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  1. Neil Whitacre

    Just saw you on PBS 13 in NYC – Keep up the GOOD work !!
    I am moving to Oregon in a month – and find your blog a very inspiring part of the West.

  2. bob butterfield

    Low Minimum Wage Keeps the Rich from Draft

    Why would Congress give the richest 1% fifty percent of the tax cut yet fail to raise the minimum wage for those that need it the most? It’s more than corporate greed. (National minimum wage last raised in 1997. It is not indexed to inflation so people are loosing about 3 % purchasing power a year.)

    Congress depends on the wealthiest Americans for campaign donations. By cutting taxes for the elite it insures that Congressmen get large donations to get reelected and that many Americans stay poor. Why would Congress want a lot of poor people?

    One of the quickest ways to get out of poverty is to join the military. If the minimum wage were raised fewer people would need to join, the draft would be reinstated and children of the rich and members of Congress might die in Iraq.

    Best to keep the masses as poor as possible for as long as possible. Don’t raise minimum wage or index it to inflation and don’t provide health insurance. Keep Americans dependent upon the GI Bill to avoid the draft.

  3. JosephineDixon-Banks


    Give us your deprived, your malleable muddled masses
    hoping for a gentler taskmaster
    Welcome to the multi-trillion dollar industry, Poverty
    A.K.A, cheapest labor force

    Poverty works, never ever unemployed
    A much needed commodity to justify
    White-collar crime classes
    Teaching dastardly deeds—to procure monetary needs-
    fostering avarice greed

    Give us your deprived, your malleable muddled masses
    hoping for a gentler taskmaster
    Welcome to the multi-trillion dollar industry, Poverty
    A.K.A., cheapest labor force

    Poverty creates jobs for those financing the societal
    Institution of ya godda pay more taxes
    Blaming Poverty on the poor
    Look! what Enron did to those less fortunate
    Blaming Poverty on the poor

    Did not corporations want a billion dollar welfare check
    Blaming Poverty on the poor
    Blaming Poverty on the poor

    Give us your deprived, your malleable muddled masses
    hoping for a gentler taskmaster
    Welcome to the multi-trillion dollar industry, Poverty
    A.K.A., cheapest labor force

    No penance just punishment augmenting the pillar of economic pillaging
    Poor people put in the pillory from the political pulpit

    Poverty is prime property
    Poverty pimps portrayed as political preachers purely punitive but polite
    The pluralization of Poverty provides prestige of the patricians

    Poverty, the promissory note from the bureaucratic infidel
    The Truth will tell—the truth will tell
    Poverty the patriotic prisoner on trial for TREASON


  4. Jan Winters

    Unfortunately we don’t have a Government, we have a full blown DICTATORSHIP in Washington. To keep the general population off balance they shout TERRORISM to keep fear in
    the face of Americans. This causes complacency eventually,
    and then submission by the people. This is what the Communist governments do to their populace. This is why we are losing retirements, and rights in this Country. And this is why big businees, and the religious Christian coalition are in the ears of Republican politicians spewing hate and discourd thru out our nation.

  5. 4and20blackbirds.wordpress.com/…/immigration/

    I am writing a children’s stroy book and would like to know if I can use the picture (bk & white ) of men digging a trench?

    Please let me know.
    Thank you kindly


  6. Er, picture of men digging a trench? I have to admit, that’s the weirdest spam I’ve ever seen…

  7. jjack

    Hey thanks for the link to my blog. I’ve reciprocated.

  8. Wm Max Dominion

    Hillary Rod’em Clinton Played the Reverse Race-card on Barack Obama

    It was no accident that Senator Hillary Clinton raised the specter of race into her competitive politics with Senator Barack Obama for the presidency. Hillary and Bill are masters at playing the political game, and at manipulating the political landscape.

    Hillary’s establishing the racial divide between herself and Obama is a reflection of her true colors. This shows that she is not about change, but rather is about more of the same in regard to an Un-United States of America. How long must this madness go on? It also shows her lack of class and taste, and her alignment with republican values and ideologies. The clintonest approach of being all things to all people is lacking in integrity. This kind of behavior is down right shameful, and is detrimental to the Democratic Party.

