Of Judges, Tycoons, Laywers and Politicians: the Undoing of Brian Schweitzer and the Yellowstone Club?

By JC,

Ok, I’m just going to repost this blog from deza4america. While most of the facts are verifiable, there is still much alleging going on, so I’m going to let the allegers do their thing (and he puts together the narrative so much more eloquently than could I) and hopefully some wonderful investigative journalist can pick up the pieces and move forward.

Holder faces fresh charges.. scandal is no stranger to these cronies!!
by deza4america in Today’s Outrage!!

Eric Holder, the king of scandal, now faces charges of fraud, along with other top justice officials, democratic operatives (including major contributors of Hillary Clinton), and Credit Suisse Bank after the judge dismissed a bankruptcy judgment against real estate developer, Tim Blixseth. The judgment of bankruptcy was allegedly a result of a fraudulent loan made by Credit Suisse, and stripped Blixseth of his ownership of Yellowstone Club, a luxury ski and golf resort in Montana.

Blixseth also alleges that the defrauding scheme was planned by his ex-wife and Ron Burkle, supermarket guru responsible for raising over $1 million for Hillary Clinton’s ’08 campaign. This decision has also derailed the former governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer (D), from seeking a bid for senate in 2014.

There are allegedly several hundreds of pages showing Holder and his assistant (criminal department), Lanny Breur, blocked the prosecution of disputes involving the Yellowstone Club, now owned by Burkle.

Further allegations show that Holder and Breuer also sought to shield the federal prosecution of Credit Suisse Group AG (client of law firm, Covington and Burling), and the Democratic Party operatives who played an alleged role in the fraudulent financing and bank lending practices. Holder and Breuer were partners for Covington and Burling before becoming an Obama staff members!

The decision by the judge dismissed a $40 million fraud claim against Blixseth, that had been enforced by… wait! another man with ties to the Clintons, Ralph Kirscher. It is further alleged that this decision by Kirscher was fraudulently influenced by Schweitzer. Which, led to Blixseth’s ex-wife and Sam Bryne, a Boston real estate investor with Democrat Party ties being able to purchase the Yellowstone Club at substantially under market value shortly after the bankruptcy had been declared.

Additionally, Burkle, Bryne, and Schweitzer funneled over $1.2 million to Schweitzer’s re-election campaign through various avenues trying to hide the ties between the various parties!!

I’ll append the comment I made (with some edits/additions) on Liz’s blog post from the other day, after the jump:

The intrigue gets deeper Liz. WMD has a story that links Schweitzer’s meddling with the bankruptcy proceedings over Credit Suisse and the Yellowstone Club (read this website for an amazing accumulation of facts, allegations, timeline, and intertwinings of Schweitzer over the years), and how that ties in with the money that got funneled into Brian’s dark money machine. WMD goes as far as saying that a bankruptcy court’s decision July 10th reversing the Schweitzer-finagled bankruptcy decision (that allowed the Yellowstone Club to be taken from Tim Blixseth and sold to his ex-wife) contributed to Schweitzer’s decision to not run:

“Though seemingly unrelated, the bankruptcy decision appears to have prompted former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer to announce Saturday that he does not intend to pursue a bid to run in 2014 for the U.S. Senate.”

The story implicates Schweitzer for being corrupt and having the DOJ interfere with the bankruptcy proceedings in a way that benefitted democrats, who then funneled money to Schweitzer through his 2 dark money corps. And you can read last week’s MT Standard story about Blixseth suing the state.

If most of this is even remotely true (granted, the story is written by Jerome Corsi, noted Dem conspiracy-raiser), then it would be a huge hit against Brian once the Senate race heated up. And of course, the knowledge of this could lead to some other dem senators privately putting pressure on Brian (read what this blogger whined about to hear his attempt to whitewash any potential Schweitzer improprieties) to step aside before he really embarrassed montana dems, the DNC, and Holder & Co. In any case, Corsi’s narrative deserves to have its facts verified, and the story fleshed out.

From WMD:

“Blixseth and Flynn have repeatedly charged that Kirscher’s bankruptcy decision was fraudulently influenced in a 2009 meeting with Montana’s governor at the time, Schweitzer. The meeting resulted in a decision to allow Blixseth’s ex-wife and Sam Byrne, a Boston real estate investor with ties to the Democratic Party, to buy the Yellowstone Club at a price substantially below market value after the bankruptcy had been declared.

