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by jhwygirl Canadian Premier Brad Wall attended the super-secret meeting in Big Sky, MT of select Democratic Governors (invited at the behest of our beloved Governor Schweitzer, president of the Democratic Governor’s Association) to tout his so-hopeful $60 million partnership in experimentation on the myth of carbon sequestration and the potential affects on our state’s […]

by jhwygirl Late last month, U.S. Forest Service Chief Thomas Tidwell sent letters out to the states asking for a return of (presumably) 10% of the Secure Rural Schools funds payed out in January of this year. Wyoming Governor Matt Mead was pretty quick to criticize the fed’s move – and just in the last […]

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by lizard In a post last week I cited this ThinkProgress piece about 5 ways the sequester could make you sick—a quick list of things that are already bad, but will likely get worse with sequester cuts, like the FDA: 1. More Americans could be put at risk for foodborne illnesses. The number of Americans […]

by lizard Michael Estok, a canadian writer, succumbed to AIDS in 1989. The last year of his life is captured in a collection of poems titled A Plague Year Journal (Pulp Press Book Publishes, 1989). In selecting the poem for this week, the looming consequences of the idiotic sequestration deadline was front and center in […]

by lizard The political pundits are busy raccoons playing with the latest shiny object. The latest shiny object is the sequestration deadline, set to go bang March 1st. My advice: don’t be stupid and waste your time watching the busy raccoons playing with the latest shiny object. Why? Because the latest manufactured deadline in a […]

by lizard This Oxford-led study examining the dire effects of privatization isn’t new; it came out 3 years ago, but it highlights the lethality of a phenomenon that is, at best, indifferent to the human suffering it leaves in its wake. As many as one million working-age men died due to the economic shock of […]

by lizard Add the term Derecho—also known as a “Land Hurricane”—into our expanding vocabulary for discussing the effects of global climate change. For some reason, after hearing about the massive storm that traveled 700 miles in 12 hours, the acronym FUBAR comes to mind. Which brings us to Rio. Rio+20 came and went a week […]

by jhwygirl The Montana Medical Grower’s Association, in conjunction with Montana Botanical Analysis is presenting a series of lectures January 11 and 12th which will feature noted medical marijuana scientist Dr. Arno Hazekamp from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Beginning at noon on Monday, the Montana Medical Grower’s Association will offer presentations of various […]

(jhwygirl) Public comment for the proposed leasing of the state’s Otter Creek coal closes soon. A public hearing, continued from last month, is next Monday. I question our state’s commitment to green energy. You don’t pull a billion tons of coal out of the ground to look at it. Coal is filthy. Someone’s burning it […]

by jhwygirl We’ve blogged a number of times here about the Tongue River, coal and sequestration fallacies, and the state’s Otter Creek tracts – all of these are intertwined with a number of issues that are presenting themselves currently in the form of the state determining whether leasing of its own property for coal is […]

by jhwygirl The state Land Board is currently mulling an additional 30 days over the coal leases in the Powder River drainage (the Otter Creek coal leases), giving members time to consider the applicability of a year-old market analysis on the value of the coal (which was compiled pre-EPA ruling and pre-cap-and-trade legislation). They’re probably […]

by jhwygirl This is in follow-up to a previous post. Somewhat surprisingly if only for who made the motion, the State Land Board voted to delay decision on the Arch Coal Inc. leases of the state’s Otter Creek coal holdings for 30 days to allow for additional time for public comment regarding the leases. Secretary […]

by jhwygirl Funny that the other name many use for Montana is Montucky. Poisonous gas = CO2 From McClatchy, Kentucky passed (in a 2007) a bill which included $1.5 million in funding for experimental drilling to see if underground storage of CO2 was a viable possibility. Sure it is – with both Illinois (it doesn’t […]

by jhwygirl Clearly, why waste time? Governor Schweitzer signed SB498, the bad-bad-bad carbon sequestration bill I’ve blogged about several times… and before finishing out his day and before the sun went down he also inked a memorandum of understanding with Canadian Premier Brad Wall, committing $100 million each that will have Montana sequestering Canada’s CO2. […]

by jhwygirl A NYTimes article, Big Sky State makes play to be a CO2 importer reminds us of another environmental disaster-in-waiting SB498 sits awaiting signature from Governor Schweitzer. Yeah! Let’s take Canada’s carbon dioxide! /snark Ugh. Let’s hope the Governor goes “veto” on this one. With recent EPA declarations regarding the regulation of CO2 – […]

by jhwygirl Bunches of good stuff I’ve been reading through for some time now – – – The Center for the Rocky Mountain West has just released its Spring newsletter. There’s an interesting piece in there on population migration within the U.S. When Wulfgar! writes that he was thinking of wearing “a flower print dress […]

by jhwygirl There are a number of committee hearings for Monday through Wednesday. Here is the complete list. It’s a hard pick on which industry has gotten more attempts at free passes this session: coal or coal bed methane. There’s been a bevvy of bills for both, and Monday House Taxation hears one sucky bill, […]

by jhwygirl The Editor at the Button Valley Bugle has two bills that have both had their hearings and are awaiting committee action. Both bills deal with carbon sequestration – which sounds nice and green, but as The Very Worthy Editor puts forth, really isn’t. Quite an informative post over there on HB338 and SB498. […]

by Pete Talbot The topics above are too abbreviated to stand alone. So, instead of making separate posts, here’s my abridged take on some current events. Governor Schweitzer has an electric, new message. He was in Missoula last night for a fundraiser. I hadn’t seen him for a while so I went to hear what […]

by Pete Talbot I took some big hits from people on council who I respect for the piece I wrote yesterday on Missoula buying into a coal-fired generating plant. Some of those hits were well deserved. I did not allow enough time for responses from the mayor and council before posting the story. Their comments […]


A great profile of Jon Tester in this Sunday’s Missoulian… And from the pages of the profile, Matt Singer points out Jon’s thoughts about the war and wonders how we can push both him and Max Baucus towards a more firm stance against Bush. Montana’s Congressional delegation to fight the removal of 50 missiles from […]

by Jay Stevens  I know I’m a big proponent of transparency. I recently touted Montana’s Democratic legislators’ blog as an exercise of democracy, and a benefit to the voters of the state. But there are some folks better off without a website. Like Krayton Kerns. You may remember Kerns. He made a splash in the […]

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