John Sinrud, the GOP, and government budgets

So what got me started on Sinrud, you may ask? It wasn’t much. Just a drive-by comment left on a post with published newspaper letters in praise of Jon Tester.

But, you see, the comment was so irritating…

Okay, before I break into a patented rant, I’ll let you read the comment:

Jon Tester has raised taxes by the tune of $60 million per year on small business. The bi-partisan removal trigger on business equipment had been meet in 2002 according to the Department of Revenue (researched in July of 2006). With the passage of SB48 the one Tester voted for, it removed the trigger clause and kept business equipment tax at 3% with the knowledge that no other state around Montana has a business equipment tax. This is the tax policy of Tester just another tax and spend liberal.

Um, huh? Okay, I don’t want to get into the specifics of this particular tax…or non-tax…or tax trigger. That can wait for some other post. What I want to talk about is the bald rhetoric Sinrud used to smear Tester: “just another tax and spend liberal.”

First. This year’s state budget – of which Tester played an integral part – produced a $500 million surplus. Compare that to this year’s federal deficit, which the administration predicted would be $295.8 billion. As a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Conrad Burns played an integral part in that budget.

Which lawmaker has a better fiscal record?

Allow David Crisp to ask a very pertinent question to John Sinrud and the Republican party:

What I’m waiting for is some genuine conservative to explain to me how it is fiscally responsible for a senator to support, say, a war that costs a billion or so bucks a day and then not only refuse to levy the taxes to pay for it but actually support tax cuts that dig the hole even deeper. Any takers?

What you will hear is some “voo-doo economics” theories, where money given in tax breaks and subsidies to the wealthiest Americans will trickle down on our heads – the bread crumbs off the banquet table of the filthy rich – and make us all happy.

Meanwhile we – middle- and working-class Americans – shoulder an increasing burden of taxation and federal debt.

No, Sinrud’s rhetoric and budget philosophy is harmful not only to our state’s capacity to govern effectively, it hurts us, everyday Montanans. But it also plays on your fears, the specter of a large and out-of-control government. The government is out of control. It spies on its own citizens, it kidnaps and tortures, it wages quixotic wars for no apparent reason, it skimps on security while doling out lucrative war contracts to good-ol-boy business pals, all the while dismantling through cronyism and neglect federal bodies that are — were — useful. Like FEMA. Like the FCC. Like the FDA.

Spending goes up. The return on our tax dollar goes down.

That’s the Republican budget policy. And that’s why we shouldn’t tolerate a Republican majority in this state’s legislature as long as they tout rhetoric over reality, cronies over constituents, and power over people.

  1. “drive by comment” link is b0rked. Just so’s you know.

  2. Link is fixed. Thanks for the tip.

  3. TMM

    While I agree spending is totally out of control (our opinions on where is another question), we do have news that shows the federal government is taking in more cash than ever before. This, we can be sure, is not due to higher taxes.

  4. Whenever regular host John Carter is away from his morning show, he brings in Sinrud to take his place, and morning radio in Bozeman becomes a right wing circus. They guy doesn’t know the meaning of the expression “Shut the fuck up.” Not too long ago he had the mike for a week, and was complaining, all week, about a proposed local ordinance to promote affordable housing, so that our cops and fire fighters can afford to live here. By the time he was done, the fringe element within our town were on the horn, and they were yelling things about the Communist Manifesto and talking about recall of public officials, and there at the center of the storm sat the lead righty, the voice of the extreme, John Sinrud. What a dick.

  5. John Hall

    Hey John (R) house District #67. What about this “Green Acres Cooperative Inc” (1721 South Woodland Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901) deal with your “buddy” Loren “George” Everett (R) House District #5 (who owns the property). It seems that the residents have had two informal meetings about forming a Mobile Home Co-Op (per the ROC USA). You initiated this movement. Recruited and proclaimed a “Steering Committee”, Chaired these meetings, and “George” was in attendance and spoke. Don’t you own #13 in that park? But you could hardly be called a “resident” because you do not live there. You just visit 1-2 days a month. Now the residents have been given a membership application, with no return address. It is a joke that your “Buddy” wants $950.000.00 for a property that was appraised by the State (2010) at less than $600,000.00. Add to that “George” will retain 1/7th of the property, according to your committee. All of this has been done with out representation of the residents. I guess they will go along with anything that sounds good. What about the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in “liabilities’ the residents will assume IN THE AFTERMATH? IE: The failing septic tanks “George” pumps weekly. No permits will be issued to fix them, so the “Co-OP” WILL BE FORCED TO HOOK UP TO THE CITY OF KALISPELL. And in order to do that….THEY WILL HAVE TO PETITION TO BE ANNEXED (FROM FLATHEAD COUNTY) IN TO THE CITY OF KALISPELL. THE FEES ALONE ARE (COMMERCIAL-PER/UNIT) OVER A HUNDRED GRAND!!. ADD TO THAT – SURVEYING, ESCAVATION, MATERIALS AND RESTORATION . What have they bought? Despite your applications for Grants, and promises for a “rosy” future of “Home ownership”, all you have done is…SOLD YOUR BUDDY “George” ‘s property, AND LADEN THESE DEBTS UPON OTHERS… Think of how their tax bracket will change being part of the City of Kalispell? Maybe you did not know all of these implications…

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