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by Jay Stevens  You may have seen the news: Rep. Ed Butcher (R-Winifred) made some inappropriate remarks in the legislature this week: Republican Rep. Ed Butcher said he meant nothing derogatory when he referred to Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy, D-Box Elder and a member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe, as “Chief Windy Boy” before a […]

by Jay Stevens Matt got to this first, but the Montana House Republicans chose Bozeman Representative Scott Sales to be their leader. A better choice couldn’t have been made – for the Democrats. First Sales is an “outspoken conservative,” according to the report, Sales promised to make future elections even uglier than they were in […]

by Jay Stevens The bill that would close the tax loopholes for out-of-staters was scuttled by the House Republicans. In response, the equipment tax reductions for businesses was scrapped. That’s not terribly surprising. The GOP has been against the tax-collection bill since day one. What’s interesting about this particular report is what Sales has to […]

by Jay Stevens So far and so good: nothing unusual or unexpected has yet occurred in the special session of the legislature. It looks like the education bill will leave the Senate tonight for the House tomorrow – where it’s likely some sparks will fly. The budget bill is still being hashed out. Matt Gouras […]

by Jay Stevens Everybody’s angry that the Legislature adjourned without a budget. Partisan gridlock is to blame, they say, Democrats, Republicans, ptui! They’re all the same! Yeah? Read over the transcript from Scott Sales speech after the Legislature adjourned: …we’ve met a brick at every stage of the way. There was absolutely no compromise with […]

by jhwygirl Americans for Prosperity got some national attention on their “Drill Baby Drill” tour, but not exactly the kind that they probably wanted. MSNBC has Billings NBC station KULR’s report– with video – of Koch Industries-funded “Running on Empty” tour as it made its stop in Billings Montana championing maintaining tax subsidies and eliminating […]

by jhwygirl Well, since yesterday’s post on Koch Industries-funded Americans for Prosperity’s “Running on Empty” Tour coming to Missoula without a location, they’ve since announced they’ll be at Bonner Park. I’m sure we can thank AFP’s Montana state director Scott Sales for finally getting that critical piece of information up for this very popular Tea […]

by jhwygirl Koch Industries-funded Americans For Prosperity’s Running on Empty Tour is coming to town, and they’re clearly afraid of Missoula. They’re so afraid of the liberals here in this little ol’ university town of Missoula Montana that they’ve removed Karl Tyler Chevrolet from its event’s calendar for the tour, replacing it with “TBD”. Missoula […]

by jhwygirl And I know a whole lot of them were inside working…so just to make sure they don’t miss the bigger picture out there: KGVO AM 1290 – conservative talk radio down here in Missoula – reported today that “less than a dozen protesters” were at the rally. Reuters has even joined in, reporting […]

by jhwygirl I don’t write about affordable housing enough, although some of you might disagree. It can’t be overstated, though, and having affordable housing in any community is key to facilitating economic growth and development. Missoula is going to continue to have a hell of a time attracting good paying sustainable jobs until such time […]

by jhwygirl HB190, the surviving bill to what we’ve lovingly referred to as dueling bridge access bills will be heard on the House floor today, early (it’s first up for debate). This one has made it through the House after significant public comment and back and forth with the other access bill. It’s been amended, […]

by jhwygirl There is a correction in this post, below, for HB75 This post is just for Monday and Tuesday. 105 committee hearings for just those two days. Keep in mind, too, that this is all on the downhill side, too – and I need to remember that also. Floor hearings are becoming all the […]

by jhwygirl Today’s House floor vote included a 2nd reading for HB157, also known as the Healthy Kids Initiative. This bill passed House Appropriations by a 17 – 3 vote. The fiscal note on this has $0 impact to the state’s general fund. It is funded by a federal matching grant of 77.63% to the […]

by jhwygirl UPDATE: HB188 survived its 3rd reading, garnering a vote of 71-28. It actually gained 3 “nay” votes, while losing one – Rep. Bill Nooney, of Missoula. Good deal, Bill – you did the right thing. ~~~~~~~ Great Falls Rep. Deborah Kottel, looking out for all those military personnel in her district has proposed […]

