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by Jay Stevens

Rehberg’s office released information on Randy Vogel’s subpoena (sorry no link available): it has nothing to do with investigations into ethical questions wrongdoing (paragraph breaks mine):

The subpoena in question was issued by the U.S. Department of Justice at the request of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The subpoena has absolutely nothing to do with Randy, me or my office…

On March 13th, an agent of the IRS came to my Billings District Office and demanded a copy of a file retained in our office regarding a constituent we had conducted casework for in the past. This particular constituent was having problems with the IRS and came to my office for assistance. The IRS wanted to examine this file because, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Justice, it had decided to pursue legal action against this constituent.

The IRS agent spoke with Randy, who told the agent that because of House of Representatives Ethics Rules, and our internal office policies, he could not turn over the file because it is considered confidential information and would violate the privacy rights of a constituent. The IRS agent said he understood and that he would return with a subpoena for the file.

Randy then contacted the U.S. House of Representatives Office of General Counsel to notify them of the conversation and was advised to forward the subpoena directly to the House Counsel and they would handle the matter.

The next day, March 14th, the IRS agent delivered a subpoena to my office, at which time Randy tendered the matter to the General Counsel’s office. Randy further followed the rules of the House and alerted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that our office had received a subpoena. My office, working on the advice of House Counsel, has complied fully with the subpoena.

Good for Vogel. I’ve heard nothing but good of the guy, and I’m glad to see he’s not mixed up with Abramoff or INSA.

In yesterday’s post on the matter I declined to speculate on why the subpoena was issued. And, boy, am I glad that I did.

Unfortunately, Montana’s Democratic Party chair, Dennis McDonald, in his press release yesterday, didn’t. “Where does this federal grand jury subpoena lead?” read the release, and speculated on a number of possible, corruption-related reasons.

If a blogger feels uncomfortable speculating on a story because of a lack of evidence, chances are it’s not a good thing to run with allegations. McDonald goofed. He owes Vogel an apology.

But then Rehberg, in today’s press release, attacks McDonald in polarizing, shrill language that makes even a blogger blush:

Mr. McDonald’s implications in the press release are false, shameful, and unbefitting anyone who claims to be a Montanan. Mr. McDonald should be ashamed of himself for unfairly and publicly attacking the character of one of my employees who was merely doing his job….

The actions by Dennis McDonald, insinuating that Randy was in some way involved with convicted felons, were dishonest and shameful…. Mr. McDonald chose the low road and launched a sleazy, deceitful political attack against one of my employees. Accordingly, Dennis McDonald should voluntarily resign his position as Chairman of the Montana Democratic Party. I call upon Governor Brian Schweitzer and Senator Max Baucus, as the leaders of the Montana Democratic Party, to join me in asking Mr. McDonald to step down. Montanans deserve better than the dishonest actions of Dennis McDonald.

Talk about overreacting. Resign? Over this? If misguided political hyperbole were the criteria for shamed resignations, there’d be no one left to pen the Montana GOP e-brief.

Okay, folks: take a deep breath….now let it out…count to ten…

So much for the meme that bloggers are divisive, polarizing blowhards. These guys make us look like tea-sipping nannies.

by Jay Stevens

Shane got the same press release from the Democratic party that I did, announcing that Rehberg staffer, Randy Vogel received a federal grand jury subpoena:

Rehberg Staff Hit with Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

(Helena, MT) – It was learned today that the office of Congressman Dennis Rehberg has received a grand jury subpoena by the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana. According to the official Congressional Record, Rehberg’s State Director Randy Vogel has been summoned to a federal grand jury. Rehberg’s office would not disclose the reason for the grand jury subpoena.

I’m not going to speculate – unlike the press release – why Vogel was subpoenaed. A subpoena is a request to supply testimony for a criminal investigation – in this case of a federal crime – it doesn’t mean that the subpoenaed individual is under investigation.

You may remember Vogel: he was the Rehberg staffer involved in a little Iron Horse bathroom fracas. From all accounts, though, it was pretty obvious the incident was the obnoxious drunk’s fault.

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