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by jhwygirl

OccupyHelena is calling for an Occupy Our Capitol for Saturday…and they’ve got a full agenda, starting at noon in Hill Park.

Highlighting the day is a soapboxing event at 2:30 on the steps of the capitol…and then later at 5 p.m. there’s a soup & bread supper and General Assembly.

If you’re looking for ride-sharing, it looks like this post from OccupyMissoula is helping out with that.

And from a comment I saw on one of the posts, it appears that OccupyButte will be there, as will the OccupyDillon atfolks.

So muster up, people….there is nothing better than a good old peaceful protest gathering on the steps of the capitol in Helena Montana on a gorgeous crisp fall day. I’ve done it in January, and it’s a fabulous venue.

by Pete Talbot

“I shouldn’t say this …” Conrad Burns said. It was the only accurate statement he made all day.

He then went on to insult Indians, Wall Street occupiers and the President.

He was talking to a small tea party crowd in Billings, an event organized by Americans for Prosperity and underwritten by the billionaire Koch brothers.

I’ve been waiting for another Montana blogger to write about this (Montana Cowgirl, Pogie?) but haven’t seen a thing. Maybe Conrad’s speech was so obtuse it didn’t deserve notice. I, however, think it might because it mirrors the far-right’s rhetoric of ignorance, intolerance and racism.

Ignorance: “Burns was there to ‘expose the Obama administration’s $40 billion energy tax grab that will destroy jobs, decrease government revenues at a time of exploding national debt and make America less competitive.'”

In reality, the idea is to eliminate taxpayer-financed oil subsidies and tax breaks, and reinvest the $40 billion into social programs, green energy and job creation, according to C’mon Conrad, continued subsidies for oil companies with record-breaking profits are going to reduce the deficit, destroy jobs and make America less competitive? Well, it might give the oil companies slightly less money to employ corporate mouthpieces such as yourself.

Intolerance: On the Wall Street/Missoula/Helena/etc. occupiers, Burns said: “I feel sorry for these kids. They’re kind of spoiled. They’re down there having a hissy fit. They don’t know who they’re mad at.”

Oh, they know who they’re mad at, these spoiled kids, it’s the likes of you: politicians who push economic inequality, and advance the financial institutions responsible for a recession that’s crippling middle-class Montanans and devastating the poor.

Racism: “We got a guy in the White House (who) believes all of us should be dependent on the government,” Burns said. “I shouldn’t say this, but he wants this whole country to become like an Indian reservation.”

Conrad is on the record as a bigot: Arabs, African-Americans and now, Native Americans. Those damn Indians … and after all that the government has done for them. (R.I.P. Elouise Cobell. Please ignore Burns’ spiteful comments.)

So Conrad is still out there. He’s working for GAGE, a Leo Giacometto/Son-of-Rehberg Washington, D.C., lobbying firm, and spewing far-right rhetoric.

In these troubled times, do we really need the former Senator sowing seeds of hate, divisiveness and malice. I think not.

(This is but the opinion of one Occupier in Solidarity, and not the consensus of OccupyMissoula) 

Many people do not understand what the Occupy movement is all about, and preconceptions and prejudices abound. I have spent most of the last two weeks working to understand this movement and help organize OccupyMissoula. I’m not sure why I stuck my neck out, and devoted all my time, but it has changed the way I look at politics, movements, and my community.

In the words of an elderly gentleman I have known and respected for the 25 years I have lived in Missoula, “this is the most important movement I have seen since the the Great Depression.”

Similarly, last night I had the honor to meet 4 young high school students who had decided to put on suits and come down to the County Court House and OccupyMissoula to “check things out.” We had a great conversation and I felt inspired that our youth feel the same concerns that our more experienced community members do, and felt compelled to participate, and to write about their experience (one of them was a writer for their high school’s newspaper).

It took an article in no less than Fox News, tweeted across the internet in a “Holy Shit” moment to put it all into perspective for me: “The key isn’t what protesters are for but rather what they’re against.” Continue Reading »


Well, somebody didn’t get any sleep last night, and OccupyMissoula has a new website up. It’s chock full of information, links and resources so go check it out!

And OccupyMissoula will be having its first GA on saturday. The GA has been moved to the fish sculptures at Caras Park, as the XXX’s at the Farmer’s Market was going to be too small, due to the anticipated large assembly. Here’s a note about the change:

To clarify how this came about. The initial planners who are just trying to get things moving initially picked the xxxx’s because of the high visibility on what is the main street of town. We are very happy that it is likely that will be too small of a space for everyone. and the goal is in no way to obstruct the circle square market. SO, the 99% won’t fit at the xxxx’s, and perhaps it is inappropriate in general. We hear that, and will be moving the GA to fish sculpture next to the river market, so we won’t interfere with traffic by overflowing into the streets. Again I want to stress that these decision was only made to get the ball rolling and get everyone in one place so we could reach consensus on a Occupy Missoula location. Please bring your ideas to the general assembly and they will be heard.

There also will be a planning meeting on thursday at 4pm at Break Expresso:

Missoula activists and family–please meet at Break Expresso, 4pm this Thursday. We need your creative minds to prepare for a General Assembly in Missoula. The invite is including everyone–artists, veterans, writers, politicians, freedom-fighters, journalists, concerned parents, houseless, legislators–if you feel you have something to contribute to a Missoula General Assembly and wished to be involved in the planning of such…get thee forthwith–to the Break. If you are a seasoned activist, trained facilitator or legal expert–we would like to leverage your experience, as well, although you would only be a person with an opinion.

 And how can we forget our NYC #OccupyWallStreet compatriots who are putting on a huge demonstration today? Thousands marched from Foley Square to the Financial District. The march represents the joining of over 40 union and community organizations in the movement. As material becomes available, I’ll post it up. Until then, join the LiveStream.


OccupyMissoula had its first meeting in downtown Missoula yesterday and was a great success bringing folks together to identify local support and resources and planning how to move forward. Today, October 4th is the kickoff public event. Look for much more information as we get this puppy moving, and get our website up and running.

From OccupyMontana:

Join us for 10-4 WeWantMore (People)! an initial planning event at the U of M Tuesday 7pm between the UC and Library, rain or shine. Saturday at the Fish Sculptures at Caras Park Missoula Farmer’s Market near the XXXs, starting at 10AM, will be a practice run at General Assembly. These events are in solidarity with #OWS.

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