by jhwygirl Thought I’d look back on some of the bills I’ve posted on. This post goes through week 2. Rep. Robin Hamilton’s HB62, which requires mandatory trappers education and safety courses has passed the three readings in the House (with a 51-48 final vote). It moves to the Senate. Rep. JP Pomnichowski’s HB63, which […]

by Jay Stevens There’s a nice story in today’s Gazette on how 13 Republican legislators met over last weekend with members of Governor Schweitzer’s staff to come with a broad agreement on spending and taxation for the legislative special session. First, the thirteen. Revile or praise them, as is your wont: –Llew Jones (Conrad) –Alan […]

by Jay Stevens We got ourselves a humdinger this legislative session. Governor Schweitzer called the special session of the Legislature this weekend – starting Thursday — and has declared it will meet for three days, through Saturday. Here’s what we know from the news reports. Schweitzer and his administration have met with “a dozen Republican […]


Montana Headlines is right: he and I could hammer out a compromise on tax refunds…just give us a quiet room, a pizza, and two hours. Makes you wonder why the Legislature can’t… Matt Singer apportions the biggest burden of blame for the Legislature’s failure to Scott Sales. I can’t say I disagree: he did start […]

by Jay Stevens Montana Headlines pointed out a compromise forged by North Dakota Republicans on providing a tax rebate for its citizens in a fiscal situation similar to Montana’s. The details: North Dakota property tax payers who also pay income taxes may take a credit on their income tax returns equal to 10 percent of […]

by Jay Stevens As I guessed, House Republicans wouldn’t let the bill abolishing the death penalty to reach the floor for debate. I’m with Bigfork Republican, Bill Jones, who responded to Scott Sales’ implication that considering a death penalty ban would hurt Republicans politically: “There’s more liability for those who obstruct the legislative process than […]


Baucus to support government negotiation for prescription drugs for its Medicare patients? Montana Headlines – in reply to Jeff Mangan’s urging of Senate Republican leadership to compromise – says the burden of compromise should rest on Senate Democrats. (And you wonder why nothing’s getting done in Helena?) And then MH comments on the “hot partisanship” […]

by Jay Stevens Michael Lange is at it again: We’ve been nice for weeks,” said House Majority Michael Lange, R-Billings. “Now, we’re not going to be so nice.” Ed Kemmick: What does that mean? Is he going to escalate from “hand guns” to using both arms to simulate a Tommy gun? His threat, basically, was […]

by Jay Stevens Anybody see this article filed by Chuck Johnson about the Budget Follies? “Democrats pressured to revive tax plan”? Senate Democrats decided to table Michael Lange’s education bill in committee. And Mikey was a tad upset: Furious after the Senate panel tabled his bill Wednesday, Lange stormed into Democratic leadership offices in both […]

by Jay Stevens Oops. The House Republicans have sure made a mess. I touched on this a little in earlier post, commenting on the GOP’s plans to trim $3 billion in funding for the elderly, children, and the mentally ill. But things got worse since. They’ve trimmed the state Health and Human Services budget to […]


Montana Democrats were the key to the Democratic National Convention landing in Denver, says Denver’s mayor! The big weekend scandal involves graphic fliers sent to Montana homes by the state GOP. In the flier, which even conservatives find in poor taste, Ed Kemmick sees the typical “shrill, smug, overwrought, unfair, crude, rude” behavior that has […]

by Jay Stevens Apparently the House GOP’s six-pack of budget bill has irked the Good Guv’s budget director, David Ewer. (Rightie “Montana Headlines” has an amusing blow-by-blow account of the dust-up.) There’s also been a lot fuss in the blogosphere – right, left, center – about who’s playing who, which party has a better strategy, […]

by Jay Stevens It looks like House Republicans are showing their colors. You’ve heard us rail about it in the blogs, we called the GOP House Speaker “Sideshow” Scott Sales, we mentioned his declaration of “war” on Democrats, we warned that he and his traveling dog and pony act would make the legislature bitter and […]

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