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In a sad flashback to the Bush era, it appears that an Obama Administration official, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, is under pressure to resign over comments he recently made regarding the Libyan uprising.  While giving his testimony to a congressional hearing regarding the situation in Libya Clapper commented that Gaddafi’s, “regime will prevail,” in the longer term because of its superior firepower.  Republican Senator Lindsey Graham immediately called for the Director’s resignation saying that, “his comments will make the situation more difficult for those opposing Gadhafi.”

Now… I don’t enjoy defending the intelligence community given human rights violations, extraordinary rendition, and blowback caused by their interference in other country’s sovereign affairs.  But Clapper hits the nail directly on the head with his assessment of what is happening in Libya.  The longer that Gaddafi has to re-consolidate his power, assault the rebels in the eastern half of the country, and practice realpolitik the more likely it is that he and his sons, will come out of this triumphant.

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by jhwygirl

The importance of net neutrality can not be overstated – the ability to access anything from any provider is key to the free flow of information. Allowing corporate control over what can arguably be called one of the last truly free places where ideas are exchanged freely would be a tragedy for free speech.

Do you want your provider deciding what you can access on the internet?

The FCC’s public comment period for their proposed net neutrality rules ends this Thursday. There are several ways to comment – two sites, CREDO and Free Press have a place where you can submit public comment. You can also use the FCC’s website, although it is a bit cumbersome.

While you’re at it, you might also consider contacting the White House. They are, apparently, backing off of their initial support for the protections.


20 years ago I was the editor of a fledgling eco-rag, the Wild Rockies Review. As I was cleaning out some corners of one of my closets, I came across a pile of paste ups (that’s what we constructed back in the days, as we got used to our Mac Plusses and Pagemaker thingies). And an article struck me as having an odd resonance across the last two decades, covered with much dust collected as my life took varied turns and twists.

So I thought as an introduction, you all might like to have an insight as to where my thinking was as a starry-eyed budding radical, back during the time of Reagan and Bush I.

“Today we are witnessing the erosion of our fundamental constitutional rights, and our rights as inhabitants of this planet. It is an era wherein individuals engage in the role of protecting the inalienable rights of the non-human world against the philosophy of political freedom espoused by the likes of former Secretary of the Interior, James Watt. Freedom takes many a turn for those who involve themselves in the battle of natural vs political rights.

McCarthyism rears its ugly head once again as our political system silences those who attempt to uncover its dirty secrets. Unfortunately, our idealistic and naive sensibilities have left us vulnerable to those who have studied the arts of political and ideological suppression, and are putting them to use. We are but a small and vocal minority of individuals who dare speak from the heart and mind, not the pocketbook, in our defense of the planet and its inhabitants…

Many sit by and wring their hands as they struggle with their ingrained tendency to let things slide, believing in the false security of the status quo–the pablum that our elected officials, industry, and their paid dogs feed us in our advertiser supported and controlled (read exploitive) media….”

–excerpted from “Political Freedom: The Art of Selective Democracy, and the Fall of America,” Wild Rockies Review, Summer Solstice, 1989

…the more they stay the same.”

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