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by Pete Talbot

From AP Medical Writer Mike Stobbe and Pope Benedict XVI: keep cranking out those babies, and spreading AIDS.

It started out with this headline:

US births break record

” … Behind the number is both good and bad news. While it shows the U.S. population is more than replacing itself, a healthy trend, the teen birth rate was up for a second year in a row.”

Obviously, an increase in the teen birth rate is bad news (although Sarah Palin might not agree).

But the U.S population “more than replacing itself” is good news? A new, bigger baby boom is cause to celebrate? There aren’t enough people in the world? There are just too many natural resources to go around?

These would be rhetorical questions.

The old economic model of popping out babies to ensure an adequate labor force and a big enough tax base to take care of us old folks is still in play, according to the AP writer:

“Countries with much lower rates — such as Japan and Italy — face future labor shortages and eroding tax bases as they fail to reproduce enough to take care of their aging elders.”

The word “sustainable” must not be in the vocabulary of this writer, or at least the economists/statisticians that he’s quoting, because this model is not sustainable.

And then El Papa comes out with this zinger: condom use will increase AIDS. Huh?

Of course, taking sex advice from the pope is like taking financial advice from Bernie Madoff.

There’s also the added benefit that condom use might prevent unwanted pregnancies. The continent he’s visiting, Africa, is already suffering from inadequate supplies of food and clean water. Its women, many of them barely adolescents, are having kids they can’t care for, often with the additional burden of having contracted HIV.

But I guess the pope doesn’t just want the ravages of AIDS decimating a population, he wants that population awash in malnutrition and starvation, too. What a guy.


by problembear

well, that makes a bear feel better. now let’s protect the badger two medicine and many more deserving areas in montana by finally passing a wilderness bill deserving of big sky country.

i know there will be appeals by four wheelers clubs and  rv’ers and lots of arguing about the motorized ban in this area sacred to the blackfeet nation and all of us who love the rocky mt front. but it is the right thing to do.

there are just some places we need to leave alone…where the earth and it’s creatures can rest up and catch their breath from all our fooling with it.

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