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This post will be edited periodically.

To those of you who are critics of my anonymity: My blogging isn’t about me. It’s about whatever I’ve written about.

I don’t know that I blog to please anyone, but I do enjoy when others join in. Most of the time. I hope you will engage. Civilly. Otherwise I can’t and won’t read it.

Writing is hard work. Even this blogging stuff. I wish I had it in me to write more, but it seems that twitter has been a bit of a distraction to me – the exchange of information is amazing. Worldwide discussion. As I write this, I’ll say that I’ll try and write more often. Or at least comment.

The opinions I express here are mine and solely mine alone. Frankly, often they’re far removed from even some of the writers here at 4&20 – and I’m OK mwith that. What I’m saying is that I represent myself and no one else. You may agree – or I may agree with you. But if I’m saying it here, it’s because I want to say it and not because someone wants me to say it for them.

In other words: I am not paid or otherwise compensated for what I write.

Finally – one more thing: If you don’t like the writing or the writers or the commentators here, don’t stop by. I can sleep at night knowing you aren’t reading this blog. Pretty sure the others can, too.

  1. Ruthie

    Dear jhwgirl: A most worthy cause is happening tonight. Please help spread the word: KathleenRK

    Missoula coach and volunteer and all-round good guy Dave Huerta would appreciate your help: http://tinyurl.com/ydqzh6z

  2. robert sealey

    if you have a moment, send me an email. I work as a network administrator and your post on live blogging is right up the alley of some stuff I have been working with for live video feed from the school district I work at and then there is some companion software for a live moderated ‘debate’ or at least content.

    Robert Sealey

  3. AnonymousSnark

    Why are you afraid to sign your name to what you write?

  4. joan amundson

    Why is 4&20 Blackbirds not discussing HB 198? Seriously, when did the protection of private property rights become unimportant?

    The draft House Bill introduced last week in the Montana Legislative session threatens private property rights by giving multi-national utility corporations the legal ability to confiscate private property using eminent domain.

    The intent of the draft HB 198, introduced by Senator Ken Peterson of Billings, is to overturn a recent ruling by District Judge Laurie McKinnon in Cutbank, Mont. against a Canadian high-voltage power line developer’s authority to condemn private property in Montana to transmit power to out-of-state markets. The first hearing on HB 198 is Wednesday, Jan .12 at 3 p.m. in Helena.

    How a Montana legislator votes on this bill will put them squarely on record as either favoring out-of-state corporate interests or standing up to those interests by voting to defend the constitutional and private property rights of everyday, working Montanans.

    Legislator contact information is available at http://nris.mt.gov/gis/legislat/2011/.

    Come on everyone! Wake up and smell the bulldozer exhaust fumes!

    • lizard19

      hey joan, here’s a suggestion: go to the search function, and type in something you’re interested about. i typed in “eminent domain” and found this. it might not be an original post, but the topic is not under the radar here.

      • Joan does have a point. I am slacking in terms of watching the committee schedules. What she speaks of above is a big issue. I’ll try and get to it tomorrow night.

    • CCarp

      I for one am shocked, shocked I tell you, to find that all the Republican/Tea Party hullaballoo over Kelo and property rights was insincere.

      Oh, folks were sincere about objecting to taking property away to give to them, but taking it away to give to someone who’s going to make a bunch of money? American as apple pie.

      Of course, the legislation is no surprise. As Judge McKinnon pointed out in Salois, there are statutes that allow private takings for underground storage of natural gas, open pit mining, railroads, and pipelines. Just not transmission lines.

  5. joan amundson

    Thanks, lizard19. jhwygirl is a hero of mine and if she says she’s going to become more familiar with HB 198, I’m thrilled. Bill is reviewed THIS Wednesday afternoon. I urge all 4&20 Blackbirders to channel their inner activists and call the Capital at 406-444-4800 before end of day Tuesday.* Tell the operator you want to leave a message for the Federal Relation, Energy and Telecommunications (FRET) Committee. Leave a message like “are you guys on crack?” or something more civilized like “I strongly oppose House Bill 198 because it threatens private property rights. Vote against HB 198 and show voters you uphold citizens’ rights.” Also, show up at the hearing on Wednesday in Helena at 3 p.m. and ask FRET members how they could live with the legacy of throwing property owners under the bus?! Unreal.

  6. joan amundson

    No worries!

  7. klemz

    Steelers are going down today.

  8. Pogo Possum

    Blog Stats……..936,276 hits

    Impressive number. I have to compliment you and your stable of commentators on 4&20 for approaching the million mark and for having the guts to publicize your web hits. With a little effort you should hit it this fall. Any plans for a party to celebrate the occasion?

  9. mdc5809

    I guess Karl Tyler realized it was a bad business decision to have this event at their place of business.

  10. First Amendment

    Well because

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