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by jhwygirl

I’ve slept on this two nights, and I’ve failed to find a moral or a logical reason for Tester’s vote, other than pandering for votes.

I guess I’m one of those idealistic ones who expects the people I vote for to do the right thing. Even when it’s tough.

A number of progressives here in Montana have written about Jon’s vote – Pogie at Intelligent Discontent, Matt at Left in the West, Wulfgar! and Jamee Greer at Left in the West too….and Shahid Haque-Hausrath, a Helena-based attorney and human rights activist.

I see Tester’s vote as unreasonable. It was a step towards reform. We’ve been told to accept steps on health care. We’ve been told to accept steps on financial reform. Compromise.

I thought this was compromise. A baby step towards reasonably and morally solving one little slice of the immigration issue.

Beyond that, I’m pretty much in line with the laments of Pogie and the disappointment of Jamee Greer. We all were working very hard in 2006 for Tester.

DREAM would have made citizens out of people brought here as minors. Children that did not have a choice and children that did not knowingly come here breaking the law.

DREAM made citizens of these people who came here as children providing they had clean records and a good grade average and hadn’t broken the law.

DREAM had nothing to do with so-called ‘anchor babies’ because – like it or not – those ‘anchor babies’ are legal citizens of the United States of America.

Now, if you want to call that amnesty – and I point to the fact that these are kids we’re talking about who had no choice – call it that. But it sure seemed fair to me.

I mean, what – punish the child for the ills of the parent? Really?

Sen. Tester issued a statement at 5 p.m. Friday, the eve before Saturday’s vote, saying he couldn’t vote for amnesty.

So the other reason I see his vote as utterly without logic is this: If Senator Tester’s position is “no amnesty” how, pray tell, do we meet his position? What is the end-game to that position? Deportation of all undocumented immigrants? How are we going to do that? More importantly, how are we going to fund it?

And think about it – Exactly what kind of government does it require to round up all these illegal people? Are you going to go door to door? Am I going to have to carry citizenship papers with me at all times?

I mean, really? What is the end-game of a “no amnesty” position?

Tester’s vote is extremely disheartening for me…especially from what I read outside of the Montana blogosphere – “burn in hell”? “bigot”? Those words cross lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

As for my part, I’ve taken a number of criticisms just for posting kos’ response to Tester’s vote (a post, btw, which mentioned Baucus). As I started out above – I’ve slept on this two nights trying to see a reasonable side to this vote and I’ve yet to find it.

Do I make Jon an adversary by being so upset about this vote? I would certainly hope not – and I would hope he thought the same when he cast his NO vote knowing I and a whole bunch of others here in Montana and elsewhere would think it was a shitty thing to do.

If anything, the cynic is me says that there’s a part of him that’s giving me a tip o’ the hat for giving him some street cred with the voting xenophobes of Montana. I mean – consider the value kos got him over at Electric City Weblog.

by Pete Talbot

The death of the political blog Left in The West has been greatly exaggerated.

While it’s hard to do to justice to the writings of Jay Stevens and Matt Singer, there are some new posts up that deserve your attention. Matt Koehler, someone named Rustin (who follows Bozeman issues) and 4&2O’s own problembear have been filling the void. Rob ‘Wulfgar!’ Kailey has a post up and is also administering the site. This is all good news.

So, if you thought that LiTW had bitten the dust, think again, and pay the site a visit:

by jhwygirl

I’ve been hampered in my blogging since Tuesday when I (feebly) installed a new wireless router and ended up with a laptop that won’t connect. Tonight I cave and plug in the damned ethernet.

In between that time I got one of those neat ereaders. Fun.

All of that being said, Jay, the founder of this blog 4&20 blackbirds and principal blogger over at Left in the West, gave me a call Wednesday morning to tell me that he was moving on. It was a busy day for me and I have to admit I kinda didn’t think it was actually going to happen..I guess?

But then the post went up. Or I should say the emails started. Either way – whoa.

It was something that was briefly discussed when he moved to PA, but I guess I never saw a need for it…even though I knew that Jay was involving himself locally – which is a great thing.

But then the next day the other foot – Matt Singer – drops? Seriously, I was like WTH?

I have more admiration and regard for Matt Singer than I can put into words. Or if I did, I’d embarrass him or at least make his face all red. Though that hasn’t stopped me from trying every once in a while when he was extraordinarily newsworthy, and you can search our Matt Singer archives here for posts.

Here are two guys that have made an indelible foot-in-the-ass imprint on the politics of Montana. For more than half a decade.

Then tonight I find out that there is a going away party for Matt. So his heading to Oregon isn’t happening in a while, it’s happening soon – and all of this becomes so much more real.

For me personally, both Jay and Matt are the reason I blog – so ya’all can pretty much blame them both equally there – and for Jay’s part, when he headed on to take the helm as COO of Left in the West, he handed the reigns over here.

So the blame on Jay can be spread on a little thicker, I guess.

And Jay made it a point in our conversation on Wednesday to say how much he enjoyed the writers here….always the cheerleader for opinion and discussion. Always.

