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Guest Post by Widowmaker. 

Part 3 of 3

This might seem like watching  “Momento”, I do urge you to read the parts in order starting with 1 of 3…I probably should have posted them like that!

Islamic terrorists are dying for their cause, their cause of dying for Muhammad.   Fighting Islamic Fascism is not fighting Communism.  There is no fear of losing; losing is NOT dying in battle.  Being a martyr is the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is to die in this war.  An enemy that wants to die compared to an enemy that feared dying.  The battlefield must be different; America must be prepared for a new enemy, a new type of war.  A war that is not always gracious, always honorable, and always easy to watch.  At the beginning of the Civil War, women and children gathered on blankets near battlefields to watch a glorious battle.  They soon realized that it was not as pretty, glorious, and as respectable as they previous thought.

Iraq is the excuse du jour for jihadists. But the important factor is that these are young men looking for an excuse. If you live your life calculating that it’s a mistake to do anything that might prompt murderers and savages to act like murderers and savages, you’ve basically decided to live under their thumb and surrender your civilization in the process.

Right now, our current method of the fighting our enemy is too weak, too pathetic and too wrong.  We have taken our Fast Food Nation and applied it to terrorism.  A McSolution just will not work!

We were told “Buy a car or the terrorist will win”.  This was and still is part of the problem.  “Go about our every day lives”.  No!  Once almost 300 million Americans woke up and realized that people were out to kill us.  That these people hoped to kill innocent people in the hope of convincing America of their strength, their goal, and whatever else.  That was the problem…people went out their everyday lives!  Look around, we did nothing, citizens of the United States, to make us safer.  Half of America wanted to bomb, the other half wanted to bury their heads in the sand.

What happens if a car bomb, anthrax, bio attack, dirty bomb, etc actually goes off?  Take big chains.  Some of the biggest actually, Wal-Mart and McDonalds.  No legislation was ever passed to give them tax breaks, incentives, anything to make their stores safer.  No legislation was required that they do this.  Nothing!  If you own a coffee shop, there is no incentive to install special glass that slows oxygen to a bomb.  No legislation for cut offs in vent systems to stop the spread of a bio attack.  People had revenge in their eyes.  The leadership was and is focused on prevention.  But nobody has asked, what if those efforts fail?  Terrorist Response teams have not been created.  Comparable to the Special Forces of the military.  People that are trained in dealing with a terror attack .

The first part of fighting terror is prevention, but the second part is what to do after the attack.  America, as a whole, has grossly been negligent on this.

I do think we should fight Al-Qaeda head on, in their backyards.  Wherever they reside, we should hunt them down.  It will be vicious.  Have you ever cornered an animal?  They became un-predictable and twice as dangerous as before.  Everything should be done swiftly, efficiently, and without them in a corner.  Al-Qaeda is much like a school yard bully.   Have you ever stood up to a bully?  I did, and got punched, kicked.  I came home more bloodied than the day before.  But you know what, I kept standing up to him.  The first day, the second day, even the third was horribly painful.  However, he eventually got tired of me actually getting a hit in.  Eventually, I did succeed in fending him off, and rarely got picked on by him again.  It was not a glorious seen.  I had to get knocked down to get back up.  We must realize that their will be sacrifice and pain to win this war.  We want life to be exactly the same as this war wages, it almost is, and it shouldn’t be.  I’m not talking loss of liberty, I am talking massive drives to improve our way of life so everybody can survive another attack.  I am talking people should be signing up in droves for the police forces, and military to defend ourselves.  People did after 9/11, wheres the rush now?

Unfortunately parties have taken a hardliner stance.  Democrats: police action, Republicans: Military.  It should be a little of both.  Dry out the swamps of dictators that support terrorism, and swat the mosquitoes in countries that help us.

We are not the enemy

Guest Post by Widowmaker. 

Part 2 of 3

The first major problem with fighting a terrorist…who the heck is defined as a terrorist!? Nobody has given us a clear definition on what a terrorist is. What is the definition of Terrorist? Sounds simple enough, but this is one thing that Webster can not tell you. The Patriot Act has a definition, but its days our numbered. All the government will tell me: “The calculated use of violence or threat of violence to inculcate fear, intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological. Someone who does this is a terrorist.”

This is what leaves Americans confused, they hear “Fighting Terrorists” and don’t know what it means. “In Iraq we are fighting terrorist”…really, then when is it a war with a country, and a war against terror? Because there are state sponsored terrorists, such as those from Libya. Would invading Libya be “the war on terror”. Mmm, who knows! What about the black panthers, the kkk, bombing mass populations by a government, school shootings, etc. Who is it, where do we apply terror laws, and how do we even defend ourselves against such measures?

