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by jhwygirl

Maher nailed it last week when he openly criticized Obama for not doing more to push forward a public option. This week he takes on Democrats. It starts at the 2 minute mark:

“We have met the enemy and he is us” Pogo Possum


by Pete Talbot

(Update: a memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 30, at the University Congregational Church, 405 University Avenue.  A reception will follow.)

Well into his eighties, Doug Campbell spoke truth to power.  He died on Tuesday at 93, on his own terms.

He and his wife Alice were progressive political icons in Missoula and Montana. Alice preceded him in death.    

I consider Doug a mentor. Although his fight was usually with right-wing regressives, he wasn’t above challenging his own party — Democrats — when he saw them selling out to corporate interests or political expediency.

When I would get discouraged pursuing progressive politics, all I had to do was look to Doug Campbell for inspiration. He fought more battles on behalf of the people than I could even consider. And at nearly 40 years my senior, he was still fighting them: labor, peace, social justice, health care … the list goes on and on. He continued to speak out for those who had no voice; the underdog ignored by the powers that be.

With Alice by his side  – what a wonderful couple — it was a force to be reckoned with.

He wasn’t a wealthy man, but he was the first to write a ten or twenty dollar check at fundraisers for progressive candidates and causes.

If we had more Doug Campbells in the world, it would certainly be a better place. Missoula and Montana are improved by the Campbells.

He was also an expert gardener; iris, I believe.  Beautiful, huge blossoms.

Doug will be missed but he left a legacy in the many people who will continue to advance progressive causes, in part because they knew Doug Campbell.

A memorial service is planned for May 30 at University Congregational Church — details forthcoming.  Look for an obit in the Missoulian and perhaps a story, too (as well there should be).  


by jhwygirl

Take the test.

I scored 315.

by jhwygirl

Tyler Gernant, an attorney out of Missoula, has officially announced his campaign for U.S. House of Representatives – you know, that seat held by Dennis “It’s only pork when others vote for it, but I can still take credit for it” Rehberg?

His website is up, and here’s his announcement video:

Check him out. I’m all about having more choices which naturally leads to better choices. Who doesn’t like fresh choices that have new ideas?

Gernant is the second Democrat to enter the race for U.S. House of Representatives. Dennis McDonald, chair of the Montana Democratic Party, recently officially announced his intentions to run, after whispers which began even while Jim Hunt was actively running in 2008 against Rehberg.

by jhwygirl

I’m asking. Seriously. It’s been on my mind.

Is the environment a ‘platform’ issue for progressives? Or is just one of the 10,000 things that they/we care about? I mean – is not caring about the environment a deal breaker? Does not caring make you not a progressive?

Obviously I care about it…but that doesn’t mean everyone does. Hell – I even wonder sometimes if I’m a progressive. So my ability to know whether the environment is something everyone cares about is somewhat shaded by my own prejudices (and ignorance as I’m sure some would say.)

Seeking some clarity on that matter. Whatever you can offer up will be kindly appreciated.

by Pete Talbot

Stang out

Judy Stang (S.D. 7) is ending her write-in bid and throwing her support behind the Democratic candidate, Paul Clark. This is good news. Ms. Stang lost a tight primary race to Mr. Clark and then filed as a write in. She has since withdrawn her write-in campaign, which had the potential to peel away votes from Clark and help elect far-right Republican Greg Hinkle. Thanks, Judy. (Curse you, jhwygirl, you scooped me by 18 minutes.)

Pink eye

Driving across the state last weekend, I was assaulted, time-after-time, by huge, pink apparitions. Turned out they were Elaine Sollie Herman (Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction) billboards. I’ve got to admit, they’re eye catching (in a Mary Kay sort of way) and she has a lot of them up. I’m not sure it will be enough to defeat Democrat Denise Juneau in this three-way race. Juneau has campaigned hard across the state and done well at fund raising, too.

Hightower in Helena

If you’ve never seen author, radio personailty and the former Texas Agriculture Commissioner in the flesh, it would be worth your while to head over to the Capital City this Friday evening. Jim Hightower (billed on his website as “America’s #1 Populist”) will be speaking at 7:30 p.m. on October 24 in the Oriental Room at the Great Northern Hotel (which is a little bit north of Last Chance Gulch). I saw him twice in Missoula in the 1990’s. He’s witty and thoughtful, and will speak to “what can be done to put things right in America after eight years of Bush.” The event is sponsored by the Progressive Democrats of Montana and it will cost you $20 at the door.

by jhwygirl

Jay’s raising some cash for Bozeman’s JP Pomnichowski.

She’s great. I told you all before. (Don’t make me repeat myself – go use the search over there on the right.)

