Missoula Haiku: Food and Drink

by William Skink

This is the first of what I’m hoping will be a continuing series of Missoula-centric haikus. Enjoy!


long line, Five on Black
The Oxford makes me nervous
fine, Taco Del Sol


pay to see water
flow in the form of river
at Finn and Porter


despite the regret
despite what it does to you
Wendy’s, I love you


no more Food for Thought
omelets on the patio
and hungover cooks


they named it Faceclub?
why did they name it Faceclub?
what a silly name


outside the food truck
bros man-handle each other
red bull and vodka


Good Food Store is Holy!
blessed be what emanates
from its divine glow!


to puke on your shoe
is to be at the Food Farm
when you shouldn’t be


nice food at Top Hat?
a far cry from drugs and booze
on Wasted Wednesdays


plunk drunk with Plonk talk?
shame walk or junk in trunk honk?
how about zonk-hump?


Panera sunrise!
where is my Panera sun?
ah, Einstein Bros.

  1. Eric

    Is this a poetry blog now? OK, so be it –

    Ho for the President Barack of DC !

    He was as polished as polished could be!

    But Oh he was perfectly gorgeous to see!

    The President Barack of DC.

    He wants in DC this President bold, your guns,

    your religion, and all of your gold!

    He will make your pockets empty and cold !

    The President Barack of DC.

    His conscience of course it was crook’d like a squash,

    But both of his shoes make a slicker-slosh,

    And he went through DC with a wonderful swash,

    Did President Barack of DC !

    It’s true he’s as wicked as wicked can be,

    His sins they outnumbered a hundred and three,

    But, oh, he was perfectly gorgeous to see,

    The President Barack of DC !

    (with apologies to Mildred Plew Meigs)

    • lizard19

      so terrible it’s almost like good performance art. thanks Eric.

    • I recognize neither good or bad poetry without some assistance, but do notice that Eric’s piece needs piano riffs at certain intervals. It might be a piece from the Capitol Steps.

      • lizard19

        it could certainly be performed with the right touch of camp. it’s such a crude, forced, clunky caricature of the right-wing depiction of Obama its ideal material for an exaggerated repurposing.

        here’s my version:

        libtards worship their monkey leader
        who gives them free phones and meds
        while his Kenyan heart and fake ID
        conspire to color America red

  2. Eric

    There was an old woman,

    lived up on the Hill,

    and if she’s not there

    she’s out searching for Bill.

  3. Old Obama ran the show
    And in his show is had some cons
    With neocon here and a neocon there,
    Everywhere a neocon neocon too
    Mrs. Clinton is one too

    OK. thoroughly embarrassed here.

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