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by jhwygirl

In a ruling handed down in the 5th District, out of Dillon Montana, Judge Loren Tucker told Montana Department of Environmental Quality that its environmental review (EIS, environmental impact statement) must consult with local government. Both the Helena IR and Butte’s KXLF have the story.

Jefferson County had sued DEQ over placement of the MSTI utility line, saying that they had not been consulted and the public process left them with insufficient time to adequately review the proposal.

Does any of this sound familiar? The Kearl transport proposal to move oversized Korean-built tar sands oil infrastructure along the wild and scenic designated Lochsa River corridor and up and over the historic Lolo Pass, location of the ancient Nez Pierce Nimi’ipuu Trail and the he historic site of Lewis & Clark’s famous trip across the wild west.

Alll to take the stuff to Canada to poison the lands and the native peoples there.

Over at Left in the West, Turner has written two find posts on the MSTI project – one explaining the issue, asking for help and another pointing out the hypocrisy and lies being put forth by state officials (like Governor Schweitzer) on the true purpose and the true impacts and the real job creation of the project.

MDOT left little time for the public to comment on the environmental analysis (EA) that was completed by Exxon (yep – the applicant did the environmental analysis)….and during that short 30 days, the state’s ability to obtain comments via email failed. Many people – including the Missoula County Commissioners – requested that the comment period be lengthened to allow for full review of the proposal (a fully printed version of the document was over 3 inches thick).

At this point, MDOT is far overdue in releasing its decision on the permit (having promised it August 15th). Idaho residents have sued in court to stop the transport, and Missoula County Commissioners have hinted at the same.

Let’s hope some city and county officials have taken notice of this recent 5th District ruling and find out the specifics of the case to determine how it may impact their position on the proposal.

Will DEQ appeal? Doubtful. They’ll go back to attempt to work with the county and avoid an appeal at all costs. A further adverse ruling would require them to implement its findings state-wide, and clearly, you can bet DEQ doesn’t want to see that happen.

by jhwygirl

Brittany Kailey won the City of Dillon’s seat for Ward 4, taking it away from Niles “Swede” Troedsson.

Brittany is the wife of Moorecat, a blogger who blogs on local politics in Dillon. Moorecat has been openly critical of both the Mayor and Troedsson.

Some of you might remember Mr. Troedsson as the councilman who conspired with Mayor Marty Maelisch to have Moorecat arrested for driving on a suspended license.

No need to go into the sordid details on that affair.

It does go to show, though, that when faced with those kind of politics, it’s good to revolt pragmatically.

Congrats to Brittany!

by Jay Stevens

Some time ago, I praised the work that Moorcat was doing over at Pragmatic Revolt for blogging up local politics – which, obviously, has served as a model for what we’re trying to do over here at 4&20 blackbirds.

Moorcat must be doing something right, because the mayor of Dillon, Marty Malesich, of whom Moorcat is a vocal critic, and city council member, Nils “Swede” Troedsson, recently had him arrested. Moorcat’s arrest was the lead story in the Dillion Tribune today (reprinted in its entirety below).

What’s clear – and Malesich doesn’t deny this – is that Moorcat (a.k.a., Ken Kailey) was investigated, found to have a suspended driver’s license, then targeted for arrest after Troedsson saw him driving, and subsequently relayed the information to Malesich:

In an interview Monday night, Dillon Police Chief John Gutcheck confirmed that Malesich had called him sometime prior to Oct. 6 and asked him to check on the status of Kailey’s driver’s license. Gutcheck reported to the Mayor that Kailey’s license was suspended in Washington.

Gutcheck confirmed that on Oct. 6 Malesich called him at home and told him that an unlicensed driver was at the Post Office. Malesich gave a description of the vehicle and the license plate number.

Gutcheck called dispatch and relayed the message to the patrolman. According to police records, Kailey was arrested Saturday, Oct. 6, at 10:08 a.m. He was taken into custody and bond was posted. He was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Asked Tuesday morning if he had run a check on Kailey’s driving status, Malesich responded that he was verifying “common knowledge.”

If that’s not bad enough, consider that Moorcat’s wife – Brittney Kailey – is running against Troedsson for city council, and it’s pretty obvious that Malesich and Troedsson were not acting purely out of civic duty.

Meanwhile, Moorcat is plowing on with his coverage of Dillon city politics. He’s also asking for a little help to cover the costs of his defense. Drop a sawbuck on Moorcat, and drop him a line of support. Let him know he’s doing the right thing…

(Full article below the fold…)

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