Wulfgar! wrote his own thoughts about Matt and Jay’s goodbye to Montana politics. Wulfgar! is another one who can whomp some darned fine progressive blogging out, and I have to say I am somewhat relieved by reading his posts that he doesn’t show any of the same indications.

Montana progressive politics will never be the same – but they also wouldn’t be what they are without the imprint of Matt Singer and Jay Stevens.

Go be famous elsewhere. The world deserves it.

by jhwygirl

I’m sure many – probably all – 4&20 readers have noticed, Left in the West, Montana’s premier progressive blog, is down.

This is a temporary thing, I am told.

Usually it happens right in the heat of a general election, so I had to check my calendar and make sure I didn’t suffer a Rumpelstiltskin or something…

I’m sure it is just a coincidence that it’s down and that Jake Eaton happens to be back in Montana. Just a coincidence.

Until then, shop around on that list over there on the left – Mountain Blogs. Plenty of fine blogs to fill your intertubing pleasure.

by jhwygirl

Denise Juneau, candidate for Superintendent of Schools. Could that be Molly, from Forward Montana nearby?

I had quite a few of Missoula’s Senator Dave Wanzenried…

I spied Mike McGrath, our current Attorney General and the next Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court, during Barack’s speech.

Shane Mason, of Montana Netroots, was the first to poach the floor and go for the deviled eggs. He said he just had to have one! (Truth is, it ended up being 5 or 6.)

Local Missoula Dems know this guy, Denver Henderson, is going places! Congrats to the Mr. & Mrs. on that new house too!

Matt Singer, CEO of Forward Montana, looking spiffy in a suit!

Does 4&20 get submittals? Why yes it does! From George Parisot to my inbox, George provides us with this lovely shot of some rowdies up in the stands!

Thanks George!

by jhwygirl

Which is why I have been so absolutely perplexed about the bullcrap recently blogged over at Carol Minjares’ website, attacking Forward Montana.

At first I went looking for the “Humor” tag, given her propensity towards bad jokes.

But alas, it was missing.

She frames the Roosevelt Institute as a “Soros-funded conglomeration of think tanks.”

The Roosevelt Institution has an annual budget of around $150,000. Can’t much fund a conglomeration of think tanks with that kind of budget, now can we? (But honestly, if you want to see who’s funded well, check out that link.)

Google is your friend.

She disses on his 2 year communications director gig at Progressive States Network because they were funded with $30,000 ($30,000! The horror!!) grant from the Proteus Fund, which is separated by how many degrees? Three? Six? Fifty? to George Soros?


Then she goes on to connect the $250,000 grant that Forward Montana got to “Jon and Peter Lewis of Skyline Public Works.”

Skyline Public Works is the baby of Deborah and Andy Rappaport – and hell, Google is your friend on that one too..

From there she takes that lie and ties the Lewis’ false connection to Soros – which she admits didn’t work out too well – and connects Matt to Soros.

But wait! It gets better! She then takes an anonymous post to that first lie-filled post and creates another post about how Matt supposedly had a conversation with a group of strangers, in a public place, bragging about his connections to Soros!

Look – I’ve been around ‘think tank’ people on both sides of the aisle – if you want to believe me – and I sure don’t go throwing around the names of who I’ve hung out with and how much money they spent on whatever they’re spending they’re money on. You just don’t get to be around people like that if you’re going to do stuff like that. Period. You wouldn’t last 3 minutes – they’d nullify you in a heartbeat.

Even The Montana Misanthrope, I’m sure, would back me up on that one.

But it shows the gumption of wanna-be’s who will print anything to drive up traffic on their site.

Now aside from Forward Montana’s mission statement that basically reads:

Forward Montana is:

Cultural Politics – combining music, art and political activism

Mobilizing for Change – using media, email, and the masses to make our voices heard

A New Generation of Leaders – recruiting and training young Montanans to lead in the 21st century.

What does all this stuff mean? In short – a new model for political participation that recognizes that we can make serious change and have a little fun at the same time.

And aside that, as I’ve noted above, just about everything she tried to smear Forward Montana, and in turn, my friend Matt Singer with was lies and bullcrap….

I don’t give one rat’s ass over where in the hell that organization is getting it’s cash.

I know some of it is from me. And I will be calling them tomorrow to up that meager donation I make to them a meager amount more. Yep. That’s right. THIS WHOLE DIRTY AFFAIR IS MAKING ME WANT TO GIVE THEM MORE MONEY!


But back to the topic at hand:

I know lawyers are supposed to twist the facts to make the best case they can for their clients…but are they really supposed to lie?

{Now I really feel dirty. I’ve said what I’ve had to say – so don’t expect me to say anything more. Ugh.}

by Jay Stevens

From today’s Missoula Independent feature of Matt Singer:

“We’re both young guys interested in politics and interested in Montana,” Erik Iverson says of the impetus behind their meeting over beers earlier this year. “I obviously want young people to get involved in politics and paying attention and volunteering and voting. It’s better for democracy and better for Montana.”

‘Nuff ced. That should put an end to the wild accusations against Forward Montana from Missoula Republicans…right?


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