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by jhwygirl In the form of $549,349 in campaign contributions from big oil. From Montana Conservation Voters.

by jhwygirl Rehberg’s hypocrisy never ends. We lefties in the blogosphere have been making sure for years that ya’all stay painfully awash in Denny Rehberg’s hypocrisy. Left in the West has pulled out scores of examples over the years. Pogie at Intelligent Discontent, too, has scores of posts on Rehberg, including this one on his […]

by JC They’re “Stonewalling” says Trib Reporter Update 2:30pm: John Adams, reporter for the Great Falls Tribune, tweeted this a bit ago: “the stonewalling on this is highly unusual–will be part of my story tomorrow. No one is returning calls.” Update 9:30pm: MTLowdown has posted Rehberg’s blood alcohol report for us. It shows him at […]

by Pete Talbot Montana’s lone U.S. Representative was hospitalized in Kalispell after a boating accident on Flathead Lake near Big Fork, the AP reports. Details are sketchy but apparently state Senator Greg Barkus was also involved in the accident. And while I vehemently oppose both Barkus’ and Rehberg’s political philosophy, I hope their injuries aren’t […]

by jhwygirl Honestly, I am so busy lately that I barely have time for the news. That’s why I’m grateful for Twitter – at the least, I can grab headlines from sources I choose. KPAX reports that Sen. Jon Tester was in town this morning to meet with St. Patrick Hospital and Community Medical Center. […]

by jhwygirl Pogie’s got the story. Ol’ Representative Rehberg – he’s against the stimulus, unless, of course, he’s out-and-about the state passing out checks. Do I think it’s a raw deal handed down to the mine? Yep. The point here is this: Rep. Dennis Rehberg is against government intervention in the market place. Think health […]

by Pete Talbot Following on the heels of a New Yorker article I read on global warming, I saw that Rep. Denny Rehberg joined just about every Republican in the U.S House to vote against the modest cap-and-trade, energy and environment bill. I’m guessing Denny doesn’t read the New Yorker. He’d rather get his info […]

by Pete Talbot Rep. Rehberg lists funding for the Watson’s Children Shelter in Missoula as one of his accomplishments.  Problem is he voted against the appropriation. Rehberg said “nay” on HB HR 2847, but the bill still passed.  The shelter should reap $500,000 to expand its much needed facilities.  Denny’s taking credit, though: “The Watson’s Children Shelter fills […]

by jhwygirl Honestly, I don’t know why we aren’t pushing on Montana’s soon-to-be-former Representative Dennis Rehberg about health care reform. Why should he get a pass? He and his party have yet to put anything forward at all. They talk about it, though. Rehberg has been silent, save for a promising to talk about talking […]

by jhwygirl From Rehberg’s Twitter: Tea Parties all over Montana tomorrow – Watch my YouTube statement about why these efforts are so important: #tcot

by Pete Talbot Meet Tyler Gernant, potential Denny Rehberg opponent. First he has to file (he has an exploratory committee now) then he has to win the primary, then he’d face Rehberg in November, 2010. But hats off to anyone who gets out early, does the background work and then takes a shot at Denny. […]

by Pete Talbot (The “2010” was added to the headline because I’ve used “Rehberg is challenged” before — I kinda like the double entendre.) Montana Democratic Party Chairman Dennis McDonald has filed papers with the intent of challenging Rep. Dennis Rehberg next year. Now Dennis v. Dennis might be confusing to some but keep in […]

by jhwygirl Correction: Doug, of The Montana Misanthrope, notes in a post of his own that both Tester and Baucus also signed the letter referred to in the post below. I don’t know where he got that letter but it doesn’t change my view. As I said in the comments – until someone wants to […]

by jhwygirl Standing in front of a solar panel, Montana’s congressman, Representative “I-sleep-on-my-couch” Rehberg announced his plan for America’s Energy Independence. Rehberg has proudly supporting 7 bills: HR 3089 which builds more oil refineries and “making available more homegrown energy through environmentally sensitive exploration of the Arctic Energy Slope and America’s Deep-Sea Energy Reserves”; HR […]

