Congress and Dog Crap

by lizard

Who can be where, and when. That seems to be a big issue right now, on a few different fronts.

First, there’s Congress, more despised than ever; more despised than dog crap and hemorrhoids. Because of this idiotic shutdown, there are a lot of places American citizens can’t go.

When my in-laws get in town in a few weeks, for example, we were planning to go to the Bison Range. I didn’t realize it would be closed until I read this article about waterfowl areas reopening.

There are much more serious impacts, obviously, but as this second week of shutdown wraps up, there continues to be a widening ripple-effect of little personal realizations of where we can’t go, places we are being barred from accessing.

On a different front, if you’re a homeless person in Missoula, downtown may become a no-go zone:

According to counts conducted by Missoula Downtown Ambassadors, the city’s urban core hosted more panhandlers this year than at any time since 2010. Law enforcement and city officials attribute the influx in part to this summer’s Rainbow Gathering held outside Jackson. The gathering drew nearly 10,000 people, a portion of whom stayed in Missoula before and after the event.

Smith isn’t so much worried about how the transients landed on her doorstep, but rather how to curb their troublesome behavior. That’s why she supports a proposal unveiled during an Oct. 1 meeting of Mayor John Engen’s Downtown Advisory Commission that aims to further limit loitering and panhandling in the city’s urban core. Specifically, the proposal seeks to ban sitting, sleeping or lying on downtown sidewalks between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

“I love that idea,” Smith says.

C’mon, Missoula, let’s just go full internment camp.

And finally, tonight, after a long week, I’m taking a walk in the neighborhood with my kids, heading toward St. Joseph Elementary school to play a little before bed, and this:


If you can’t read the sign, it says:  due to the reoccurrence of dog waste on our fields, SJS playground is now closed to the public.

So thank you, asshole dog owners, for persistently not picking up your dog’s excrement where kids play kickball. The only thing more despicable than your dog’s pile of crap are the piles of crap in DC.


  1. It’s not cold enough to get rid of the pine beetles, but I have a feeling many of those sitting on the sidewalks will be going once the snow hits.

    Mother Nature has her own ordinances.

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