So, the problem: We tend to use the term terrorist too narrowly. By not clearly identifying who a terrorist is, it makes it difficult to combat. Because right now the lines between terrorist and criminal are blurred. Current system: if you kill for money, criminal. If you kill for an idea, terrorists. Much like hate crime laws.

The other major problem, people like George Soros tell the world that terrorism does not exist. It has been made into a political mess that both sides of the spectrum use too much. Click here to see the attacks against America. We had terror attacks with Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and now Bush. Terrorists do not care who is in office, so the GOP, the Democrats, the whatever party needs to stop saying that they do. Also, I believe people are confused who the enemy is. The enemy is not Uncle Sam, the enemy is the people that cuts heads of on TV, flies planes into buildings, gases innocent people, sends anthrax in the mail, etc. Do not forget who the enemy is. If we forget this, the CIA might as well come home.

And finally Iraq. Everyone has seen report by the National Intelligence Estimate (sorry no link). Nobody in their right mind needs to read that report to know that Iraq is breeding terrorists. Which makes Iraq, now, a terrorist threat. Don’t come screaming when I say its part of the war on terror, it wasn’t. But now, with all of these new anti-American terrorists being bred, we must solve Iraq before the new terrorists come to us. Which is where, Senator Joseph Biden comes to play. Right now, Iraq and Afghanistan will help define how the Arab world views America. And solving Iraq correctly might mean fewer enemies. Terrorists , jiahdistst, and others see Iraq as a rallying call against America. An Alamo you might say. Senator Biden recognizes solving Iraq, will solve so much more. He argues that the current government of national unity isn’t succeeding in holding Iraq together and that America should instead embrace a policy of “federalism plus” that will devolve power to the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish regions. Iraqis are already voting for sectarian solutions, Biden argues, and America won’t stabilize Iraq unless it aligns its policy with this reality. He’s asking the right question: How do we fix Iraq? There are many problems, but this is what I thought were the most important. Now, what can we do?

The Problem

Guest Post by Widowmaker.  

Part 1 of 3

My debut begins! The subject of fighting terrorism is exhausted, but I hope my experience and knowledge can shed some light on how I believe terrorism should be fought. As a guest columnist on a liberal blog, one could easily assume I’m a liberal. Not to discredit what this piece is about, but to describe a little bit about me, I believe in trickle-down, I have a poster of Ronald Reagan in my bedroom, and Jimmy Carter leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I say this in hopes of allowing readers to know what I am. That being said; I do not think the right is right on the war on terror and Iraq. I don’t believe the left does either. I do believe one Senator, Democrat Joseph Biden, is the closest thing we have. For ease of reading, I will break this piece into three pieces: a quick history, problems with the current system, and what I think can help solve it. Also, my main focus is Islamic Fascists terrorists. Which, I believe, is our gravest threat.

So it begins;

May 8th, 1945 marked V-E day. The close of the worst struggle that modern day civilization had ever seen. The following days began a new war, a new struggle, a new fear. The tanks of Germany no longer moved; the wheels of Communism rolled in. For 40 years Communism was the world’s gravest threat. Sparking “hot zones” of the Cold War killing nearly 100K US troops in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and across the globe. The United States, the other Super Power next to Communist Russia, did the only thing necessary to save man kind. They prepared for war. For 40 years US troops trained in battle conditions that mimicked a Soviet battle field. All of America was prepared for a day that we all saw ultimately inevitable. It did not come.

The Soviet Union was so focused on “preservation” of power, they feared each other. Atheism was the official religion of the country. All Christians, Muslims, and Jews were jailed, tortured, and most were horrifically murdered. The Soviets had a saying “We are all made of the same matter; we all turn back to sand.” During the internal struggle of the Soviet Union, the country ran into difficulty of men willing to die for the cause. Why die for Communism if the result is merely dust in the wind? This is what the United States Government, and the United States population prepared to fight. We were ready to fight a people that had a fear of dying.

The PLO launched the modern day war from Islamic Fascists in 1970. They realized that even though they had inferior fire power, fewer men, and lack of support, the US media would broadcast all over the world their atrocities. This began a series of attacks against the United States and her allies. As long as an attack occurred against the United States, or a US interest, the media would put focus on the event. This began the pull, push, focus on the United States and modern day terrorism. Then, in the 1990’s, Al Qaeda unearthed and shot down the famous Black Hawk helicopter in Somalia. America was pre-occupied, and confused by this new, relentless enemy. There were 700 American deaths, and 1600 Americans wounded between 1970 and 2000. Our enemy changed. America…did not. September 11th 2001 marked a significant increase in the willingness, dedication, and education of terrorists. There were now 4000 dead Americans by these Islamic Fascists in 31 years. The next question brings, what now?

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