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by jhwygirl

My view hasn’t changed on this subject, so let me first just get this out of the way:

Trapping, on the other hand, seems to me to be a chicken-shit way of conquering wildlife. The hunter doesn’t hunt – he sets a trap and walks away. In Montana, he doesn’t even have to check it. Wildlife deserves a much more noble ending – and man should offer at least that much respect.

FWP is seeking input on their trapping and furbearer regulations. Deadline is July 18th. You can enter comments here.

First the lowlights:
–FWP proposes to add wolves to the repertoire. Gee, that’s what I’ve always wanted! A wolf fur coat! It can shed all over the place and I don’t even have to feed it! Imagine the complements!
–They’re proposing to increase the bobcat quota. Bobcats are in the lynx family, and Canada lynx are a USFS Threatened species, a BLM Special Status species, and a Listed Threatened species for FWP. Now, why in the hell would you do that? Why are we even hunting a state Listed Threatened species?!

Wait – got one more…..
–FWP is also proposing – keeping still with the lowlights here, folks – to continue hunting wolverines.

Montana is the only state in the lower 48 that allows hunting of this Montana Species of Concern, and a USFS & BLM listed Sensitive species.

A handful of environmental groups recently filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue the US Fish & Wildlife Service based on their failure to protect wolverines in the lower 48.

Consider this, from Footloose Montana:

Oppose the allowance of wolverine trapping. Facts: Wolverine face an uncertain future ─ in fact what we know about this elusive creature is that the stability of its populations are tenuous at best – so much so that the species was petitioned for listing under the Endangered Species Act. Yet Montana is the only state in the lower 48 to still allow commercial and recreational trapping! Trappers consider wolverines trophy animals ─ their pelts are valued at close to $300 each. Researchers estimate that there are between 100 to 200 members of this rare species in the entire Rocky Mountains. Although federal protection under the Endangered Species Act was recently denied by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the results of several research studies conducted over the past five years all point to the imminent dangers wolverines face and the possibility of regional extinctions of the species throughout their historic range. Studies show that trapping pressure can be intense on regional populations. Moreover, in the face of climate change and increasingly fragmented and shrinking habitats, it is incumbent upon wildlife managers to do all that they can to protect this rare species.

Now some highlights:
— FWP plans to close the heavily human trafficked Blue Mountain, Rattlesnake and Pattee Canyon Designated USFS Recreational areas to trapping.
–They are also proposing to change the setback distance from public trailheads from 300 to 1000 feet.

Click on pic for story.

Now here’s one that is an improvement, but I use that word lightly. It’s a start in trying to gather some statistics on part of the problem. It fails to address the other non-targeted species that get caught in traps, since there is no requirement to report. I also find the inclusion of the word “accidental” problematic:
–Changes proposed to require the reporting of accidental dog captures to the nearest FWP regional office within 48 hours.

It only takes a minute folks – hell, you’re already in front of your computer for crying out loud! – please consider clicking here and letting FWP know what you think.

You might want to consider leaving “chicken-shit” out of the email.

by jhwygirl

Now we have to contend with the USFS approving ’em on the National Forest.


Oh, and a real sense of irony, it’s Ravalli County that’s gonna use it.

by jhwygirl

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