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by jhwygirl I’d been waiting….frankly, I was a little concerned that he might be recruited by some org in the private sector, and we’d loose a legislative superstar. Senator Dave Wanzenried announced on Wednesday that he would be once again seeking the senate seat in senate district 49. Wanzenried currently sits on several senate committees: […]

by jhwygirl Looks like Dave Wanzenried, a State Senator representing the Missoula area, won’t be running against Dennis Rehberg for our one, at-large, U.S. Representative seat. A statement released today confirms it.

by jhwygirl In full disclosure, I am 200% in the Dave Wanzenried for U.S. Senate camp. I firmly believe that if any democrat candidate has a chance to beat Steve Daines, the only person who’s thrown their hat in the ring that has the bonafides to run for the office and the speaking ability to […]

by lizard The clock is ticking for the Walsh campaign. Politico brought out the long knives with this piece citing political opportunists excited to nibble on carrion. To further feed the frenzy, Cowgirl drops some clues, like this: There’s another thing I learned tonight, courtesy of an astute tipster: Nancy Keenan’s name appears to have […]

by lizard There are a few ways of going at the proliferation of Castle doctrine law, laws which create substantial barriers for prosecutors to actually bring charges when self-defense is invoked. Slate frames it like this: One amazing thing about the recent spate of laws that make it easier to shoot people and get away […]

by lizard Usually, when it comes to political rhetoric, creating jobs and supporting small businesses are touted as top priorities. Unfortunately, what politicians say is often at odds with what they actually do once in office. In today’s Missoulian, there is plenty of evidence that our state legislators are not immune. Two years ago, instead […]

by jhwygirl Sen. Debby Barrett’s bill to repeal last session’s eminent domain debacle had it’s hearing in Senate Energy and Telecommunications yesterday. A roomful of people, with overflow out into the hall, testified overwhelmingly in support of SB180 Northwestern Energy’s attorney Mr. Fitzpatrick spent a significant amount of time – after great theatrical preparation for […]

by jhwygirl What could get me wanting to try and throw out a few words? A bill seeking to repeal last session’s eminent domain debacle, HB198. I won’t go into the past gory details on the 2011 eminent domain bill – you can click that link above for that – what I will do is […]

by jhwygirl Word is that Sen. Jeff Essmann is preparing to add his name to the pile – and I do mean pile – of Montana Republicans seeking to the GOP gubernatorial nomination. His soon-to-be entry brings the number of candidates on the GOP side up to a 6-count: Rick Hill (who will quickly reduced […]

Open Letter to Governor Schweitzer regarding SB423, Medical Marijuana Policy Courtesy of a Keystone Cop Process A guest post by Kate Cholewa of Dear Governor Schweitzer, I know you have many issues on your plate and a record number of idiotic bills coming to your desk. I hope you have a moment to consider the process […]

by jhwygirl Proponents of HB198, the 62nd Legislature’s eminent domain bill, repeatedly admitted during debate on the Senate floor this afternoon (after a successful morning “blast” of the bill to get it to 2nd reading) that this bill was written and moved through the legislature to solve one issue, and one issue only – the […]

by jhwygirl With Social Security celebrating its 75th anniversary, people here in Missoula have the opportunity to participate in a community forum designed to bring a myriad of state and community leaders – and the general public – together to discuss the issues facing Social Security. On Monday, at 10:30 a.m. in city council chambers, […]

by Pete Talbot Filing deadline isn’t until March 15 at 5 p.m. but there are already some interesting developments in Missoula area races. First, a little flip-flop. Democratic Rep. Teresa Henry has filed for termed-out Democratic Sen. Carolyn Squires’ seat (SD 48). And Ms. Squires has filed for Ms. Henry’s house seat (HD 96). Teresa […]

by jhwygirl The joint interim Water Policy Committee meets this Wednesday and Thursday to discuss water issues. Day one is pretty much water permitting and exempt wells, while Thursday will encompass coalbed methane (CBM) and its water-related issues. You can listen or watch the sessions live by streaming from links on the legislative main page […]

