Bicyclists Need Common Sense

by lizard

Missoula In Motion wants us to see commuting differently, and May 12-25 is their commuter challenge.

I bike to work all year round, which is just one of the many reasons I love living in this town. I enthusiastically support building transportation infrastructure that includes consideration for pedaling, foot traffic, and accessibility for those with disabilities.

That said, the behavior of some cyclists in this town better change, because there are entirely too many clueless, entitled dicks pedaling around with complete disregard for anyone around them.

After a long, demanding day of work the last thing I want to encounter as I’m biking across a car-packed Orange Street bridge is some moronic hippie with dreads biking at me, against traffic. And yes, dude, I did call you a fucking idiot as you squeezed me into traffic because you can’t figure out which side of the road to bike on.

I think alternative transportation advocates need to get ahead of the inevitable backlash that’s building by doing some proactive education before someone like Dave Strohmaier gets out his ordinance pen and crafts something unnecessary like his social host law.

It’s too bad more people don’t possess this thing called common sense. If you’re biking on a sidewalk, for example, you should realize that sidewalks are intended for pedestrians—they are NOT roads, so don’t bike like you’re on one. There are times I bike on sidewalks, but I do so slowly, and it’s usually because I’m towing my kids behind me.

A little consideration goes a long way. And when consideration is lacking, I guess we’ll have those quality of life officers doing whatever they can to address the simmering discontent.


  1. Adam

    The money going to Missoula in Motion needs to take on a new role. Whether through work they’ve done or through changes in society, MIM’s mission has been successful. People in Missoula are very open to alternative means of transportation. Our city would now be better served if that money went to infrastructure and enforcement. The demand for alternative transportation is there, but we need the infrastructure to meet the demand and the education and enforcement to teach people how to use it without endangering themselves and others. As you know, challenging the status quo of an organization as deeply rooted as MIM is nearly impossible in our city, but that’s my two cents.

    Maybe Strohmaier’s “swan song” could be an ordinance outlawing dread locks…

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