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by jhwygirl

It’s not a violation of Montana’s election laws for a candidate to post a photograph of a marked absentee ballot on Facebook.

Good Goddess. I read the first sentence of this news article and wondered what idiot would think that posting your completed absentee ballot for people to see would be illegal.

Look no further than criminal and former state GOP executive director Jake Eaton and and tea party activist Jennifer Olsen

I’m no lawyer, nor do I play one on this blog, but how stupid do you have to be to see the law (“secret ballot“) and think that it means anything more than a person has the right to a secret ballot.

That if they don’t want it to be secret, it’s up to them and falls under free speech.

What is it with Eaton, reading things into laws that aren’t there (see those underlined links above and gosh darn it, when is a county attorney worth his salary going to file felony charges against Jake Eaton for (at minimum) swearing out a false affidavit and (at maximum) fraudulently interfered with a federal election? What is the statute of limitations on this crime.

Is there not one county attorney for any of the counties affected that respects the integrity of the electoral process enough to take steps that would send a message to political whore operatives like Jake Eaton that you can’t screw with elections?


I am serious about that though.


Back to Jake Eaton and his tea party activist cohort Jennifer Olsen: How much of a nanny-state government interference do they want? How “small-government” can these Einstein’s be if they’re going to file complaints based on their lack of reading comprehension or common sense.

Someone needs to teach these fools what a real election violation looks like.

by problembear

i got a few things stuck in my craw lately and i need to share:

i hereby award the crucible of cowardice 

to all those responsible on the part of the city of missoula folding and pulling out their support for the poverello’s  new building location at the old site of the trail’s end bar and casino. might we infer that this is also the trail’s end of this city’s political support for a very needed improvement in how we treat our homeless? after all, this is the second time the city of missoula has pulled their support in the last couple of years. when is the city actually going to get behind the much needed move to a decent place for the poverello to accomplish their mission and provide some hope for the overworked staff and it’s beleaguered clients, 30 % of which are veterans? 

my award for lack of class (and a horrible sense of timing) goes to Montana GOP chairman will deschamps letter touting the fine corporate practices of exxon in today’s missoulian.   (update- be sure to read the comments in this link. absolutely delicious the way the missoulian readers tear will a new one here)

with leaders like this in the grand old party shooting themselves in the foot by making complete asses of themselves, who needs any rebuttal by opponents?

i prefer to let will’s ill chosen words stand all alone and ashamed in the corner where they belong.

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