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Since the Republicans showed their true communist colors and adopted the slogan “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” with the passage of SB 423 ridding the fledgling medical marijuana industry of the profit motive patients will inevitably suffer and the black market will invariably fill the void left by the current caregiver system.

I wonder what the Republicans think all these MMJ growers will do once they become outlawed… Sell their equipment on craigslist? More likely, these growers that have sunk thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of dollars into their business will continue to grow for the black market where they can actually make money… Tax free at that. These people are small business entrepreneurs after all, and they just need government to get out of their way.

Anyway, there is a great Slate feature that I suggest anyone interested in this issues should read. The article is written by a woman whose son suffers from a severe form of autism and the only thing that she has found that helps her child is marijuana. There are four parts to the series spanning a two year period of her family’s struggle with the disorder and how, through the use of medical marijuana, they have been able to live a more normal and happy life.

by Pete Talbot

General Electric makes a $5.1 billion profit in the U.S. and pays nothing in taxes.  It actually gets a $3.2 billion tax credit.

Is this the Republican tax policy?

Man, things are definitely askew.  Not enough money for education, the poor, kids and seniors.  Gosh, I wonder why.

Here’s the story in the NY Times.

by Pete Talbot

I was worried sick.

With all the lawsuits and counter-suits and counter-counter suits, I was afraid the Yellowstone Club — the private ski club for the uber-rich south of Bozeman — might be failing.

The Bozeman Chronicle tells us otherwise. The story quotes CrossHarbor Capital Partners head honcho Sam Byrne who says business is booming. CrossHarbor picked up the club for pennies on the dollar after the club declared bankruptcy in 2008. The alleged mismanagement of funds, particularly a $375 million Credit Suisse loan, led to the club’s downfall. Also in play is the nasty divorce of club founders Tim and Edra Blixseth, and more lawsuits and motions than you can shake a stick at: bankruptcy hearings, ex-husband suing ex-wife and vice-versa, members suing the Yellowstone Club, Tim Blixseth filing a motion to disqualify the bankruptcy judge, banks suing holding companies, holding companies suing banks …

But not to worry, the club has added 40 new members and has sold $175 million in real estate.

It’s comforting to know that in the middle of the Great Recession, in an era of stagnant development and foreclosures, folks can still afford to build 20-thousand-square-foot homes. Some people can, anyway.

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