Flynn further alleged in a letter shared with WND, addressed to the Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, that Burkle, Byrne and Schweitzer funneled more than $1.2 million through the Democratic Governor’s Association in 2008 to the Montana Democratic Party for the benefit of Schwitzer’s re-election campaign.

Flynn asserts in the letter to the DOJ that the “money laundering scheme – having Burkle and Byrne with their friends donate to the Democratic Governor’s Association and then to the Montana Democratic Party, for the benefit of Schweitzer – appears designed to conceal Burkle and Byrne’s financial relationship with Schweitzer while at the same time Burkle and Byrne were taking over the Yellowstone Club and using their relationship and ‘political capital’ and ‘political favors’ with Schweitzer to do it.” “

Ya just gotta how corrupt politics can get, and politicians still think that they might run a campaign in the midst of all that kind of murky darkness…

And now let the mudslinging by dem apologists begin, for me having the temerity to post such blasphemy allegations!

  1. Big Johansson

    Ya said the “C” word JC.

  2. Craig Moore

    JC, your dynamic link “read what this blogger whined about” doesn’t work.

  3. Oh, good. Now you’re citing WorldNet Daily. I think you’ve reached the bottom of the Internet.

    Maybe you can link to their anti-gay bigot Bradlee Dean’s column (http://www.wnd.com/2013/07/who-supports-this-administration/) or this pieces about transgender indoctrination in public schools (http://www.wnd.com/2013/07/transgender-indoctrination-in-our-schools/)

    I like the commitment to leftist values over here. Using one of the least credible far-right commentary sites online to legitimize a billionaire’s effort to avoid paying his fair share to the government.

    • JC

      Keep playing ostrich Don, if you want. It severely limits your “political” analyses. While you may not approve of one of the sources, there is a myriad of sources and information out there. Blixseth is going to sue the state and depose Schweitzer. Then we’ll get some hard facts under oath.

      In the meantime, you don’t have to worry about chasing down the dark money trail for Brian’s political groups, there’s plenty of folks outside of wnd that are going to be doing that.

      In the meantime, I’ll kindly ask you to abstain from more ad hominems. Or I’ll return the favor and delete the offending words in your comments. At least I’ll have the integrity to leave the comments in place with a statement about why you’re being moderated.

  4. Oh, wait. Perhaps you can link to this piece of subtle satire from WND instead.


    You’ve certainly found some allies in progressivism.

    • JC

      That’s strike two. I could find similar material among some of the sources your blog has used over the years, and make stupid comments about them like you’re doing here. Then again, you’d just delete them.

      • You’re basically linking to a hate site and using it as evidence for a conspiracy theory that has no other support. Pointing that out isn’t an ad hominem argument. I might just be attacking the credibility of your source information.

        I can assure you that I’ve never used a site like for information, your claims notwithstanding.

        • JC

          No, Don. I linked to a website that has a lot of impact on politics. I know Jerome Corsi’s history, and I find most of it despicable. But a politician, to his own peril, ignores him. See for instance John Kerry and Swift Boating,

          There was much, much more than one link to Corsi in the post. There is a lot of factual history, court rulings, and some opinion/heresy. In an election, all of that will come out. It would be better for Schweitzer and the dems to get their dirty laundry aired out before it tanked an election.

          And as some of the links (to Montana newspapers no less) point out, because Blixseth got his bankruptcy thrown out of court, he know has the ability to go after Schweitzer, Holder, the State of Montana, et. al. Schweitzer’s timing of his announcement right after the judge’s verdict, knowing he was going to be deposed and the case would be all over the news during his campaign is all too telling. Especially when he had a five person team working on pr to go with his planned campaign kickoff this last monday.

          • And Corsi (and WND) lied about John Kerry. Repeatedly.

            I get wanting to be a skeptic. But the string of unrelated events you’re throwing together here is no better than 9/11 conspiracy theories. I think you do have a responsibility to do better than “hey, this could be a thing and it happens to fit my pre-existing narrative so I’m going to throw it out there.”

            But it’s cool. Do what you do. I won’t fight it anymore. It’s not productive for any of us.

  5. lizard19

    Holder needs to go, and Schweitzer may be seeing his larger political ambitions dissipating.

  6. Jack Ruby

    All due respect but I’m kind of embarrassed for you that you are citing a worldnetdaily article as a source. So where is the evidence to support blixseths attorney’s allegation that any decisions by montana federal bankruptcy judge kirscher were fraudulently induced by Schweitzer? The article does deserve to have its ‘facts’ ‘verified’ because none of them are.

