As Cece reminds us, it’s very, very, very important to vote against the terrible trio of initiatives on your absentee ballot in case they are reinstituted on the ballot.

Annick Smith on CI 154.

Burns is using push polls. (Update. ) They’re illegal. We got a call last night, as did Nicole. Ugh. Do we need to lodge more complaints with the FEC?

NPR did a couple of clips on the Senate race.

The Tester staff also has a nice summary (pdf) of all of Burns’ ethical entanglements.

The latest ad from the Burns camp shows why he’s completely out of touch with the state.

Rehberg and his associates in the GOP are considering legislation that would, in effect, create a poll tax. Pay to vote? Are you out of your mind, Dennis?

This is your leadership, Republicans: “Why do they hate each other? Why do Sunnis kill Shiites? How do they tell the difference? They all look the same to me.” Um…maybe we should get someone who understands the region to make some decisions about Iraq…it’d be a nice change.

Geez, even Hilary speaks eloquently against torture.

The New York Times speaks out against the torture bill.

See who voted for and against the House torture bill. Dennis Rehberg: you should be ashamed of yourself.

Gregory Djerejian: “It’s high time for walloping doses of reality and sobriety and, above all, competence. But where is it?”

Before you get all gung-ho for torture, see what it looks like. And who’s doing it. A must-watch video. The Republican Congress and lie-down Dems have just voted to make this stuff legal.

Feeling blue about the torture bill? Kossak SusanG has a pep talk for you: “It’s time to kick some ass for democracy.” Indeed.

On the politics of torture.

Surprise! The White House had ties to Jack Abramoff.

Republicans to raise taxes on the middle class – and will get slammed for it, too.

Brits to withdraw from Iraq?

The sh*t continues to rain on George Allen’s head.

Jon Stewart on the NIE report.

The Democrats’ October surprise! The “Testorian region”: “A strong Testorian region enables Democrats to no longer fuss around with the details of programs that are fundamentally wrong — whether it’s the Patriot Act, illegal wiretaps, or the presidential torture approval act. With this bit of spine, they can stand straight and say “that is simply immoral, and it’s not something we’re going to tolerate in this country.” Attention Burns-backers: it’s not too late to side with a courageous and just cause. (Hat tip to Megan.)

  1. Check out my blog, if you like it you can link to it sometime. Where’s the Outrage?

  2. These people have choosen to fight and kill us. They are not innocent victims. They fully know and understand the consequences if they get captured. Our military and CIA need to have the interrogation tools available to get important intelligence information from these people. They need to be able to do whatever it takes to get the intellegence information from these terrorists.

    Do you honestly beleive that torture has not been used in the US until the Bush Administration??

  3. These people….

    Including the ones who didn’t? The ones the government snatched up and tortured only to find out that they were innocent? Here’s some inconvenient facts for you, Andy:

    –Torture doesn’t create useful information. It’s notoriously unreliable. It also can’t be used in a court of law, so any information gathered from torture endangers getting convictions.
    –The CIA apparently uses rendition and torture for the people it has the least evidence on. Which means that the people being tortured are more likely to be innocent.
    –Torture is immoral. Using torture only creates more enemies.
    –The torture bill allows these techniques to be used against anyone the President designates as an “enemy combatant.” The President has the final say on what makes someone an enemy combatant. That means, they might not necessarily fit your definition of a “terrorist.” (A Quaker peace activist? A member of the Michigan militia?)

    At best, the torture bill is lazy shortcut for an administration that’s shown it can’t handle the day-to-day responsibility of running a government. Extraordinary techniques are not required to catch, interrogate, and convict terrorists. If we can use standard rule of law to break up organized crime, we can do it to break up terrrorist groups.

    At worst, the torture bill enables the Presidency to jail whomever it likes, whenever it likes. Doesn’t matter who’s President; that’s scary sh*t and distinctly un-American.

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