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by Pete Talbot

My background gets checked all the time: for jobs, when I buy insurance, leave or enter the country, try to get a loan or apply for a credit card.

Background checks for gun buyers aren’t that big a deal. No one is limiting their choice of weapons or trying to take any away.

And 90 percent of Americans believe that expanded background checks are OK. Some of that 90 percent must live in Montana, right, Max?

If it were me, I’d support a ban on assault weapons and 30-plus-round clips. But I understand Max’s trepidation on this. The last time Max did anything controversial – and he probably didn’t realize it at the time – he voted for the Brady Bill.  The bill came about after President Reagan, Press Secretary James Brady, and a Secret Service agent and DC cop were wounded in an 1981 assassination attempt.

The Brady Bill was finally signed into law by President Clinton in 1993.  Many Republicans supported this legislation. Yet, Ax Max signs showed up around the state.

Next year,  he’s up for re-election, and Ax Max signs still haunt him.

I don’t expect Max to support ammo clip or assault weapon legislation but still, he’s against expanded background checks? C’mon Max, do you really need the votes from folks who think background checks are a radical infringement on their 2nd Amendment rights?  You’re worried about Republican candidates Corey Stapleton or Champ Edmunds?  You’ve already got $6.5 million in campaign funds in the bank.  No Republican challenger can come close to raising that kind of money.  You should be more worried about a primary challenger who would vote the correct way on expanded background checks.

Max always says: “My job is to stand up for Montanans, they are my employers.” I would venture that his employers are big pharma, insurance, finance and now the NRA.  Prove me wrong, Max.

by Pete Talbot

In the wake of the Arizona shootings, Sen. Verdell Jackson (R-Kalispell), is drafting a bill to allow owners of concealed weapons, who have permits, to pack heat in the Montana Capitol Building.

He quotes a story out of Utah, where concealed weapons are allowed in the Utah Capitol Building. Apparently pistol packing legislators there saved the day. From Sen. Jackson:

“Six senators carry weapons,” Jackson said. “They had a person who forced his way past the security doors. He swung open the two double doors and was coming down the aisle. He looked up, and six guns were pointing at him. He turned around and ran right into a security guard.”

It’s a compelling story, if it’s true. I’d like to know his source, and there are some other details I’d like to know, too, like: was the person who busted through the doors carrying a gun, and are there metal detectors or other types of security at the Utah Capitol?

But, after a rather exhausting search, I couldn’t find any news stories related to this incident. Perhaps Verdell’s source was that fountain of information, Gary (shoot first, ask questions later) Marbut.

I did get this response from Tad Walch, City Desk Editor of the Deseret News:

We’ve talked with our veteran hands here, and no one remembers such an episode. We plan to explore it further tomorrow with folks on the Hill and likely even do a story.

And perhaps the Lee Enterprises State Bureau could do a little more digging into Sen. Jackson’s storytelling (preferably before his bill becomes law).

by jhwygirl

Montana’s resident gun nut and lunatic lobbyist had his lawsuit against the U.S. government dismissed this afternoon for what was basically a lack of standing.

See, Marbut and his Montana Shooting Sports Association tried to sue the federal government for relief from something that hadn’t happened. See, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had yet to stop Montana from NOT regulating something that it doesn’t regulate already.

Get this circular logic?

See, Marbut successfully (so note that, people – HB246 passed a majority in the evenly split state house (84-14) and a majority in the Republican-controlled senate…and Governor Schweitzer signed the thing into law) lobbied a bill through the last legislative session that exempted Montana built guns from federal regulation.

So Montana legislators passed a bill and our Governor Schweitzer signed that bill into law that said that guns made in the state of Montana were not subject to federal law.

Make sense? A state passing a law saying it isn’t subject to federal law?

Pretty soon, one of these Einstein’s are going to want to secede from the Union….history be damned.

How we’re going to ensure that these guns stay in Montana? Don’t think that’s of consequence to Montana and its taxpayers? It will be once some gun manufacturer sells a gun to someone out of state or sells it to someone who takes the thing out of Montana. So the taxpayers will be paying Bullock and his staff to defend the thing once the feds try and enforce their regulations.

Awesome, huh?

You wonder why all the escaped convicts run here? Wonder why we have all those crazy doomsday groups here? Nazis?

And you can damned well bet Marbut considers himself a conservative. Spending taxpayer money to defend his political agenda follies.

Consider, too, the irony of him having to file in federal court. Kinda makes me laugh – him filing a suit without standing in federal court, asking the feds to basically give him legitimacy.

Gotta love that.

Want to learn more about Marbut and Joel Boniek (the sponsor the bill mentioned above)? Check out this previous post which includes a YouTube video of Marbut and Boniek’s appearance on Fox News w/Glenn Beck.

Wonder if ol’ Glenn Beck and Fox News will cover this dismissal?

by Pete Talbot

I wish this organization all the luck. It’s going to need it.

Montanans Against Gun Violence is going public. Here’s an excerpt from guest columns that are appearing in newspapers around the state:

Annually some 30,000 Americans die from all forms of gun violence—from homicides, suicides, or accidental deaths. In Montana, domestic violence, alcohol-related violence, suicides, and accidental deaths–especially of minors, lead the list of causes.

Respected Missoula progressive Robert McKelvey heads this group, but this is not radical gun control he’s advocating. Using the recent SCOTUS Second Amendment decisions as a springboard, the column quotes (surprise) Justice Scalia:

“the right to keep and bear arms is not ‘a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever and for whatsoever purpose’.”

Scalia then proceeded to list a wide range of local or state gun-ownership and gun-carry regulatory measures that remain lawful and appropriate.

Gun rights are the most controversial issue in Montana, to my way of thinking. And considering that Montana’s three members of Congress are leading the charge to expand access to guns and ammo — particularly our two senators, although our congressman is no piker — this is an extremely tough row to hoe.

Let’s face it, Gary (Bazookas for Babies) Marbut and his Montana Shooting Sports Association is one of the more successful lobbyists at our state legislature. Legislators roll over like trained poodles when Gary introduces a bill.

Then take a look at the comments when the Missoulian ran the column, with one-out-of-twenty in support of McKelvey’s organization. This from Missoula, although it also includes comments from the Bitterroot, Sanders County and other outlying areas. Enough said.

We’ll see if Montanans Against Gun Violence gets any traction in this state. It’s up against a rabid constituency. Again, good luck.

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