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The Missoula Independent’s endorsements are up. They’re fantastic, and I pretty much agree with each. Here are the statewide endorsements. The Senate:

Hot damn, an easy one: Jon Tester for Senate!

The Indy calls him “genuine,” and better able to represent “average” Montanans in DC. Also:

He has established himself as an unrancorously mainstream politician with an independent mind, and while running a campaign necessarily tilted toward the missteps and implied misdeeds of his opponent, he has successfully communicated a message of progress and hope.

And Burns?

His opponent, on the other hand, is an embarrassment, nationally and, more painfully, at home. He speaks poorly, he appears not so much to think as to repeat, his campaign has been an endless parade of base indignities against the very idea of civil democracy, and he is the veritable tottering headmaster of the more-of-the-same school.

The Indy rails against his tax policies, support of the President’s war plans, his attitudes toward public lands, his negative campaigning, his foot-in-the mouth disease, etc. and company.

The endorsement was whole-hearted and sincere.

And for the House?

Rehberg is a formidable legislator who throws around a lot of weight as Montana’s sole representative, but given his persistent “stay the course” attitude on the ill-conceived war in Iraq, his votes favoring turning over public lands to private developers, his vote in favor of a bill authorizing the Bush administration to unilaterally reinterpret the Geneva Conventions and eliminate habeas corpus for “unlawful enemy combatants,” and his unwavering support for the most disastrous and frightening administration in modern American history, we think a change is long overdue.Lindeen has run a serious and passionate campaign, even if it has gone largely unnoticed. She can hardly be blamed for the low-profile nature of this contest given the overwhelming attention paid to the nationally targeted Senate race. But Lindeen has been solid in her support for renewable energy and biofuels, and we believe her when she says she won’t be simply another rubber stamp for the Bush administration. Those are reasons enough to earn our vote.


The Indy also supports the lobbyist reform initiative 153. They give the nod to the hike in the state’s minimum wage, initiative 151, with this zinger: “If a business can’t make it in this state without riding on the backs of people making $5.15 an hour, then it deserves to fail.”

Again, amen.

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Guest Post by Jaime from Cece in MT. 

Alrighty then.  As we know, yesterday in Cascade County a new local group called Montanans for Equal Application of Initiative Laws filed a complaint against the State of Montana, via the Secretary of State; Raise Montana (I-151); and Montanans for Clean Government (I-153).

 A quick brush up.

 I-153, Montanans for Clean Government is a proposed initiative, which would change the Constitution of Montana, to mandate a two year cooling off period for some elected officials (the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, superintendent of public instruction, and auditor) and some of their personal staff; prior to allowing them to apply for a lobbying permit, and to becoming licensed lobbyists.  This initiative was proposed by Governor Schweitzer. 

I-151, Raise Montana is a proposed initiative, which would change the Constitution of Montana, and mandate a raise in the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.15 per hour, along with an annual cost of living adjustment. 

So now, the attorney who was hired to defend the Trio of Doom, (CI-97, CI-98 and I-154) has been hired to represent Montanans for Equal Application of Initiative Laws.

It appears that the meat of their complaint lies in attempting (or in not attempting) to invalidate the signatures gathered by certain people associated in the promotion of each campaign during the signature gathering phase.  And, Mr. Gallus, being inventive, chose to go along the exact same lines as Mr. Meloy did in calling into question a specific group of signature gatherers, and called into question their ability to certify a number of signatures on a certain day.

I have no doubt that these campaigns will not only be able to produce the actual signature gatherers themselves, to testify as to what occurred, unlike Montanans in Action and their Trio of Doom.  And I suspect most people know this as well.

So why file a complaint?  I mean there are only 34 (quickly approaching 33 days) left until election day.  What could the possible motive be?  Hmmmm . . .

Just speculating here, but could it possibly be a smear campaign?  *Thinking out-loud* Maybe some sort of an eye for an eye tactic?  Who knows, no one I know can say for certain. 

I do however know someone who has dealt with these types of tactics in the past, from the very same attorney.  And I would be willing to bet that my source wouldn’t be surprised in the least if that were the case here.

Wait and watch, this should be interesting.

P.S.  I just have to say it.  It cracks me up that Montanans in Action and the Trio of Doom is currently telling the Supreme Court that they didn’t have enough time to respond to the complaints about their signature gathering practices filed back on August 16, 2006.  And whining about being denied their right to due process of law (which they didn’t bother to argue in District Court).  Seems to me that they are trying the same thing here.  More on that in my blog later.

Ta ta for now, its been fun over here at 4&20.

Guest Post by Jaime from Cece in MT

Apparently I was a little slow on the uptake on this one.

I was driving down 11th Avenue at lunch, and almost got into a fender bender with none other than Trevis Butcher sans pig (that would have been an interesting confrontation wouldn’t it?), who was trying to get into my lane without rear ending me.

As I pulled away from Trevis, a report came on Yellowstone Public Radio, that a new group called Montana for Equal Application of Initiative Laws, filed suit yesterday in Great Falls that illegal signature gathering went on during the petition drive for I-151 (Raise Montana) and I-153 (Montanans for Clean Government, Lobbying cooling off period).

The complaint was filed through attorney Chris Gallus, who I have been told has filed complaints in a retaliatory manner in the past, more information as I gather it. I have also been told that this complaint was filed by someone or someones close to or connected with the Burns campaign . . . interesting.

As soon as I can get my hands on the complaint, I will get the info to you all.

For now, here is a link to the article in the Great Falls Tribune.

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