We need to keep her around.

Get over there to Left in the West and give a great Progressive some love.

by jhwygirl

No surprises there, I guess….but honestly, what a shame. Seems Montana GOP can’t play fair or nice – just dirty – especially when it comes to JP Pomnichowski.

Kent, a poster, gives us some news on a push poll he received Saturday morning.

Obviously JP Pomichowski of Bozeman is a threat, because they’ve done this sort of stuff against her before.

DONATE, and help this deserving candidate fight these kind of political games.

Seriously folks? In a Montana House race, even a small donation like 10 bucks can help out. JP has a track record of support for education, healthcare, local government and zoning and planning issues. She also has a track record of support for water rights and water and natural resource quality issues. Support for all the kinds of issue I blog around here all the time. In other words, One Good Representative that Montana needs to keep around.

by Pete Talbot

For the June 3, primary election, the fledgling Progressive Democrats of Montana have endorsed candidates in eight legislative races and one PSC contest. The endorsed candidates, all Democrats, will also receive the maximum contribution of $160.

“Some very difficult choices had to be made between excellent candidates,” said Paul Edwards, PDM Chairman. “The endorsed candidates have a proven progressive track record” and “they bothered to return the PDM questionnaire,” he added.

PDM is a statewide membership organization founded in January, 2007. It works for social, economic, political and environmental justice. PDM is not a third party and has filed as a Political Action Committee with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

From a PDM press release, here are the endorsed candidates:










(Full disclosure: I’m a member of the Progressive Democrats of Montana and sit on its board. I was not, however, on the committee that pored over the questionnaires and narrowed the field to the above candidates. The committee did a good job and made some tough decisions. I imagine there are a few other races out there that could have used PDM endorsements. This is the organization’s first foray into the endorsement process and it will only get broader as the procedures are refined, and more candidates are willing to stick their necks out.)

Here is a post by 4&20’s own Jay Stevens which gives some background on PDM. Jay links to mainstream media stories and op-ed pieces. And in 4&20’s constant effort to remain objective, you’ll see some criticism of PDM in that post and in the comments. The last comment you’ll see is a superbly crafted response to the criticism, written by yours truly.

by jhwygirl

Big HUGE congratulations go out to Ward 1’s winner Jason Weiner. Jason takes a decisive win over Justin Armintrout, with over 64% of the vote! Jason will be a big supporter of the issues that are important to voters in Ward 1 – transportation and affordable housing. Welcome aboard Jason!

In Ward 2 – an important race due to incumbent Don “Just say No all the time” Nicholson – Pam Walzer campaigned a nearly 52% win out of what was a very tight race. A progressive having picking up that seat will be key in breaking up the clogged up council of the soon-to-be past. Way to go Pam!

Ward 3 – which holds what I believe some of the best large blocks of lands suitable for what can bring us real solutions to Missoula’s affordable housing problem – brings Missoula a very decisive victory with incumbent Stacy Rye beating out Doug Harrison, a former councilperson himself. Stacy took over 57% of the votes in Ward 3. Her experience and understanding of the economic impacts of affordable housing will be key, I believe, in bringing forward and keeping moving solutions for that important issue. (No pressure there, huh?) Big kudos to Stacy and the voters of Ward 3 in making the forward choice for Ward 3 and the City of Missoula.

Incumbent Ed Childers also brought Missoula progressives a win in Ward 6. That was – surprising to me and many others here in the ‘hood – the tightest race, with Ed taking it by 40 votes. Only 1,767 voters voted in Ward 6…Shame. Shame. Shame. Congrats to you too Mr. Childers! Ed coined the word “Regressives” (at least as I know it), and if only for that, I have lot’s of love for him. Plus that cute little Cooper he drives just makes him look “Oh So Cool!”

Disappointing, of course, was Christine Prescott’s loss in Ward 5. A lawyer and a minister, Christine would have done a lot to bring back civility and reasonableness to city council. Council doesn’t seem to get much help from Nugent, either, when it comes to ensuring that new ordinances and regulations are easily enforced and understood – and Christine would have helped immensely with that. Christine deserves a huge THANK YOU, though, for having run. It’s not easy – and demonstrates a dedication to community that not all of us are willing to do at such a level. Thank You Christine Prescott!

Also disappointing was Jerry Ballas’ loss in Ward 4. I don’t expect Lyn Hellegaard – who is apparently aligned with Jon Wilkins, John Hendrickson, and Dick Haines – to provide us anything more different than that which we are getting currently from that group of regressives. Jerry will be missed, as he has served this community well.


Now clean up those election signs – get some rest – do your homework – and get ready to bring Missoula some PROGRESS!


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