    • JC

      Many of the facts are verified and reported on by many mainstream media. As to the evidence you are asking for, it will be part of the discovery for the civil lawsuit Blixseth has planned for Schweitzer & Co. The court will determine what is factual or not.

      • Jack Ruby

        I read everything you linked to and it’s pretty short on facts. No judge is going order Schweitzer to be deposed on that stuff. Sounds to me like a lot of huffing and puffing from blixseth to try and get the dor to back off on the tax bill they claim he owes. That’s the bottom line for why the Nevada judge ruled they couldn’t force blixseth personally into bankruptcy because the amount he owes is apparently not fully settled. Sounds like puffing to me to try and get them to back off. My own personal conspiracy theory is that governor bs is going to jump back into the race at the last minute to save the day when the begging from democrats hits a crescendo. It has about as much validity as any of the above conspiracy theories.

        • Craig Moore

          Jack, all it would take would be for Blixseth’s atty to call for Schweitzer’s deposition. It would take a court order requested by Schweitzer’s counsel to quash it. Highly unlikely given the circumstances.

          • Jack Ruby

            I respectfully disagree completely if you think it’s going to be that easy. If they actually file a lawsuit and try and depose bs we’ll see what they come up with when the motion to quash is filed. I doubt they have anything. What’s next deposing a sitting federal bankruptcy judge too bc they are going to have to claim kirscher is corrupt too. Funny. Not going to happen.

      • Jack Ruby

        Let’s start with the basics here, if blixseths attorney is alleging Schweitzer improperly influenced judge kirscher presumably he has some information to support that or if he doesn’t he is just using it as a smear tactic for some tactical purpose is the ongoing dispute with the state wouldn’t you agree? So is there a source out there that can pinpoint what exactly this is based on other than a conspiracy theory by that attorney and blixseth? No judg eis going to order bs deposed on a conspiracy theory. They are going to need to have something to work with which I doubt they do.

          • Jack Ruby

            If you think deposing Schweitzer or kirshcer would be routine check in with Gregg smith and get back to me.

            • Craig Moore

              Jack, I take it you are being willfully obtuse, or I just need to type slower.

              Your claim: It would take a court order to force Schweitzer to appear for a deposition.

              My claim: Depo’s are routine discovery devices in civil cases. Blixseth’s pending suit against the state would be a civil case. It would take a court order to quash the deposition request.

              • Jack Ruby

                Craig, it’s clear you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about or alternatively just trolling. You are correct in a routine civil case a notice or subpoena signed by the attorney is more than enough to depose a routine witness. My point to you was that if this lawsuit is actually filed and there is an attempt to depose bs or judge kirscher none of it will be “routine” and you can bet your ass that motions to quash the depositions will be filed. At that point whatever judge this supposed case is in front of will closely scrutinize the allegations and evidence that blixseth supposedly already has and see if there is a legit reason for the depo and if it’s likely to lead to the discovery relevant evidence or if it’s downs imply to harass. Once a motion to quash is filed no deposition without a court order right buddy?

            • Craig Moore

              Jack, I actually think you and I are at a point of violent agreement. I don’t give 2 cents for Blixseth. I don’t care whether he pursues it or not. He is an asshole. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he wear stripes for a few years. Perhaps at that point he and Schweitzer will talk out their issues.

              Now I never said it would be easy to get Schweitzer to a depo. The motion to quash would only delay until the judge rules on the motion. However, he doesn’t have his title working for him any more, just citizen like you and me, and now a mountain of bad press about shady dealings. We’ll just have to wait and see how inspired a judge will be to see what’s under the rocks.

              • Jack Ruby

                Craig, I am pleased and encouraged that you have seen the error in your ways and admit that it would not be easy or routine to get BS deposed. It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong.

                Im sticking to my conspiracy theory that BS will be back in the race. Its got to be feeding his ego to have the democrats wailing that without him they have no hope and pleading for him to come back. Just look in the IR today its already started.
                You know BS is eating it up and you know the republicans were quaking in their boots at the thought of running against him.

                They could even get a two for one if Daines commits to the Senate race then BS jumps back in and knocks him out, defeating Daines’ strategy to cower in fear and stay in the House race if BS ran for the Senate. Sure its a bit out there and has no real evidence to support my views but still just as likely as Blixseth’s conspiracy theories.

  7. larry kurtz

    Craig and schadenfreude: it’s like he was catholic or something.

  8. deza4america

    Thanks for your reference, link, and compliment of eloquence. I truly appreciate it!! But I must tell you, I am not a he, but a she ;)

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