I moved to Missoula in 2000 to finish my “higher” learning. I wrapped that up in 2003 with an undergraduate nod for English Literature/Creative Writing. Like any self-respecting college graduate might do with a pricey education, I spent the next several years making sandwiches at a local snack-shop.

Currently I work at a local non-profit and write poems when my kids are asleep. I’m a political radical of sorts and total poetry nerd building an extensive library of actual, tangible books.

I detest US imperialism, our two-party political system, fiat funny money, cannabis prohibition, targeted assassinations, corporate media, and the neoliberal consensus of western elites in the scramble to control dwindling natural resources.

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William Skink

  1. Turner

    What happened to you essay on Wikileaks. It just disappeared.

  2. mark gibbons


    for the poem,
    and simon
    ortiz and red,
    the sun rising
    over sentinel,
    now warm
    on my back,
    as i watch
    the deer grazing
    new shoots on
    the mountainside
    among ghosts
    of indians
    by the clatter
    and movement
    just another day
    in this crummy
    little town,
    this potholed
    grid of wheels
    almost off the grid,
    spreading out
    like racks and trays,
    of white bread
    rising, ready
    for the ovens
    and the tables
    of our crummy little
    town, this place,
    this old lake
    bed, missoula,
    our home—
    where bitterroots
    once flourished
    and buffalo roamed—
    hardly a piece
    of fry bread
    to be found.

    • lizard19

      thank you thank you, mark. was wondering if you knew Bernice’s Bakery now does a monthly poetry thing every third thursday. hope to see you there.

  3. mark gibbons

    I’ll write that down and check it out one of these Thursdays. Also, I’m glad you spoke out about Marijuana use. I’ve avoided speaking out because I spend so many hours in the schools and didn’t want to jepordize that by ranting in the letters to the editor or in other “public” forums. But the whole issue is ludicrious. The fact of the matter is everybody who wants to buy marijuana buys it, no fucking problem, so why not regulate it, tax it and quit the wasteful expense of criminalizing it. People talk about this like it’s some kind of new idea or untested experimentation. This country has been recreationally stoned for forty years. I get so tired listening to the same old arguments. My dad told me a story about a Mexican skinner that handled a wagon team raking hay in the Big Hole in the early thirties. He was a high school kid who wrangled and assisted this old guy hauling hay to the beaverslides. One morning this old guy (who was probably in his 40s or 50s) wouldn’t come out of the bunkhouse. Everybody figured he was sick (and he was . . . sick of work). The boss had to drive into Dillon and get this guy some marijuana. The next day the Mexican skinner was back on the job, handling his team and getting the job done with a smile on his face again. Cut the posturing. Cut the bullshit. Live and let live. Mind your own fucking business . . . and why not take a piece of the action to help fill the potholes. I’m not goin to get started, but I appreciate you blackbirds, all 4 & 20 of you. write on.

  4. Thank you, lizard for your blazing insight and for your input into my muse. Your advice is well received.

  5. Steve W

    Liz, have you seen this? It’s really quite amazing for a really lot of reasons.

    • lizard19

      I haven’t watched all of it, but it’s interesting. the woman, though, needs to work on her delivery.

      • Steve W

        How so? She reminds me of every college professor I ever had.

        • lizard19

          I had a hard time following her descriptions of what the images were showing.

          • Steve W

            I think she had a pointer at the live presentation that didn’t translate to the video. Yeah, I noticed that too. In fact there is another video around of a different presentation where you can see more of the pointer info but the camera person keeps letting her get between them and the screen. So on balance I thought this was the best production of the two.

            • Steve W

              And there is so much stuff in her book (500 pages) that two hours just begins to scratch the surface about the main points. She gathered all this evidence and first used it in her Qui Tam whistle blower law suit against the prime sub-contractors used to produce the NIST report, a couple of whose companies are leaders in directed energy research and development for the defense industry. She essentially sued the private contractors for science fraud. While ultimately her Qui Tam suit was no more successful than the suit to take cannabis off of schedule 1, it did provide the material for her book. It’s interesting to note the fact that her Qui Tam case went almost unreported, though it went as far as the US Supreme Court, compared say to the cannabis rescheduling law suit which was widely reported.

              Two elements of Dr Judy Wood’s New Investigation that I find particularly interesting are:

              1 Her observations on how cover-ups are managed and how we are manipulated to ignore our own senses in favor of what we are told to experience, and…

              2 Her discovery that the phenomena observed at and around the WTC complex on and after 9/11 were quite similar to the observed phenomena of the laboratory created Hutchison Effect, which are a catalog of phenomena which occur sometimes when a static field is interfered by high frequency radio and micro waves. It’s an electro magnetic gravitronic effect that cause matter to behave rather weirdly compared to how we’ve grown accustomed to expect matter to behave.

              As to the 1st issue of experience manipulation, in my own personal case, I had completely written off ever knowing what actually happened to to the WTC even though it seemed unreal. this was because practically all of the physical material is gone, and the constant round and round of competing flavors of possible scenarios for different competing theories incompletely and obnoxiously argued drove me away from looking or thinking about what happened.

              So instead I read about the remarkable favored status of the alleged hijackers and their associates in the US prior to 9/11, the interesting eye witness accounts of their inconsistent behaviors and activities, and i read about the non-response and simulated practice drill response by US military and civilian agencies. I strongly believed that the whole deal is hincky, but I was manipulated away from thinking about or asking myself more questions about what happened to the towers and the complex. In retrospect that’s quite clear.

              As to issue #2, after doing a lot of digging and looking around I’m currently about 85% convinced that the Hutchison effect is the real deal and it’s related in some ways to what is currently referred to as Low Temperature Nuclear Reaction (LTNR) formerly referred to as “Cold Fusion.” Cold Fusion was the name coined by BYU physicist Steven Jones back in 1989 when he was attacking Pons and Flieschmann and Jones was declaring “cold fusion” dead. Jones is currently the author and prime mover in the 9/11 thermite conspiracy camp.

              So that’s rather interesting to say the least.

              While LTNR and The Hutchison effect are both usually currently characterized as poorly understood and only semi-repeatable, The Hutchison Effect has been known since the late 1970s to the US and Canadian Governments and so called cold fusion has been reported at various labs around the world since Pons and Fleischmann in 1989. But both the Hutchison Effect and cold fusion have been suppressed by campaigns to undermine public awareness that they exist.

              Pons and Fleischmann are almost a case study in this. The concerted and demonstrably dishonest efforts of some to discredit cold fusion pushed back widespread research by about 20 years.

              And of course no body knows what top secret military research has been done on directed energy by various countries because it’s top secret.

              Anyway, as far as I can tell, Dr Judy Wood has the best and most comprehensive analysis as of now as to what happened to the WTC on 9/11. We saw something that hardly any of us has ever seen before. We just didn’t know it until now.

              Dr. Judy Wood’s book, “Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons on 9/11” is available from Amazon Books and through Dr Woods Website that is the repository for much of her research. Her site has lot of interesting info.



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