the basis that he “voted to raise the debt limit 5 times.” Really? Under George W. Bush, who was in office from […]

by jhwygirl Montanan’s – and the world – first found out about Rep. Denny Rehberg’s push for “hard science” about two weeks ago when he pushed for an amendment that would require “hard science” before the FDA could enact regulatory controls. Rehberg’s amendment passed. Whee for him, right? And screw the health of Americans….Rehberg was […]

by jhwygirl Montana’s own U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg proposed an amendment to the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill that could undercut U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of tobacco products. That amendment passed through the House Appropriations Committee last week by a vote of 29 to 20 earlier this week. So I guess we can […]

By CFS All play and no work makes Dennis Rehberg a drunk, dull boy. All play and no work makes Dennis Rehberg a drunk, dull boy. All play and no work makes Dennis Rehberg a drunk, dull boy. All play and no work makes Dennis Rehberg a drunk, dull boy. All play and no work makes Dennis Rehberg a drunk, dull boy. All play and no work makes Dennis Rehberg a drunk, dull boy. […]

By JC Well, let’s knock another $15 million out of the Montana economy, and beat up on the poor some more while doing it. “You can go to school, collect your Pell Grants, get food stamps, low-income energy assistance, section 8 housing, and all of a sudden we find ourselves subsidizing people that don’t have […]

by Pete Talbot Of course, with his excellent taxpayer paid health care, he’d get state-of-the-art treatment.  If, however, he was a lower or middle-class man or woman seeking affordable treatment in Montana, his options would be limited.  Whether it was an STD or some other reproductive health issue, or just some condoms, considering the bill […]

By Duganz Roll Call broke the news last night: “It’s happening Saturday,” said a knowledgeable Montana GOP political operative. “He’s running. There is a lot of support and enthusiasm back home, and Denny knows he can win.” …The operative offered some internal Rehberg polling numbers showing the Montana Republican in a statistical tie with Tester […]

by lizard It was very encouraging to read the passionate responses here, rushing to defend our dear Denny Rehberg and his of-course-not-hypocritical use of employer provided health care. but I’m not sure if those defenders are capable of extending their cheerleading to other public workers, who are in the crosshairs (too early?) of the right’s […]

by jhwygirl Suing the City of Billings and its fire department isn’t enough, Dennis Rehberg’s gotta set to serving papers on his opponent for Montana’s lone congressional seat – Dennis McDonald. First – You have to see the ad: You know, I really have no problem with this ad – Rehberg did do “all of […]

by jhwygirl Via The Clark Fork Chronicle comes news that Montana’s lone congressional representative Dennis Rehberg is in Montana holding seven listening sessions around the state. His last stop is Missoula – tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the Continuing Education Center over at the University of Montana. With so much going, I’m sure Montanans have […]

by Pete Talbot In his Fourth of July newsletter salutation, Congressman Denny Rehberg warns us that: “ … teaching American History and the Constitution has taken a back seat to a politically correct alternative history curriculum.” Seems to me that American History curriculum is actually headed in the other direction. Texas for example, has rewritten […]

by jhwygirl Congress has set a new record. With a big ole’ kick in the keister from every Senate Republican and one Democrat – Ben Nelson of Nebraska – congress failed to pass an unemployment extension bill at at the highest unemployment rate in history. Senator Tester, for his own part, had proposed to cut […]

  “Rehberg has shown to be diligent at one thing–avoiding accountability. “ –Melinda Gopher, candidate for the Democratic House nomination By JC Well, it was just a matter of time until Melinda Gopher unleashed part of her strategy to unseat incumbent Denny Rehberg for Montana’s lone House seat: attack Rehberg’s vulnerability created by his drinking […]

by jhwygirl Continuing on the fine subject of earmarks and deficit spending and health reform, a simple internet search led me to, and a summary of Representative Dennis Rehberg’s earmark requests just from FY2008 House and Senate Labor-HHS-Education bills and the 2008 House Defense Bill. How much did our very own drunken sailor/deficit peacock […]

by jhywgirl Well, this is rich, coming from our very own lone congressional Representative Dennis Rehberg – He’s swearing off earmarks for a year, “in a symbolic stance against federal spending.” Where was he his other 9 years in congress? Dennis, you see, loves to (first) put earmarks in bills, (next) vote against said bills […]

by jhwygirl That, from Democratic congressional candidate Tyler Gernant in today’s Helena Independent op-ed section. Dennis Rehberg has been twittering the-sky-is-falling for weeks – no, make that months – now of the impending doom of healthcare. Rehberg’s done nothing to contribute to meaningful discussion on reform – Rehberg has, in fact, been part of the […]

by Pete Talbot Many comments on the blogs I read say the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans: health care, war, the environment, the economy — Congress and the President have not done the job and there’s no salvaging the system. Sometimes, it’s hard not to agree. There needs to be monumental change, the […]

by jhwygirl Supermontanareporter John S. Adams is reporting that Rep. Denny Rehberg’s state director Randy Vogel has been cited for alleged numerous big game violations and obstructing a peace officer. If convicted, Vogel could also face up to six months in jail and loss of hunting privileges for 24 months for the three hunting violations. […]

by jhwygirl I missed this one, but came across it over the weekend. It is an editorial written by Laura Lundquist, a non-traditional student working on her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Montana. It’s not just an opinion piece – she did a bit of research going back to Rep. Denny Rehberg’s […]

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