by jhwygirl A bill (HR 3058) that would have extended payments for 4 more years to rural communities throughout the west via the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 (SRS) failed in a largely party-line vote today in Congress. Rehberg voted against extending it. For some background on this, check this piece […]

by Pete Talbot Rep. Denny Rehberg says that President Bush is a “victim of his own success.” Recession? Check. Energy woes? Check. Health care crisis? Check. Torture, wiretapping, the Iraq War? Check, check, check. If that’s Denny’s recipe for success, what’s his definition of failure? Rehberg was speaking to Helena-area Republicans, as reported by Lee […]

by jhwygirl GeeGuy at Electric City Weblog has a piece up that essentially defends Rehberg’s inexcusable homophobic behavior during a Middle East congressional delegation trip in February. The problem is that his whole piece fails to recognize how damned offensive Rehberg’s actions were to the LGBT community. He equates my piece purely with Senator Larry […]

by jhwygirl Lovely. Via The Hill, LiTW, Montana Netroots, the Helena Independent, KPAX, Great Falls Tribune, KXMC (North Dakota!), we all get a sense of Denny’s sense of humor: When you’re from Montana, it’s hard to find things to do — so practical jokes come in handy.  Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) recently played a gag […]

by Pete Talbot Good news but a bit incomplete. I had two emails in my inbox this morning with this update: Jim Hunt is announcing his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives. Unless another Democrat gets into the race and beats Hunt in the primary — an unlikely scenario — Hunt will face Montana’s […]

by Pete Talbot The topics above are too abbreviated to stand alone. So, instead of making separate posts, here’s my abridged take on some current events. Governor Schweitzer has an electric, new message. He was in Missoula last night for a fundraiser. I hadn’t seen him for a while so I went to hear what […]

by jhwygirl See. I told you I believe. Steve Doherty, former Great Falls state senator and current chair of the five-member Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks commission, appears to be seriously contemplating a run against 4-term Dennis Rehberg. Steve is founding co-chair of Progressive States Network and an attorney who practices Indian Law. He has […]

by Pete Talbot Some of the progressive folks I chat with refer to Montana’s lone congressman as George W. Rehberg. That’s because Denny votes lockstep with the president on so many issues: Iraq, the environment, taxes, health care, etc., etc… So I was surprised to see a letter in today’s Missoulian from Rep. Rehberg criticizing […]

by Jay Stevens Rehberg’s office released information on Randy Vogel’s subpoena (sorry no link available): it has nothing to do with investigations into ethical questions wrongdoing (paragraph breaks mine): The subpoena in question was issued by the U.S. Department of Justice at the request of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The subpoena has absolutely nothing […]

by Jay Stevens Shane got the same press release from the Democratic party that I did, announcing that Rehberg staffer, Randy Vogel received a federal grand jury subpoena: Rehberg Staff Hit with Federal Grand Jury Subpoena (Helena, MT) – It was learned today that the office of Congressman Dennis Rehberg has received a grand jury […]

by Jay Stevens It seems like just yesterday I was hammering away at ol’ Dennis Rehberg for lying to and ignoring Montana voters – oh, wait! It was just yesterday! Well…anyway, he’s at it again. Moorcat’s got an excellent post up about the city of Dillon’s encounter with our state’s sole House “Representative.” (In quotes, […]

by Jay Stevens Just yesterday I mulled over Dennis Rehberg’s reluctance to hand over his daily schedule, despite a spokesperson claiming that it was always available on request. Well, today in a must-read post, Don Pogreba followed up on his attempts to contact Rehberg’s office and wrote a scathing indictment of not only Rehberg’s office […]

by Jay Stevens Okay, this is getting ridiculous. At first I thought Pogie’s attempt to get Montana Representative Dennis Rehberg’s schedule – which would be available upon request, as promised by a Rehberg spokesperson — was a cool blog-o-stunt. You know…like emailing GOP leaders about Nazis. But it’s been over a month, and there’s still been […]

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