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He of the recently brain-swollen, having returned from their pilgrimages to NN11, pulled out of a thread here to regroup his attack on all things 4&20. Yes, the hall monitor of LitW has resumed his attacks on the writers here in full force, this time taking on jhwygirl and lizard directly, and the rest of us by inference:

I submit that when liberal and/or progressive blogs join that media narrative of how the Democrats should be able to *do* something about the Republicant intransigence, they reinforce the voter idea that ‘might makes right’. It’s a twist such that Republicants, instead of looking like the saboteurs of the American dream that they are, end up looking like the strong leaders, and Democrats are again punished for not joining in the right-wing pogrom against the common folk. 4 & 20 is certainly not the only website to join in that insane chorus. But insane it is. jhwygirl’s post and many comments to it paint the same picture.

Having once again been thrust into another of Rob Kailey’s megalomaniacal “You’re either with us or your against us” Bushian rants, I feel compelled to answer the question “Do you understand what you’re doing?” in his most recent “Who’s Side are you On? [The Triumphant Return of Thought Cop III]” diary at Chicken Little is no Pillager:

Who the f*ck cares if you think we don’t understand the world the way you do?!!!

Carry on…

By Duganz

So, I spent three weeks on the Big Island recently (ain’t rich; family live there so it was just a matter of tickets), and while living in paradise I learned these things about my likes and dislikes. I think it says a lot about me:

  1. Don’t like the reggae
  2. Love parasailing
  3. Love snorkeling
  4. Love lunchtime margaritas
  5. Really don’t like the reggae
  6. Seriously, what’s with all the reggae?
  7. Goddamn people, it’s just a guitar in open-G with a lot of upstrokes…
  8. Sea turtles are amazingly cool
  9. Mauna Kea, the highest point in Hawaii, is breathtaking at sunset
Anyway, it’s hard to do Hawaiian activities in Montana (I guess you can listen to shitty reggae music anywhere but why would you want to?) so I’ve come up with three cool things to do with the part of your summer not spent in Hawaii. Continue Reading »

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread.

A new study shows that the death penalty costs $300 million per person.

The main drug used in lethal injection is no longer in production in the U.S. That means that no state can obtain the drug legally. (with a hat tip to Steve Dogiakos)

If you haven’t read this piece, you should. From Time Magazine’s political blog Swampland, it’s an indepth look at Montana’s Tea Party. The piece is recent – June 17th.

So yeah…more national attention on Montana.

Has anyone read Sarah Palin’s InBox yet?

Public Policy Polling has all kinds of polling out on Montana 2012 races. With both a Senate and a Governor’s seat open, there’s lots of national interest.

Must read from The Nation on reimaging our economic future. There’s lot’s to it – a series of articles – but well worthy of bookmarking.

Pogie reports on this weekend’s gathering of the John Birch Society with featured guest Derek Skees. It’s a must read. And do remember – that’s straight-up serious stuff he’s talking about.

Button Valley recently threw down on the economic realities of Arch Coal, one of Montana’s newest raider of taxpayer-owned natural resources. Poor Arch Coal. Thank Goddess the Montana taxpayers were able to subsidize their bid for the state’s schoolchildren’s coal. Corporate coal welfare – what would the industry do without it.

Which reminds me – Steve Bullock for Attorney General. Only.

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