    In Hillary’s scenario, she was President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Obama was Martin Luther King. She essentially subjugated, marginalized, and disrespected Obama and African Americas in general by expressing that Martin Luther King was a marginal contributor to civil rights reformation. Her subversive message was it takes a Caucasian president to make things happen. The Ku Klux Klan and other supremely white groups believe this too. In a recorded conversation, President Lyndon Johnson referred to Martin Luther King as a “nigger preacher.”

    Senator Obama will need to use some of his audacity to challenge Hillary more directly. There is an inherent risk in this approach because the perception of bashing a woman could backfire.

    He needs to hammer on Hillary’s lack of true presidential experience because just living in the White does not count. She was not president; her husband was the real president. Barack needs to emphasize that Senator Clinton failed at reforming our health-care system, which is a much smaller project than being president.

    I understand, based on the author of a recent book about Senator Clinton’s life—that Bill was going to divorce her at one time. She talked him out of it. A person that wants to stay in a bad marriage has questionable judgment, self-esteem, and questionable qualifications to become president. Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings proved his sleaziness, and spouses are generally homogeneous in this regard. People are like water, they seek their own level.

    According to the author of this book, it was based on empirical research and 1st hand information (Bernstein, Carl. A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Knopf, 2007. ISBN 978-0375407666; and Gerth, Jeff and Van Natta Jr., Don. Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Little, Brown and Co., 2007. ISBN 978-0316017428).

    Hillary should have been more involve in helping her husband see the long view of free trade. She could have helped him to craft legislation to regulate corporations doing business in other sovereign nations–to prevent them from savaging the local environments, economies, and labor forces of these nations.

    I don’t know all the details of how President Clinton and Hillary contributed to the current credit crunch, banking system crisis, and housing market difficulties. Pundits have stated recently that the Clinton’s contribution had to do with their banking system deregulation legislation. Also, the allegation is the Clintons networked and brought their banking kings, queens, and princes to Wall Street. This merits more research.

  9. dsrobins

    Your remarks about state senator Greg Barkus seem right on the mark. We learned more about his character and integrity yesterday when KECI television broadcast a live interview with the Montana state trooper who arrested him for drunken driving back in 2004. The most memorable remark occured when the trooper quoted Barkus as saying, “I’m a state senator, I don’t have time for this.” That pretty well sums it up. Of course, Barkus’s lawyer got the charge later reduced to reckless driving. The incident highlights a continuing problem with law enforcement in Montana and especially here in the Flathead valley. Law enforcement officials are entirely to willing to defer and kowtow to Republican officials, as indicated by Sheriff Mike Meekin’s revealing remark that the investigation of Barkus’s boating incident was “touchy.” It’s sad that guys like Meekin and others continually need to be reminded that elected state and/or local officials are not above the law.

  10. Lizard

    what the hell? pbear’s turd post disappeared while i was trying to post something. did it get censored?

    anyway, i’ll just “plop” this right here. it was a response to BS’s link to the petition to recall max:

    if gray davis can be ousted by the voters as a political scapegoat for the targeted corporate attacks of enron, then hell yes max should get the boot; he is directly bending over for the industries that keep his coffers lubricated with their cash in utter defiance of his constituents. i’m pretty reserved with the petitions i sign

    here’s a good question: would it be worth the money? i think the chance for montana to send a loud message back to washington would almost, just possibly, be worth it.

    • Steve W

      US Senator is a federal office and isn’t subject to recall. I’m not sure why people have such a hard time grasping the fact that the constitution of the US makes no mention of recall.

      Many don’t don’t have recall, some do. California and Montana both have recall – for state and local offices. But we have none for our Senators or for our congresspeople.

      Because they are regulated by the US Constitution, which has no recall provisions.

      Governor, sure we can recall Brian if we want to. Senator? nope.

  11. My husband and I have started a campaign to get Rush Limbaugh off the air in Missoula. We delivered a petition with over 1600 names to KGVO about a month ago; since that time, we have created a website, rushoutofmissoula.com, on which we list local and national advertisers on the program, and their contact info. As of today, 17 advertisers have pulled their ads from the show. We would appreciate your including this info on your blog for a bit of time – and would love to see some more signatures (we’re over 1700 now), and feedback! Thanks for your time, Nancy Cooper

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