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by lizard

(original art by Michael McCurdy)

Of the dozen books I brought home from my trip to Kansas City, the one I’ve been picking up the most is Edward Abbey’s Earth Apples (edited by David Petersen). The reason, of course, is because the continuing noise/flash-point of the little EF protest (rife with littering, strong fragrance, and banjo playing) is apparently a difficult topic to put down. Continue Reading »

the dark side

by problembear

i remember watching in disbelieving horror as ronald reagan- a right wing reactionary governor and two bit has been actor from california was sworn in as our 40th president in 1981.

but given the perspective of the entropy of this nation today, he towers above the tea party lemmings on the right side of the aisle in congress today. 

turns out the gipper or my favorite- bonzo’s buddy had to raise the debt limit of this country 17 times. ronny was no genius but even he had the mental wattage to figure out that you don’t sell your country’s survival down the drain for party politics.

of course he opened the door to the west wing and invited the parasitic corporate military industrial complex in for cigars which has led to this today. nice goin’ ronny boy. now the country is ruled by multinational gangster corporations who could care less about the survival of the USA. but that is a story that is unfolding into a dark place today.   the dark side of politics is now clear:

keep hitting your head ron. we all feel the same. the worm you invited into the oval office is now devouring its host.

the inspiration for this post came from the twitterfeed of this fine person from north carolina. i suggest you follow him if you agree. this freak show being put on by the tea party clowns has gone on long enough. this bear is about fed up with the GOP selling this country out with lies and political sabatoge. they are either with us or against the USA. train is leaving and time is running out (and so is the patience of regular americans.)


Woof, Woof, Woofnothin’ but trash and you know… I might like ’em more after my lobotomy.”

With apologies to Weird Al.

Update: Seems I forgot a few lines:

“…Judge Wopner, oh my
You gotta be Rainman to like this guy
Thirtysomething is alright
If you like hearing yuppies whining all night…”

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