by jhwygirl There are a number of committee hearings for Monday through Wednesday. Here is the complete list. It’s a hard pick on which industry has gotten more attempts at free passes this session: coal or coal bed methane. There’s been a bevvy of bills for both, and Monday House Taxation hears one sucky bill, […]

by jhwygirl This one comes entirely from my good Democratic friend Joan Vetter Ehrenberg in the Flathead: Here we go again, Republicans, now those in the Senate Finance and Claims Committee, are cutting the funding for the Healthy Kids Initiative (CHIP) out of HB 2 and losing necessary matching federal funds that are a win/win […]

by jhwygirl Sen. David Wanzenried’s bill – SB236, which would abolish the death penalty in Montana, has its second round of hearings today (Wednesday) at 8 a.m. in House Judiciary. This one has passed the Senate floor on a 27-23 bipartisan vote. One person that has spoken in support of this bill is Marietta Jaeger […]

by jhwygirl 65 committee meetings scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Argh. Looks like something is FUBAR (for a Sunday) – can’t read the bills. The network path was not found. Of note, I guess, based on previous posts, I see SB236, which is from Sen. David Wanzenried has its House committee hearing on Wednesday. […]

by jhwygirl Rep. Ed Butcher’s HB418 had its second reading on the Senate floor yesterday, but not without impassioned debate. In the end, the vote was 27-23 with a small handful of legislators crossing the aisle – including Sen. Gary L. Perry (R), who has sponsored a number of good environmental bills this session; and […]

by jhwygirl There is a correction in this post, below, for HB75 This post is just for Monday and Tuesday. 105 committee hearings for just those two days. Keep in mind, too, that this is all on the downhill side, too – and I need to remember that also. Floor hearings are becoming all the […]

by jhwygirl I suppose, perhaps, we are going to see some serious executive action this week on the backlog of previous hearings? The list of hearings seems awfully short: Only 8 hearings scheduled for both the House and Senate for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Which means I’ll have to be looking into what’s been left […]

by jhwygirl Or: Why does Sen. Rick Laible kowtow to rich out-of-state landowners? Or: Why doesn’t Sen. Rick Laible support his constituents? Or: Why does Sen. Rick Laible hate our Supreme Court? Sen. Rick Laible represents Senate District 44, which is the greater part of Ravalli County, where the Bitterroot River runs through it. You […]

by jhwygirl 101 committee hearings between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, folks. Plenty have moved through one house, into the other…so stuff is moving forward. There’s no time like the present to involve yourself with a letter or a phone call to Helena. On Monday, in House Judiciary, we’ve got one that addresses an issue that […]

by jhwygirl Note: Well, I’m realizing I screwed up here…this is the Wednesday through Friday schedule folks. With apologies and the appropriate corrections: I didn’t count ’em, but just as every other week, there’s a long list of committee hearings this week. I’ll remind: I only quickly point out the stuff that I’m noticing. If […]

by jhwygirl Thought I’d look back on some of the bills I’ve posted on. This post goes through week 2. Rep. Robin Hamilton’s HB62, which requires mandatory trappers education and safety courses has passed the three readings in the House (with a 51-48 final vote). It moves to the Senate. Rep. JP Pomnichowski’s HB63, which […]

by jhwygirl Well, fear and loathing for me, at least…ya’all know how I am about water issues. One of the biggest disappointments for me last week was Monday’s tabling of Senator David Wanzenried’s proposal brought forward out of his work with the Environmental Quality Council (EQC) – SB4, which would create a standing water policy […]

by jhwygirl For Monday – Wednesday, check out Part I. This post includes Thursday and Friday’s schedule. I’d like to note, those who are reading this, that if you are going to submit public comment using the staffers email address I’m providing, please be clear in noting that you are submitting public comment, and request […]

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